Best Beard Growth Vitamins In 2021

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A well-groomed beard can make you look great! Thus, the texture of your beard plays a pivotal role in improving its maintenance and appearance. Beard growth vitamins play a vital role in this.

And if you are really concerned about making your beard thicker, one of the possible ways of achieving this would be in applying vitamins that help in beard growth, which is why this post seeks to help you in picking the best product that you can get to improve the growth of your beard.

How to Choose the Best Beard Growth Vitamins?

Thick and full beards can be difficult to grow depending on the man in question and his nutrient deficiency level.

This is the primary reason why today, a lot of men have turned to beard vitamins, as an effective, popular, and safe way of promoting quality beard growth.

How to Choose the Best Beard Growth Vitamins?

But, before you start looking out for a supplement that will enhance the growth of your beard, it’s important that you know that, you can never get a beard product that will help with the growth of new hair follicles.

Where there are no hair follicles, no amount of pills, oil, or miracle can help them grow from nowhere. Therefore, beard growth supplements can only promote the growth of beards that already exist.

Even though beard vitamin supplements come in different types including pills, oil or serum, the type of supplement that you may need, mainly depends on factors like daily routine and diet.

Thus, if you choose to take in pills that will help improve the growth of your beard, it is essential that you consult your doctor first. The doctor will then tell you about the benefits and side effects of each tablet to your overall health.

What You Should Know About Beard Growth

In contrary to popular opinion, one’s diet and lifestyle also determine the type of beard vitamins that you will need to promote the growth of your facial hair.

Meaning, if you improve your lifestyle and eat a well-balanced diet, you can increase the production of hormones that support beard growth. This is true because, from a balanced diet, you can get a variety of vitamins that will stimulate beard growth.

What You Should Know About Beard Growth

However, if you feel that your body lacks some of these vital nutrients, then you’d certainly need to get yourself a beard growth product.

Vitamin supplements in the form of tablets consist of various vitamins like A, C, D, E, K2, B6, and Biotin. These compounds are what often helps in increasing the DHT or testosterone, as well as activating androgen receptors and producing vitamins that will increase the hormonal processes in the growth of beard.

Apart from using vitamin pills for beard growth, you can also use beard oils or serum, which both helps in improving the growth of one’s beard. With either of these two, all you need to do is apply them directly on your beard and the process is simple and easy.

Right now, pills, serum, and beard oil are the most popular options in the market that promote beard growth.

What You Should Know About Beard Vitamins 

Know the ingredients

Buying beard growth supplements is not a matter of just walking into the shop and requesting any product that can promote the growth of your beard.

This is because some manufacturers make false claims about the effectiveness of their products in a bid to attract many customers. This is one of the reasons why most people detest hair products because, the ones they bought probably never lived up to expectations, after all the high hopes they got from the manufacturers.

Therefore, to avoid cases of buying a product that will not satisfy your needs, it is imperative that you check the ingredients of any product meant for beard before purchasing it. You must carefully check the label for the ingredients of the product so that you’ll know exactly what you’re applying on your face.

Benefits of Pills for Beard Growth

If you take the pills consisting of beard growth vitamins consistently as instructed, you are most likely going to witness some positive changes within a few weeks, counting from the first day you began using it. In most cases, after about two weeks of taking the tablets, you must have noticed the full growth of your beard.

The good thing about taking pills is that their effects are often long-lasting. This is true because, the tablets, stimulate the follicles and boost the production of testosterone and DHT that support beard growth to maintain it.

Benefits of Vitamin Serums

Vitamin serums are both beneficial to the skin and beard because they consist of natural ingredients.

And given that the use of this vitamin serums are external, where you’d only get to apply them directly to your beard and skin, they’ll barely have a side effect on your body because natural ingredients do not have chemical compounds that can react on your skin or cause burns.

Vitamin serums also do not interfere with other moisturizers that you may use on your beard. And an effective usage of it can help keep your body hydrated and also prevent the beard from graying. Face serum, in particular, helps to prevent aging if used properly.

What’s the Best Way of Using Beard Vitamin Supplements and Pills

Whether you are using pills, oils, or serum to promote the growth of your beard, the golden rule is that you should never abuse it.

By that, I mean that you should never be tempted to go beyond your daily requirements, as that won’t do you any good.

Just use the beard vitamin supplement as instructed and nothing more. If you take more than the required quantity of tablets per dose, then you might stand the chance of being a victim of an overdosing effect.

And trust me, you don’t want to go down that road!

Review of Beard Growth Products

The following is a review of five beard products that you can buy to make your beard thick.

Prime Beard Growth Vitamins Supplement for Men by NutraChamps

Prime beard Vitamins is designed for all types of beard including mustaches, goatees as well as sideburns and even the hairs on our head.

This product is a scientifically designed supplement that can help you achieve your desired goal of having a thick beard.

Prime Beard helps in covering the gap of nutrients that are missing in your diet, which aids in growing a thick and handsome beard. It has supplements that include the 20 vital protein components, herbs, minerals, and vitamins required for the growth of one’s beard. The product has many benefits and it also has some of its cons as well.

Prime Beard Growth Vitamins Supplement for Men by NutraChamps


  • It leads to a stronger, manly, and healthy beard.
  • Nourishes and smoothens the skin.
  • Scientifically crafted with Prime beard.
  • Brings out thick, long, and fuller beards.


  • The product can cause allergic reactions such as irritation, mood swings, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, or headaches among others.
  • Packaging of the product may vary from what is displayed

BEARDPERFECT Thick Grow, Beard Growth Formula for Men

BEARDPERFECT Beard Growth Formula is a dietary supplement that consists of 60 tablets, which you’d have to take according to the instructions given. Thick Grow is specifically designed for bearded men, as it can fulfill your dream of having a fuller and thicker beard. The product consists of more than 20 nutrients that help in building beards. Here are its also advantages and disadvantages.

BEARDPERFECT Thick Grow, Beard Growth Formula for Men


  • ThickGrow is versatile and you can use it on any type of hair or beard.
  • It is the only beard growth vitamin that consists of Bamboo Silica.
  • Scientifically crafted to promote beard thickness, strength, and growth.
  • The product addresses the issue of lack of key nutrients which promotes beard. growth.


  • The information on the packaging might differ from product contents.
  • The dietary component of the product is not evaluated by the FDA.
  • The product is not intended to cure or prevent any health condition.

Beard Boost Growth Vitamins by Live Bearded

Beard Boost by Live Bearded is a growth supplement that comes with a packet of 60 tablets, which you’d need to take twice every day.

The tablets consist of minerals and vitamins that help you to grow a thicker, bigger, and fuller beard at a faster pace.

Not only does Beard Boost helps in increasing the mineral and vitamin levels in your body naturally so that you can continue enjoying a thick and full beard afterward, but it also helps your body to be in a state suitable for creating protein cells that are needed for hair growth.

Another important aspect of the product is that it helps to increase Biotin, Selenium, Zinc, and B6 levels. These compounds are essential for helping hair grow faster and healthier.

Beard Boost Growth Vitamins by Live Bearded


  • The product helps increase beard growth.
  • It helps you grow a thicker, healthier, and fuller beard.
  • Nourishes the beard from the inside.
  • It strengthens hair fibers.


  • Tablets can have side effects if you have some allergies.

Premium Beard Oil in 60ML by Prophet and Tools

Premium Beard Oil by Prophet and Tools helps to restore and protect one’s hair while bringing it to life. Not only does the product help in reducing painful irritations, treat split ends, and promote faster and healthy beard growth, it can also help in moisturizing your beard while at the same time eliminating nasty flakes, succinctly giving your beard a perfect shine.

Another good thing about this oil is that you can use it on dry skin or beard, and it will still give you a great result within a week. More importantly, you can choose to apply the oil directly on your beard, and it won’t have an iota of side effect on your skin.

All you have to do is just add a few drops and the product will become nongreasy. You can use it the way you like, as it can have a styling effect on your hair.

The Prophet Beard oil consists of 100 % natural ingredients that can help you condition, moisturize, and soften your beard to look stunning.

Given that it comes with a warranty, in case you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back. There are also numerous benefits of using this particular product.

Premium Beard Oil in 60ML by Prophet and Tools


  • Increases the speed of beard growth.
  • It helps to generate thicker hair and a fuller beard in patchy areas.
  • It helps to add a natural shine and non-greasy look on your beard.
  • Consists of natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Vitamin Jojoba, and Chamomile.
  • It can last up to 24 months.
  • Guaranteed money back.

Beard Serum for All Hair Types by Beard Guyz

Beard serum by Beard Guyz is another product that is designed to give you a natural clean look and it also helps to thicken your beard. The product is made of pure Quinoa Seed and Vitamin E and it smells good all the time.

Face serum also plays a pivotal role in the maintenance of your beard and you can also use it for some other purposes like washing, moisturizing as well as styling stubborn facial hair. The serum enhances your facial hair follicles and makes your skin feel fresh. Other advantages of the serum include the following:

Beard Serum for All Hair Types by Beard Guyz


  • Nourishes the skin under the beard.
  • Hydrates the skin.
  • Softens your skin.
  • Enhances the growth of fuller and thick beard.
  • It also helps to nourish hair follicles.

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Over and above, if you want to make your beard thicker, you can use different types of vitamin supplements, which can help in promoting the growth of your facial hair.

You can either use pills, oils, or serums to promote the growth of your beard. However, before you buy any of these products, you must make sure that you understand the ingredients of each and every one of them, as it will help you in buying products that will meet your expectations.

From the beard products reviewed above, it can be observed that Premium Prophet Beard Oil is by far the best product that can give you an excellent result.

Given that the oil is made of 100 % natural ingredients, there is absolutely no need to be scared of any side effects.

Lastly, not only does the oil help in improving the growth of one’s beard but in maintaining it perfectly!