Does Lipogaine Serum For Beard Growth Actually Work?

Last Updated on May 23, 2020 by Cristina

Many people aspire to grow a healthy and attractive beard as a way of displaying masculinity, wisdom, intelligence as well as improving their appearance. There are many products that are offered on the market and are said to be effective in promoting beard growth. One of these is the lipogaine beard growth serum. 

Among different beard growth products offered on the market is lipogaine serum. However, the question is: Does lipogaine serum for beard growth actually work? If you want to get answers to this question, then you can read on. The post also gives you basic information about lipogaine formula that you should know before using it.  

Lipogaine Beard Growth Serum: What is Lipogaine for Men?

Lipogaine For Men is a topical liquid that is specially designed for people who are interested in stopping further hair loss. The product also helps men to regain the hair they would have lost. The serum also helps to promote the growth of hair. If you have thin hair, it can make it grow thicker such that it covers all patchy areas.

How Does Lipogaine Work?

You can apply Lipogaine for Men directly on the skin where hair re-growth is required. The main ingredient for Lipogaine is Minoxidil which consists of five percent of the formula though there are also other ingredients. The formula works by widening the vessels which promote the movement of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles that would have been affected. 

In some cases, hair loss is caused by narrowed vessels and shrunken follicles which could be a result of the effects of a substance called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This substance is produced naturally in male bodies but in smaller quantities. 

How Does Lipogaine Serum Work

When the body ages, DHT can be produced in larger quantities and it binds to the hair follicles. This will prevent the follicles from getting the nutrients that are supplied by the blood. This will cause shrinkage of the follicle such that it becomes smaller in size until it eventually dies. The hair will fall out and no new hair will grow. 

In such a scenario, excess DHT is the primary cause of hair loss and this is when Lipogaine comes in handy. It helps improve the movement of nutrients in the blood which stimulates the hair follicles and growth of hair. In other words, it can be safely said Lipogaine actually works in promoting hair growth.

Other Important Factors about Lipogaine Beard Growth Serum

It is important to note that head hair or facial hair/beard hair is the same. The effectiveness of Lipogaine on the hair on the head is similar to facial hair. Essentially, the product works by stimulating hair follicles to promote the growth of hair. The following are some of the key characteristics about lipogaine that you should know. 

Lipogaine Only Promotes Hair Growth Where there are Existing Follicles

You should expect lipogaine to work only in places where there are already existing hair follicles. The unfortunate truth is that lipogaine does not promote the creation of new hair follicles. 

Therefore, if you have no hair follicles that can support the growth of facial hair, then you should not expect any miracles of growing beard from nowhere. The product is only effective in stimulating follicles that have been under-producing hair. The formula also takes time for you to see the results. You can observe positive results after about eight weeks so do not expect to wake up with a thick beard after applying the formula only once. 

Other Important Factors about Lipogaine Beard Growth Serum

Give your Beard Time to Grow with Lipogaine Beard Growth Serum

If you intend to grow a beard for the first time, then you should be patient and leave the hair to grow naturally before you attempt to apply lipogaine. As you have already noted, this product helps to promote the growth of hair that already exists. The product is designed to solve a problem that exists not that it can help to jumpstart the growth of beards from nowhere. 

Lipogaine is Not for Teens

Teens who are below 25 years and are looking forward to growing a beard for the first time should not use lipogaine. Males grow beards at different ages so it is crucial to wait for the natural beard to grow first before you attempt to use this product. You must instead focus on maintaining good health so that you can grow facial hair naturally.

Use the Product as Recommended

The other important aspect is that you should use Lipogaine as recommended by the manufacturer. More is not good since you should apply the product in a little amount as recommended by the manufacturer. 

If possible, you should also apply the product while wearing latex gloves and make sure that it does not come into contact with other parts of the body. After applying the product, wash your hand thoroughly with warm water and soap. Another essential tip is that you should avoid using Lipogaine on sensitive skin.  

Give your Beard Time to Grow with Lipogaine Beard Growth Serum

You should also be consistent when using lipogaine so that you can achieve positive results. The follicles can go dormant again the moment you stop applying the serum and this can also cause hair loss again. Therefore, you should be committed when using this product so that you can achieve positive results when grooming your beard.  

Storage Tips  

You should not use Lipogaine in a house where there is a pregnant woman. Products containing Minoxidil can also affect the chances of a woman getting pregnant so be careful when you decide to use this product. It is also important to keep the product away from children since it can be harmful. In case of accidental spillages, you should thoroughly clean the surface to ensure the safety of the children. 


If you want to grow thicker and fuller beards, there are different products that can help you achieve such a goal. Lipogaine serum is one such product that can promote the growth of a beard. However, this is only possible where there are existing hair follicles together with a problem of thin growth of hair. You should not expect this formula to help you grow a beard from scratch since facial hair growth is based on genetics.