How To Braid A Goatee

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Cristina

Are you wondering which beard style fits your face and can improve your appearance? There are different beard styles and these are designed to suit various people. Apart from trimming and shaping your facial hair, you can also consider the option of braiding it to give you a completely new look. If you have managed to grow a beard that is long enough to make braids, then you can wear braided beards. Read on to learn how to braid a goatee beard style.

Let the Goatee Beard Grow

Before you think of braiding a goatee, you must leave the hair to grow. You need a sufficient length of about four inches that can make braids. Keeping a braided goatee is a tough but rewarding exercise. You also need the following to braid a goatee:

  • Enough length of your beard
  • Beard comb and brush
  • Beard shampoo
  • Four rubber bands to secure your beard style in place
Let the Goatee Beard Grow

When you have all the necessary items in place, you can start braiding your goatee style.

How to Braid a Goatee

While there are different beard braided styles, the technique for braiding a goatee is quite simple and you can do it in short steps. All you need to is to leave your beard to grow long enough to create a simple braid. You should trim the sides of your beard and leave the centerpiece that becomes the braid in your goatee.

1- Wash and Dry the Goatee

You should wash and towel dry your beard to make it easier to braid a goatee when it is still damp. Use beard shampoo to get rid of oil, grime, dirt, and sweat from your hair. Apply some shampoo into your palms and spread it evenly across the board. Wash your hair and dry it using a towel. After drying your beard, brush or comb it to detangle and straighten the goatee before you start braiding it.

2- Separate the Hair into Thirds

The next step is to separate the goatee into three equal strands at the level of the chin. You should ensure that the hair portions are straight and you can use rubber at the base of the hairs near the chin to keep them in place. However, you will need to remove the rubber bands when you finish braiding your beard. When you gain more experience, you may not need the rubber band to hold the base of each tuft.

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3- Braid your Goatee

Braiding your goatee is an easy process once the three beard strands are secure in place. Start from the left and pass the tuft over the middle one. The left one becomes the center, so pull the right tuft of the new middle tuft. You should repeat the process over and over again until you create one long braid. You will realize that your goatee is thick at the top and it gradually narrows as you move down toward the tip. The tip of the braid is sharp and pointed and this style gives you a new look.

4- Tie the End of the Braided Goatee

When you have finished braiding your goatee, tie the end of the braided tip with a rubber band to keep it in place. You can also put the rubber band about half an inch from the tip so that the goatee will remain in place. It is crucial to make sure that the plastic band is not too tight to avoid causing discomfort.

There are also other tips that you can consider when braiding a goatee. For instance, you can use beard wax to secure your goatee in place. The advantage of beard wax is that it has a stronghold. If you want, you can keep your braid in place at night when you go to bed to train it. Alternatively, you can remove the style before bed to prevent beard bedhead.

Braided Goatee

If you are interested in spotting a new look beard style, you can consider braiding your hair into a single braid with a tip pointing down. This style is known as the braided goatee and it can give you a completely new appearance. To braid your beard, you should leave it to grow first so that you can divide it into three strands. The process of twisting and folding these three strands is called braiding. While there are different braided styles that you can consider, the above tips are for braiding a goatee. We hope you have enjoyed this post about how to braid a goatee. You can leave your comments below.