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The Men Shaving Club was founded by actor Jimmy Darmody and the idea behind it is to provide premium grooming products for men who are interested in having a well-kept beard. The company started out with its own website, but quickly came under fire from online store giants Amazon and Walmart, who felt their trademark infringement could cause legal problems.

Women’s shave club is a subscription service that offers women the opportunity to get their hair cut by professional barbers. The company promises that they will never be sold out of products, and they always have new products coming in. Read more in detail here: women’s shave club.


Jimmy, unlike the rest of the series’ characters, is not based on a real person. However, his look might be inspired by Nucky Johnson, an Atlantic City politician and political boss.

Boardwalk Empire has received top-tier attention from 2010 to the present as a consequence of the demand for Jimmy’s haircut. The slick-backed Undercut is notoriously known as the SS haircut because of its immense appeal among Germans during Adolf Hitler’s rule in Nazi Germany (it was a popular hairstyle in continental Europe at the time).

The Man Bun Undercut: What You Should Know

The man bun hairstyle is simple to accomplish; all that is necessary is top-of-the-head hair that is 6 inches long. This hairstyle is most often used by guys who like one of the following three haircuts:

  • Undercutting;
  • or the layered cut
  • The taper has been cut.

Here are important The Man Bun Undercut: What You Should Know;

  • You can clip up to six inches of hair without thinking too hard while styling a bun, but you won’t be able to knot a bun until you have at least six inches of hair left.
  • The Jimmy Darmody man bun is a version of the Undercut with a Slicked Back, so switching from that to the man buns should be simple. It might, however, be worn as an overthrow by men who like a low-maintenance look.
  • Because the hair on the sides and back of your head is shaved exceedingly short, much like the normal undercut haircut, the Undercut with a Slicked Back only permits you to wear a semi bun (also known as a half-man bun).
  • As previously noted, Michael Pitt’s Jimmy Darmody haircut in the television series Boardwalk Empire, which is slicked back with an undercut, is a perfect illustration of the man bun. His hair is long enough on top of his head to be smoothed back, and it is short enough on the sides and back of his neck to produce a shallow undercut.
  • Hair may grow up to 10 inches or more in length when worn in a man bun. If you don’t want your hair to be too long, go for a trendy undercut on the sides and back of your head while keeping the top layer at least 6 inches long. In addition to the well-known “bro bun,” other men’s hairstyles, such as slicked back hair, benefit from this haircut.

How to Get Jimmy Darmody’s Haircut for Men

You’ll need a hair clipper with a guard to give yourself an Undercut cut and a strong holding pomade to smooth your hair back if you want to get the hairstyle from Boardwalk Empire. 1642018991_619_Jimmy-Darmody-Hair-Cut-Men-Shaving-Club

It is recommended to invest in a high-quality hair clipper if you want a gadget that will last a long time.

The most popular men’s haircuts change all the time, and here are some tips from the professionals on how to pull it off properly.

If you wish to get this haircut done by a barber, you need provide the following description:

  • Certain individuals refer to it as an undercut. So all you have to say is that you want an undercut.
  • It’s been dubbed the Jimmy, the Darmody, and even the Michael Pitt by others. It’s the hairstyle of the young guy with the limp on that old-timey HBO series, among other things, on some requests. Similarly, mentioning the movie star’s hairdo would suffice.
  • You may also request a cut that is shorter on the sides, trimmed all the way up, disconnected, and left longer on top.
  • You may either display a snapshot or take a picture of the appearance.

Jimmy Darmody’s Haircut: How To Care For It

Experts believe that using a hair product is necessary, particularly when the hair on top of the head is left as long and swept back as Pitt’s character’s hair is.


To keep Jimmy Darmody’s hair in place, Francesca Paris, the stylist who devised the haircut, uses American Crew’s Grooming Cream. For more information, see our review of American Crew Pomade.

Michael Pitt was able to pull off the Darmody coif because it was custom-made for him and was based on the fashionable men’s haircuts of the 1920s.

Don’t worry if your head shape or hair type doesn’t lend itself to a Darmody-style haircut. Even yet, a competent stylist may help you achieve a precise imitation of this style.

Undercut with a Slicked Back

This is one of the most popular haircuts for males right now. It has a smooth back and an undercut for a simple but fashionable appearance.

Short hair on the sides and back is combined with longer hair on top, which is generally combed into a smooth back.

Short, medium, or long slick back hair on top is one of the many options that you may explore with this style. The length of time you leave it will be determined by how far back you want it to sweep. You may also obtain a classic undercut, a detached undercut, or a faded undercut.

Last but not least,

Hair grows at different rates from person to person (and even season to season), but most males go to the barber every three to four weeks for a cut, according to Mastey. A man who opts for the more severe Darmody, with the sides shaved exceedingly short, may expect to see the light of his barbershop’s door every two weeks or so.

If it’s any consolation, most ladies believe Jimmy Darmody’s haircut may be really attractive on certain guys. People will undoubtedly swoon over how fantastic you look in it if you get it correctly with your skilled barber.

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