Can You Get a Facial With A Beard? Everything You Have to Know About Men’s Facials

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Men’s facials are important just like women’s though they are slightly different. But, can you get a facial with a beard? Facials play different roles such as helping to maintain the skin healthy. However, many guys are worried if facials work well with beard. 

Therefore, the most important question you should ask is: “Can you get a facial with a beard, men’s facials?” Facials are meant to maintain your skin in good health but there are also other things that you should know before getting one. As such, this post gives you vital information that can help you to make informed decisions before getting a facial.  

Can You Get a Facial with a Beard: Significance of a Facial

A facial is performed by an experienced esthetician, therefore, you will get the opportunity to problem-solve different skin issues. Men usually experience a variety of skincare issues such as skin irritation, dry skin, acne, or reddening of the facial skin. Facials are customized to suit the needs of different people. 

Can You Get a Facial with a Beard: Significance of a Facial

Your professional esthetician will apply a facial that is appropriate for your skin condition. A facial is also beneficial in that it gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your esthetician and they can give you professional advice about tips and tricks that are crucial in maintaining your skin. You can use this knowledge at a later stage in your life. 

Can You Get a Facial with a Beard? What Does it Include?

Most facials also include aspects like exfoliation that uses bio abrasion, ultrasound, or enzymes. You can get some of these ingredients from the skincare products you use daily at home but when you visit an esthetician, you will get professional service. 

A good facial can also give you peace of mind since you reenergize and your face gets a new look. It is all about good appearance and every person loves to look good. When you visit an aesthetician for a facial, your skin is deeply cleansed before exfoliating away the dead skin cells. 

The skin under your beard is usually exfoliated when you perform routine maintenance of your beard. The products used for facial are also not bad for your beard. You should mind about the top part of your face to be cleared of dead cells which make the skin dull.  

The aesthetician will also steam open the skin pores, perform extractions to clear the pores that are clogged as well as applying a toner. Facials may also include other aspects like face as well as shoulder massage. The process ends with the application of a custom mask and skincare products for men.

The process usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes. Considering the benefits that you will get from a facial, it can be observed that the process is fast as you can see. The other thing that you should know is that you can still get a facial with your beard.

Other Things to Expect and Important Facial Tips 

When you go for a facial, you should expect to interact with your esthetician as much as possible. You must be open about the skincare products you use in your maintenance routine. This information is vital since it will help the doctor to customize your facial for the best results. 

When you have acne, you should expect deeper exfoliation as well as more extractions to open the clogged pores. An acne facial treatment may also be applied but it should contain anti-bacterial ingredients. It, however, should be customized to suit your condition.  

Other Things to Expect and Important Facial Tips 

The other important tip is to switch off your cell phone when you go for a facial. This gadget can disrupt both the esthetician and your attention. The process of performing a facial requires both parties to be attentive so be mindful about cell phone use. 

It is also good to brush your teeth before your facial appointment so that you can feel comfortable when you interact with your esthetician. It is embarrassing to apologize to the other part for the heavy smell of garlic in your breath.  

Should I Shave Beard Before My Facial? 

If you are wearing a full beard, you do not need to shave it before you get your facial. A facial can be applied on the top part of your face. The products that are used during your facial are also beneficial to beard since they can make it healthier and shinier. 

If you decide to shave your beard before you get your facial, then you should do it at least a day before. A skin that is fresh from shaving is prone to some irritations during the facial. Therefore, you need to wait at least 24 hours after shaving before you get your facial. 

How Often Should You Get a Facial?

A facial gives your skin a clean look and soft feeling and if you want to maintain this impressive appearance, then you can book for a facial at least once a month. The main reason is that the entire life cycle of skin cells takes a month. 

Therefore, after a month, your skin will be full of dull and dead cells that should be exfoliated again within the same time frame.  If you feel you cannot maintain this monthly schedule for your facial, then you can try to establish a routine for exfoliating your skin at home. 

How Often Should You Get a Facial
Renee Rouleau, celerity aesthetician

You can use brushes together with appropriate skincare products to exfoliate your facial skin. When you go for a major facial by an aesthetician, you can maintain your skin at home by applying the right products. This will also help you to take a longer period before going for another facial.  


A facial helps men to maintain their skin in good health and it helps to eliminate different conditions like skin reddening as well as irritation.  The routine for a facial depends on the quality of your skin as well as your home skincare schedule.  

The esthetician will perform exfoliation on your skin during your facial. This process helps to get rid of dead skin cells that can make it dull. Maintenance of your skin after a facial can be simple since you need to apply the regular skincare products that you use regularly.  


Is getting a facial worth it? 

Many people spend lots of money getting facials which consist of treatments that are said to combat wrinkles, remove blemishes, tighten, regenerate, and beautify the skin. While many people are made to believe these claims, the truth is that facials will not make much of a difference apart from moisturizing the skins. While other estheticians claim that the effectiveness of a facial depends on the type and where you get it. Facials cannot reverse aspects like wrinkles and aging.    

Why do you need a facial?

Generally speaking, facials can be described as a procedure, ritual, or routine that aims to care for the skin. For this, you would need to get a facial once in a while to maintain healthier and good looking skin. You also get a relaxing feeling after visiting a spa than you would feel when you visit a dermatologist. If a facial makes you feel well, then there is no reason why you may not get it. 

How much does it cost to get a facial?

There is no universal cost for a facial that several factors can determine the ultimate price that you will be charged. You should expect to pay between $35 and $50 to receive a basic facial while a comprehensive facial treatment will cost you between $75 and $90. For a facial peel, you should expect to pay approximately $100. There are different things involved in facial treatment which will determine the final cost. For instance, the technology, techniques, and products used significantly impact the total cost of a facial. Additionally, the place where you get your facial might also contribute to the total cost.

Do facials remove blackheads? 

A special type of facial can remove blackheads. This is called facial extraction, and it uses some element of force, and the procedure can be painful. However, a regular facial will not close the pores to prevent the blackheads from recurring.    

How long should a facial last? 

You can enjoy the healthy and shiny appearance that you get soon after a facial for about 48 to 72 hours. A facial usually hydrates the skin deeply and this boosts the circulation of blood to provide nutrients to the cells. You can achieve long term benefits for 28 to 45 days. You should schedule a facial every 4 to 6 to remove dead skin cells while at the same time removing impurities from the skin. 

What should we not do after a facial?

After getting a facial, there are certain things that you should never do. Picking at your skin is never recommended since it can affect the skin while it is still sensitive. The use of heavy makeup is also not advisable. Going to the gym and getting into a sauna are the other things that you should not do. The activities increase body temperature and cause sweating that can irritate your skin since it would still be sensitive. You must not use an exfoliator or other harsh treatments that can cause skin irritation. In the same vein, wax or laser treatment is not allowed. Sunbathing is another thing that you should avoid.