How To Braid A Short Beard

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Braids are usually viewed as women’s way of improving their appearance, but men from different backgrounds have also added braiding as part of beard hairstyles. There are different types of beard styles that you can consider as a way of expressing yourself or your personality. Braided beard style is another way of revealing your personality and it also gives you confidence. With this style, you can stand out among the rest in a crowd of people. However, there are certain things that you should consider if you want this particular style. Read on to learn how to braid a short beard.

What You Need to Braid Your Beard

There are different items that you would require to braid your beard. You need various beard grooming products like combs that help you to detangle the hair. A beard comb also helps prevent your hair from looking unkempt when you style it. Beard oils and balms are other products that you will need to moisturize your hair. Beard oil prevents the hair from drying which can make it difficult to style.

What You Need to Braid Your Beard

Additionally, some beard oils and balms are designed to nourish the hair to prevent loss through breakages. These products also hydrate the skin to promote the growth of hair. If your beard is short, you need to apply wax so that you secure the style in place. On top of that, you may also need to invest in a box of quality elastic bands that are not very tight. All the same, you should ensure that the bands can secure your beard in

How to Braid a Short Beard

There are various braided beard styles that you can consider. One good thing about braiding your beard is that the technique is generally simple and you can make any style once you master how to do it. Even with short facial hair, you will still need to apply the same method to braid it. There is no need of washing your beard before styling it. However, you can add a little oil to make it easier to hold the hair when you style it. The following are the few simple steps that you can take to create braids on your beard.

Select the Portion of Beard to Braid

As you are now aware, there are different braid styles for beards and you can choose one that suits your needs and the size of your hair. Therefore, the first thing is to select the area of beard that you want to braid. Depending on your needs, you can have a single braid or more than one. Many guys opt to create braids from the hair on the chin. However, others may prefer to create braids throughout their facial hair.

Beard Beads

Separate the Hairs

After choosing the area of facial hair that you want to braid, use a comb to separate this particular section into three sections with an equal amount of hair. Make sure that these three sections are positioned vertically and are also parallel to each other. Braiding is straight forward since it involves lifting the section on your left side over the middle section. You also take the portion of hair on your right to cross the middle section. Continue repeating this crisscross process until you form a braid. If you want several braids, repeat the same process on different portions that you choose.

Apply Wax

After creating your braids, you must apply beard wax at the bottom of each braid. Wax helps to secure your braids in place. Alternatively, you can also use elastic bands to hold your braids in place especially if you have short hair. The twisting of hair between the three strands of hair over the portion you want to braid is the rhythm you should follow when braiding your beard.

Tip and Tricks

If the hair wax does not hold the braid in place, you can tie a clear elastic band at the bottom of the braid. Therefore, you must invest in a box of elastic bands and make sure that they are not too tight, but can hold your braid style in the right position. You should pull each section of braided hair with the same amount of pressure to ensure that you create even braids. It is vital to use a mirror while you are braiding your hair so that you clearly see if you are doing the right thing.

You must also use wax to secure your braid style. You can keep your beard style at night to train it to remain in place. Alternatively, you can remove the style before bed so that you restyle your hair the following morning. However, this can cause some inconveniences if you are someone with a busy schedule.

The other thing that you should know is that you do not necessarily need to wash your beard before braiding it. However, you should comb the hair first to straighten it so that it becomes easier to hold with your fingers while styling it. If you have a short beard, you need to ensure that the hair is clean before styling it.

Maintain your Braided Beard in Good Condition

Another important tip that you should know about braided beard styles relates to the maintenance of the hair. This particular beard style significantly improves your appearance, but it is also likely to trap dirt and sweat which can make it a haven for bacteria. Therefore, braided beard styles require proper maintenance and grooming compared to other styles.

Braided Beard Styles

1. Short Braided Beard

short beard braid

2. Long Braided Beard

long braided beard

3. Braided Goatee

Braided Goatee

4. Fishtail Braided Beard

fishtail braided beard

5. Viking Braided Beard

viking braided beard

6. Dreadlock Beard

Dreadlock Beard


Many people wear beards as a way of expressing themselves or their personality. Braiding is another style that is increasingly becoming popular among beard grooming enthusiasts.  If beard braiding is your perfect match, there are different steps that you should take to style your facial hair. Your need beard balm and elastic bands to hold your braids when you are done. You just need to follow a few steps and you would be done with your new beard style. We hope you have enjoyed this post about how to braid a short beard. You can leave your comments below.