How To Grow A Chin Strap

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There are different types of beard styles you can consider to improve your aesthetic appearance. For instance, the chin strap is a classic style that involves a beard that runs on the sides of your face through the jawline to your chin. It adds more character to different men and also defines their features. With the chin straps facial hair chin strap beard, you must have hair on both sides of the face that covers the jawline and chin. The style requires some skill to trim and maintain. Read on to learn how to grow a chin strap.

How To Grow A Chin Strap

First and foremost, you should leave your facial hair to grow if you want a chin-strap style. It usually takes about one month to grow a chinstrap beard that appears good. Make sure the beard and sideburns are connected. Other chin strap beard styles can be very thin with a width of about two mm. To maintain a clearly defined edge, your facial hair should be at least 2 centimeters and should not exceed that. Before you trim your hair, make sure it is clean and dry to achieve a perfect cut.

Growing A Chin Strap

Trim Your Beard

The next step is to trim your beard to match your desired length. Most men love a chin strap that defines their jawline to achieve a unique style. If you have a face with an egg shape, you can easily perform this task. You need to be very patient as you trim your beard to the preferred length. It is vital to attach a 10mm comb to your beard trimmer to get the ideal length.

You should shave your hair against the grain if you want to be thorough. If you want, you can experiment with different lights and widths of your hair. However, you should be guided by the shape of your face in whatever you do. Keep your mirror close to check whatever action you take.

Define The Chin Strap Shape

You should define the shape of your chin strap beard. You can do this by removing the comb from the beard trimmer and carefully defining the shape of your beard including your mustache. You should shorten the hair that is outside the skin. When you clean-shave the area around the chin, it will become easier. Keep the beard straight and thin while you perform gentle strokes away from the hairline.

It is a good idea, to begin with, a thicker line, then work your shape down. Make sure the beard length is uniform while shaping it. Look into the mirror to check your strokes and ensure they are precise. Always exercise caution when trimming your facial hair. One thing you should know when defining you’re the shape of your style is that any mistake is irreversible. You can ruin everything if you cut the hair that should define your style. If you are not very sure about how you can shave your style, it is a good idea to visit a professional barber. You can gain experience as you constantly practice shaving your hair.

Clean Shave

After shaping your chin strap beard, the next step is to clean-shave the areas around the chin and the jawline. Use an appropriate razor to remove all unwanted hair to get a smooth finish that makes your style stand out. When you apply shaving gel, do not disturb your neatly trimmed beard. Use continuous strokes to shave against the grain and avoid mistakes that can be costly at the last minute. Therefore, accuracy and precision are key elements that you should prioritize when you clean up the face.

How To Maintain Your Chin Strap

To trim and maintain your beard, you will need specific products. Choose an appropriate trimmer that you will use to trim the hair and shape the jawline. Additionally, you may also need a multipurpose styler you can use to shape your hair. When styling your beard, it is crucial to keep the skin hydrated to avoid issues like irritation. Apply a thin layer of clear gel to your skin so you can see where you want to define the chin strap. The gel also plays a crucial role in maintaining your skin hydrated.

You also need an aftershave moisturizer like balm to keep your skin moisturized. You need to prevent aftershave burns by applying the right products. The moisturizer also plays an important role in soothing your skin. Moisturizing your hair is a crucial component of maintaining your hair. Choose the right beard and skincare products that can keep your hair moisturized. Additionally, you should also keep your skin hydrated to avoid irritation and beardruff. Hydrated skin also promotes the healthy growth of the beard.

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The chin strap beard requires more care and maintenance, unlike other styles. You should always keep your new chin strap beard neat by trimming it regularly to prevent it from getting out of hand. This beard style is very neat and precise, so it is recommended that you should shave the hair every 2-3 days. However, the frequency of shaving depends on the growth rate of your facial hair. While you can experiment with different lengths, keep the shape of the style sharp. You must have a tight-lined appearance that helps to highlight your styling. Carefully sculpt your jawline and neckline to maintain the straight line.


A chin strap is a classic style that consists of facial hair that connects the beard and sideburns and is neatly sculpted along the jawline. Unlike other beard styles, this beard style requires a high degree of accuracy and precision. You have to take good care of the beards if you want to maintain the style looking good. In this article, you have learned how to grow a chin strap. You also got an insight into the measures you can take to maintain your style. We ho you have enjoyed reading this post. We appreciate reading your comments in the section below. If you want to share the article with your peers, feel free.