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Beard is grooming is fashionable but you need the right products to promote its growth. There are some best beard growth products that can help you to improve the appearance of your beard. You can get some of the products over the counter or you need to first consult your doctor, in this article we will focus on a particular product Beard Grow XL review. 

How Safe is the Best Beard Growth Products?

When you buy a specific product over the counter, it means that you do not need a prescription from a doctor though you can consult them about product safety. In other words, you should know that you are buying that product as a supplement that can promote beard growth, not as a remedy to a particular health condition. 

Beard growth products come in different categories that include creams, oils, pills, or shampoo. Therefore, check the ingredients of the product and make an effort to conduct research if the product does not have side effects. You may also need to establish if the product is natural or it contains other chemical elements that may cause side effects in the long run. 

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Apart from relying on what the manufacturer says about the product, you must also make an effort to dig for more information about it. Customer reviews are helpful since they give you first-hand information about the product from people who have used it. 

Each product comes with instructions about how to use it. It is therefore imperative to make sure that you carefully follow these instructions to avoid unnecessary complications in the event that you wrongly use it. If it is beard oil, then apply it as directed for greater results. 

Where is the Best Beard Growth Products Made?

Before you buy a beard growth product over the counter, make sure that you know where it is made. If you intend to ingest the beard supplement, then you should make sure that the manufacturer reputable. Avoid taking risks since there are dubious companies bent on making profits at any cost.

In the USA, you should make sure that the product is FDA approved. This will show you that a product has passed all tests and it is safe for human consumption. Other products sold over the counter may be cheap but they may come with risks.   

Why Do You Want that Product?

A variety of over the counter beard growth supplements is designed to deal with different issues related to beard growth. For instance, creams are ideal for men with patch beard while oils promote beard growth. They also help to maintain the beard in good health and they can make thin facial hair full. 

Therefore, you should have a strong conviction that you want a product that can help improve the growth of your beard. If it is the issue of patchy beard, then you need to conduct some research and identify appropriate products that can solve that problem.  

Indeed, price is another thing that you should consider but it is determined by different factors such as brand as well as the type of product. Some products may belong to the same category but their prices significantly differ. Therefore, you should make sure that you get a product that is within your budget. 

You now have an idea about the necessary steps that you can follow to choose over the counter beard growth. The following section presents the main factors that characterize Beard Grow XL as the best over the counter beard growth product. 

Best Beard Growth Products: Beard Grow XL Review

Beard Grow XL has specific features that can help improve the growth of your beard. You can obtain the product over the counter but one thing that you should remember is that it should not be used for medical purposes. You would rather consult a doctor if you suspect of any condition.  


#1 Beard Grow XL Consists of Vitamins

The product has a support vitamin formula that helps to grow your beard so that you can achieve the status that you want. The product can help you achieve thicker facial hair growth. In case you are worried about your thin beard, the product consists of a strong vitamin formula that helps develop your beard to become thicker. 

The product also helps the beard to become fuller. A full beard is the envy of many guys and you can use this product to achieve your goal. It helps to improve the growth of your sideburn as well as mustache. It also works perfectly well on your beard on the chin and neck. 

beard grow xl review

The other important factor is that the vitamin formula also helps to improve the health of your skin. It moisturizes the skin while at the same time making it soft to promote healthy beard growth. In other words, the product is multipurpose and you should apply it evenly throughout your beard.  

# 2 Formulated to Be 100% Vegan and Vegetarian

The product is also unique in that it is 100 % vegetarian and vegan. In other words, the product does not include any ingredient that is obtained from animals. The Vegan Society is anti-cruelty to animals and it is against the exploitation of animals in any way. 

According to the Vegan doctrine, no part of an animal should be used in the manufacture of any product that is used by human beings. As such, the product is clear of any ingredients that are derived from animals.   

There are also no other products like this one which makes it unique. Many products that belong to the beard category consist of fats that are obtained from animals. It is for this reason that Beard Grow XL maintains a strict Vegan concept in its manufacture. The uniqueness of the product is another factor that you should consider when you want to buy this product.   

All the same, the product is ideal for all ethnicities and beard type. The product is designed to suit all ethnicities apart from the members that subscribe to the vegan doctrine. The other aspect is that the product is also suitable for any type of hair and it is designed to satisfy the needs of many people. 

# 3 Product is Completely Natural

The product is completely natural and is a non-hormonal formula.  The Facial Hair Supplement consists of ingredients that are 100 % natural meaning that it is eco-friendly. The product does not cause any threat to the environment which makes it ideal for different purposes.  

 This beard oil is a highly effective natural supplement that is designed in such a way that the users are not exposed to any side effects. Some products contain supplements that can cause side effects in the long run but Beard Grow XL is designed in such a way that users would not experience the same. 

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The product also consists of quality ingredients that are meant to supplement and enhance your beard from inside out. The product moisturizes your skin and helps to maintain it healthy. This also helps to improve the health of the hair follicles.  

The product also prevents skin irritation which can also affect the quality of growth of your beard.  The oil makes your beard appear shiny and soft such that you can style it the way that you want. This commodity also prevents your facial hair from breaking. 

Using the product is extremely simple since you only need to apply a few drops of oil. You need to massage the oil evenly throughout your beard. It is important to apply the oil after showering in the morning. 

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# 4 Product Made in USA

This Powerful Beard Support Formula is a product of the USA and many products are evaluated by the FDA to ensure that they are safe to the users. Some products are cheap and they have inadequate ingredients which make them substandard. There are various counterfeit products that often find their way into the US market but their performance is below standard. When you buy a product that is made in the USA, you will be protected so that you do not fall prey to these unscrupulous traders. 

Other products are ineffective but the fact that Beard Grow XL is a US product itself should give you comfort since many products go through tests before they go onto the market. The product also comes with a full 30 day supply.  Information about the product is readily available which helps to protect your interests. 

Beard Grow XL | Facial Hair Supplement


Growing a beard requires commitment and the use of the right products. In choosing the right over the counter product, there are many steps that you should follow.  As illustrated, Beard Grow XL is one of the best products that can improve the growth of your beard. 

The product is available in different retail outlets and you do not need a prescription to buy it. What’s your take on this product?  If you like this Beard Grow XL review, feel free to share it with others.