5 Ways To Grow Mustache For Black Men

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The rate of growth of black men mustache differs significantly from the rest of the other facial hair. Whilst there are different types of mustache styles for black men, it is tricky for other guys to grow a mustache. As such, here is a list of things that you can consider if you want to grow a mustache.

#1. Can You Grow A Mustache

In most cases, many people view growing a beard as a sign of masculinity, strength, and discipline.  Black men often encounter many challenges to grow a full, healthy beard. The same applies to a mustache. Just like facial hair, other people do not grow a mustache at all. For instance, some black men are born to have a mustache while others do not. Therefore, before you think of growing a mustache, you should know if you can grow it first. If you already have facial hair, then a few tricks can do until you realize a full mustache.

Growing Mustache For Black Men

#2. Be Patient

When growing a mustache, it pays to be patient. What you need to know is that facial hair can take many weeks to grow before you begin trimming it. Beard grows at a rate of about 0.4mm a day but mustache takes even longer than that. It is imperative to give your mustache time to grow before you begin styling it. Ideally, you should leave your mustache to grow so that it meets with other ordinary side beards.

You cannot grow a full mustache overnight and you are likely to experience various challenges. You must also give your beard some time to form its pattern before you trim or shape it. Other issues like itch are common so you must try to learn to manage them as you grow your beard to the desired level.

# 3. Maintain Your Skin In Good Health

It is crucial to maintain your skin underneath the beard in good health so that you can achieve a healthy growth of your facial hair. You need a solid foundation so that you can grow a full beard. Your beards draw moisture from the skin which at times causes dryness to the skin and this is not good for beard growth. You must keep the skin moisturized by applying the right skin grooming regime. You must also ensure that the skin underneath the beard is free of dead skin cells which can affect growth.

# 4. Use Appropriate Beard Products For Black Men Mustache

There are different products that you should use to grow a healthy beard. You should wash your facial hair with beard wash at least once a week to keep it clean. It is also important to apply beard oil and other moisturizing products that can help keep your hair soft and moisturized for easy maintenance.

When your mustache is still shorter, you must always make sure that you keep it clean to avoid elements like dandruff. Make sure that the products you apply on your beard have natural ingredients that do not cause side effects.  Try to avoid beard and skincare products that contain artificial ingredients since these can cause skin irritation and others can even clog the pores which affect the growth of facial hair.

On top of using the right beard products, you should also try to maintain a good diet to promote the healthy growth of your facial hair. A balanced diet consisting of vitamins, proteins, and fruits is good for the growth of a beard.

You must also drink lots of water which improves the flow of blood in the body. Improved blood flow is good for your mustache since it helps distribute nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles which in turn promotes growth. You should also exercise regularly since this helps improve your overall health. Regular exercise also helps boost metabolism and testosterone levels which are good for beard growth. On the other hand, it reduces stress which can lower testosterone.

# 5. Choose The Right Mustache Style

After all the effort of grooming the mustache, many people often fail to choose the right style. There are different types of mustache styles. Therefore, when choosing the right style, you should also consider the shape face of yours. One thing that you should know is that a style that suits another person might not be a perfect fit for you.

You need a good beard trimmer or a pair of scissors that you can use to shape and style your mustache. You must trim your mustache at least four days per week to ensure that you tame all the stray hairs. It is a good idea to trim your hair when it is dry since it can contract and expand when it is wet.

A mustache comb is something that you should consider using on your facial hair.  A mustache comb helps to straighten the hair so that you can trim it perfectly. It is also good for spreading the wax across your mustache to keep it moisturized. The other significance of a comb is that it helps to stimulate the hair follicles to promote the growth of the hair.

Choose The Right Mustache Style
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When you realize that your mustache is long enough and it reaches your upper lip, you can begin using clippers. You can use it to trim the stray hair while at the same time maintaining the desired length that can be easy to style.

Mustache wax also helps to improve the aesthetic appearance of your hair. You can also use it for styling your mustache since it holds the hair together. However, you should always remember that little is better when applying beard grooming products.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this list of the steps that you can take to grow your mustache. Without putting sufficient effort, nothing really works as far as growing a mustache is concerned. It can be tricky to grow a mustache so you should take into account different measures that can help you achieve your goal. We are always to read your comments and you can share the article if you like it.