Black Man Beard Maintenance

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Beard grooming is the envy of many gentlemen since it symbolizes masculinity, strength as well as a discipline among other elements. However, black man beard maintenance is characterized by certain challenges that are not usually experienced by other men. Black men naturally have thick, coarse, and curly hair which normally increases the chances of painful ingrown hairs and razor bumps after shaving. 

Black men also face the other challenge of patchiness when growing a beard. These issues are natural and they are common among the majority of black males. The same challenges can be overcome by using the right products when growing facial hair. As such, the following facial care and beard grooming tips can help you to grow healthy hair.

Black Man Beard Maintenance Tips

If you are black and you want to achieve a healthy growth of your facial hair, you should carefully select the best skincare and beard products that will suit your needs. You can consider the following beard products if you want to achieve your goal of growing healthy facial hair. 

Black Man Beard Maintenance Tips

Best Products for Black Man Beard Maintenance

The biggest challenge that is usually faced by black men growing beards pertains to choosing the right products that suit their skin and hair as well as avoiding products that work against them. the following are some of the basic products that you must have to be able to overcome the challenges that you can encounter in your bid to grow a healthy and handsome beard. 

  • Beard Wash – beard wash is good for your facial hair since it helps to maintain it clean. You must choose beard wash that can clean even the thickest beards. The other thing is that the beard wash you use should be able to wash excess oil while at the same time leaving your beard moisturized, soft, and conditioned. 
  • Beard Oil – beard oil with natural ingredients is the best for your skin and beard. It helps to moisturize your beard and the skin underneath to encourage the healthy growth of hair. Beard oil also helps to prevent itchiness, while at the same time creating ideal conditions for healthy beard growth. Natural ingredients in beard oil are advantageous in that they have no side effects and they are good for your overall health. 
  • Beard Balm – you can use beard balm to shape and style your beard and it also helps to condition your hair for quality growth. A balm can also help to increase the growth of beard, stop split ends as well as dryness. 
  • Beard Brush – a beard brush helps to evenly spread beard products like beard wash, balm, and oil across your beard. A brush consists of soft natural boar bristles that also help to stimulate the hair follicles and blood flow which in turn helps to improve the growth of beard. You can brush your beard regardless of size since this practice is also good for your skin.   
  • Beard Comb – this helps to detangle as well as to style your beard so that it can be free of dirt and obstacles. A beard comb also helps to exfoliate the skin under the beard to remove dead cells that may clog the pores.

Black Man Beard Maintenance: Lifestyle Change

Apart from using the products above, you can also significantly improve the growth of your beard by improving your diet. For instance, Omega 3 Fatty Acids containing salmon, walnuts, and flaxseed oil boost hair growth. Food such as sweet potatoes, spinach, and squash that are rich in Vitamin A also significantly help improve the growth of your facial hair.

Foods that are also high in protein that include fish, eggs, and chicken are also crucial for the healthy growth of your hair. You must also keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water since it leads to an increase in blood flow and circulation. This, in turn, promotes the growth of the beard. 

Black Man Beard Maintenance: Lifestyle Change

It is also essential to keep your beard trimmed so as to keep it in good shape. You must also make sure that you take good care of the skin under your facial to achieve a positive result in growing and grooming a beard. 

Things to Avoid 

As a general rule, there are certain things that you should avoid if you want to achieve a healthy growth of your beard. You should avoid the following things at all costs. 

Avoid Picking at Ingrown Hairs

Black men are susceptible to razor bumps and ingrown hairs since they have curly and coarse hair. One thing that you should never do is to attempt picking at your ingrown hairs since this can worsen the situation instead of solving it. 

However, you should also not wait for too long to address the challenge of razor bumps since they can lead to damage of the hair follicles. You would rather visit a physician who can employ topical retinoids or chemical peels to treat razor bumps. These are advantageous in that they contain anti-aging properties. 

Avoid Beard Products with Artificial Chemicals

Many black people often make the mistake of using regular shampoo and moisturizer on their facial hair. If you are black, you should avoid applying products with harsh chemicals on your beard at all costs. 

Avoid Beard Products with Artificial Chemicals

The problem with products that contain artificial fragrances, lanolin, and dyes cause dryness, irritation, and clogged pores. These products can also strip essential oils from your skin. Therefore, natural is always better when it comes to black skin and hair care. Natural products have high-quality and they suit different types of skin. They are good for your overall health.


Growing a healthy beard is fashionable among many males but black men usually face challenges in achieving this particular goal. Naturally, black men have coarse, thick, and curly hair which leads to razor bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving. These and other challenges make black man beard maintenance problematic. 

However, with the right beard growing products, you can overcome these challenges. It is also essential to exercise good beard care practices. I hope you have enjoyed reading this informative post. You can leave your comments and questions in the space below.