Testosterone And Hair Growth

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If you are interested in growing thicker facial hair, there is a high chance you have tried all methods available from aggressive shaving to micro-needling and also the use of all types of natural and artificial treatments on the hair but no results. But you need to know how testosterone affects facial hair production below. 

Facial Hair Growth Hormones: Testosterone And DHT 

Scientific studies have indicated that there is a relationship between testosterone and the formation of hair follicles. 

The hormones DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and testosterone play a significant function in regulating male body functions. They are responsible for stimulating sexual pleasures, deep voice, and the development of manly traits, including growing beards. 

It is no lie that the use of testosterone supplements can stimulate facial hair growth in men. And for guys with low natural levels in their system, they would notice a poor start to their beard growth. 

There are also cases when the body secretes too much of the hormone, noticeable as excessive hair on the face and other body sections. For females who secrete excess testosterone, they will also notice hair on the face. 

Natural Ways To Improve Testosterone Production For Facial Hair 

To grow your hair quickly, you will have to know which hormone is responsible for rapidly sprouting the follicles. The hormone DHT, which is a byproduct of testosterone, is responsible for promoting linear hair growth. So if you want to notice changes in your beards, you want to increase your body’s DHT levels. 

But before you go looking for DHT supplements to buy, you want to consider other natural methods of improving testosterone production to benefit hair growth. And they include

  • Exercising regularly. It doesn’t have to be anything hardened, but it has to help with working up your heart rate and blood flow, while also relieving stress and anxiety. 
  • Eating a balanced diet rich in iron, protein, whole grain, lean meat, and foods rich in zinc such as seeds and nuts. You can also bet on healthy fats and fruits and vegetables. 
  • You also need to be well-rested for the body to function normally, and this includes producing the required hormones to aid regular body function. 

Natural Ways To Improve Testosterone Production

Supplementing For Beard Growth 

An over-the-counter testo-supplement should do the trick, but you want to follow a medical prescription if you wish to use testosterone supplements. With medical supervision, you know how much you are lacking and how much you need to top up. 

Testosterone And Hair Growth

You should also know that your genes play a significant part in determining beard growth. So you want to take a look at your dad and maternal grand-pa, to see if they have any signs of scanty beards or have none at all.