How Long Does Beard Oil Last?

Last Updated on May 28, 2020 by Cristina

Good as it sounds, the question is: “How long does beard oil last?” Beard oil is an indispensable product that you should always use when grooming your facial hair. You should use this oil regularly since it helps to keep your hair attractive, soft, and hydrated. Other types of oil contain natural ingredients that help to moisturize the skin, keep dandruff at bay while at the same time soothing irritation and itchiness. 

This question can be twofold in that it may refer to the frequency of applying the beard oil without overdoing it. It can also refer to the expiry of the oil. This post discusses these important components about oil that can affect the period it can last. 

Frequency of Using Beard Oil 

Some information available pertaining to the use of oil is confusing and at times conflicting.  Some people might be wondering about aspects that include the following: How often to use this oil? When to apply the oil? How much oil is enough? These sub-questions can help to answer the main question about how long the oil can last. 

Frequency of Using Beard Oil 

How Long Will Beard Oil Last?

As a general rule, you must apply beard oil at least twice a day but this depends on your grooming routine. It is imperative to apply this oil every morning after showering though other people may be compelled to apply it again before going to bed in the evening. 

Beard oil is designed in such a way that it can last the whole day while it remains effective but this will depend on how active you are. Like other skincare products that you apply in the morning after showering which can last the whole day, you can also achieve the same with this oil. 

However, if your day is characterized by workout and other activities, you certainly need to take a shower when you get home. As per general rule, you must apply some oil after showering in the evening to maintain your facial hair in good condition. 

After showering, the beard pores usually open up and they are capable of absorbing more oil which helps to moisturize the skin. When applying the oil, make sure the beard is not too wet to absorb more oil. Use your towel to dry your beard so that you can easily apply the oil.    

How Often Should you Apply It?

You should squeeze a few drops of beard oil into your palms then gently massage it across your beard. You must do this after taking a shower. However, you must also know that the amount of oil that you apply to your beard depends on the size of the hair. If you have a full and thick beard, you can increase the amount of oil that you apply to your beard. 

The other significant thing that you should know is that Beard oil does not evaporate but it is absorbed by the hair and skin. You must avoid applying too much oil since it blocks the pores and it can leave your skin greasy. Any reasonable amount of oil is good for your beard since it can last the whole day and give you positive results. 

Does Beard Oil Last Forever?

Many people often wonder if bear oil can last forever. The truth about oil is that it does not last forever. This means that it has an expiry period. Some of these oils can only last for six months while others can last even up to four years. Like other consumer products, you must check the expiry date of the oil before buying it.  

The expiry of oil also depends on how it is stored. Different types of oils have instructions about how they are supposed to be kept so that they can last longer. When the oil for beard expires, it becomes ineffective. You must note that oil is highly effective when it is used within a certain period as prescribed by the manufacturer. 

After the lapse of the period that the oil should be used, it becomes less effective and ultimately ineffective. You should choose the right product when buying oil so that you get something that can last a longer period. You must carefully read the instructions to avoid the pitfall of buying something that may not satisfy your needs. 

How to Store?

Beard oil often expires depending on how you keep it. For instance, you must keep the oil in a cool dry place and make sure the container is tightly sealed. You must also ensure that the container is always sitting in an upright position to avoid leaks. If you leave the container open for a long period, the oil can absorb moisture which renders it ineffective. 

It is also essential to keep the oil away from heat or direct sunlight since this can reduce its lifespan. Heat can easily break the oil such that it loses its effectiveness. You must also ensure that you keep your oil away from the reach of children. 

Does Beard Oil Last Forever?

Essentially, you should make an effort to read the instructions as well as the ingredients of the product to have an idea about how long it can last. You can buy products with shorter life spans in smaller quantities such that you can use them while they are still effective.  


Thanks for reading this post. I hope you have enjoyed it and gained some knowledge about how you can use oil for a beard without overdoing it. Once you apply the oil in a reasonable amount, it can last the whole day and give you positive results with regard to the growth of your beard. 

The other thing that you should be wary about pertains to the expiry of the oil. It does not last forever. At some time, beard oil will expire and it becomes ineffective. The expiry of oil for beard depends on factors like ingredients and how you store it. Other types of oils can last even up to four years while others can last a few months only.