3 Powerful Solutions To Deal With Beard Dandruff

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Do you have beard dandruff?  If you are, you are not alone. We have three simple solutions on how to deal with beard dandruff. Dandruff is a skin disease popularly found in the scalp, but it can also be found in beards.

Everyone’s skin has a microbe known as Malassezia globosa. It is a fungus that develops in areas that are oily due to the sebaceous glands. This includes your face and scalp. Once proper care is not taken, these fungi will grow and form dandruff.

The most popular symptoms are flaky skin, itching, redness, and irritation. Over the years, beard dandruff has played a part in stopping men from properly growing and keeping beards. Treating dandruff is generally easy, although some cases could be tougher to handle.

For anyone looking for a solution to end your beard dandruff situation completely, several treatments are available for anyone to use. Note that these treatments are limited to individual responses to it, but you can find them here. 

Here are our top three processes for those looking for a simpler and more home-made process to rid themselves of beard dandruff.

How To Deal With Beard Dandruff At Home

1. Exfoliation To Get Rid Of Flaky Skin

This is a process of removing skin cells that are dead, including those that cause dandruff. Adopting this process with the use of a brush is very effective. Note that you need to get a brush that doesn’t have hard bristles or preferably a beard brush. Using a beard brush will help in the distribution of oils from the skin. By doing this, your beard becomes softer and easy to manage. Before cleaning your beard, carryout a gentle massage with the beard brush. Do not scrub it hard since dandruff can grow worse if you do.

2. Washing Your Beard

Washing your beard the same way you wash your hair can be effective. Washing will reduce dandruff as long as you use a good shampoo, medicated, or otherwise. Massage the shampoo softly into your beard, ensuring that it touches the base of your skin. Rinse it out after a minute. Do not use extra hot water as it may irritate your skin after drying out.

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3. Moisturizing Dry Skin Under Beard

This is a certain way to get rid of dandruff. It helps in rehydrating and protecting the skin after the application of shampoo. Immediately after you clean your beard, apply moisturizer. Apply a few drops of oil by rubbing it to touch the underneath of your skin.

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How To Deal With Flaky Skin Under Beard

Dandruff in beards is a common problem that men face. However, a simple routine can help in getting rid of it. If there seem to be no changes or improvements after a few days, consult your doctor, you might need an antifungal shampoo. You should maintain the same routine once you get rid of your dandruff not to resurface.

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