How To Grow A Pointed Goatee

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Are you interested in sporting a new facial appearance? There are different types of beard styles and goatees consist of hair on the chin but nothing on the cheeks. You can consider a pointed goatee style for a difference. If you want this style, there are certain things that you must consider.  Read on to learn everything you should know about how to grow a pointed goatee.

How To Shape A Goatee To A Point

The pointed goatee takes different forms, and some are long, short, narrow, and wide. The goatee can also differ in tidiness, depth, and texture. The tip or point of a goatee refers to the point where the beards meet below the chin to form a pointed V-shape. Whatever style you want to choose, you should follow these two core principles:

  • Trim the sides of a goatee to form a V-shape
  • Decide what to do with the side-stubble, faded, or cleanly shaven

The following are some of the steps you should take to grow a pointed goatee.

Grow Your Chin Beard

It is crucial to leave your beard to grow to the desired length before you start shaping your pointed goatee beard style. You should regularly brush your beard to keep it neat and also train it to grow downward. Your beard does not grow into a point, but you need to groom it into the desired shape and style that you want.

Trim The Cheeks

After growing your beard, you should begin trimming the cheeks to form a pointy goatee. You start from the cheeks going down to the chin. This also the time to decide what to do with the beards on the cheeks. You can leave the hair on the cheeks very short, fade, or clean-shaven. Use the right trimmer to trim your beard into a nice goatee, and the sides should be considered an extension of the mustache.

Trim Your Chin Beard Into A V-shape

After trimming the sides of your facial hair, the next step is to sharpen the sides of your long goatee into a V-shape. You can use a beard comb to hold the beard as you trim it. You can use an electric trimmer or scissors to trim over the comb. The benefit of using a comb is that you can adjust the length of hair that you want to remove from the sides of the chin beard. Combing your beard down is the best way of maintaining your beard in a V-shape.

Trim Your Chin Beard Into A V-shape

Make Your Mustache Neat

When you have shaped your pointed beard goatee, you should also trim your mustache carefully to make it neat. Trimming your mustache helps to remove the flyaways and other unruly hairs. A neat mustache perfectly complements a pointed goatee style. You can use a trimmer or electric scissors to cut the hair above your upper lip. Try to keep a neutral expression as you trim your mustache.

Define The Neckline

When you have trimmed your goatee into a V-shape, you should remember to shape your neckline to make the style apparent and clear. You should remove any stubble on your neck. Allow the neckline to gently follow the jawline angle on each side. Shave everything below the neckline. You can use a razor and make sure that you apply shaving gel to reduce irritation.

Apply Some Beard Oil

When you have shaped your pointed goatee beard style, you should not forget to apply beard oil to your hair. Rinse the goatee and pat it dry with a towel. The next step is to apply a few drops of beard oil since it plays a pivotal role in nourishing and moisturizing your facial hair. Beard oil also moisturizes the skin underneath to prevent dryness which can lead to dandruff. You can also apply beard balm to your pointed goatee to hold it in place. Beard balm also gives your facial hair a shine and prevents the hair from splitting.

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How To Grow A Pointy Beard – Conclusion

There are different types of beard styles, and a pointed goatee is one of the most popular. The concept of styling your beard remains the same. You should keep it neat and natural and avoid going overboard. Make small trims and go slow since mistakes can be costly if you have a longer beard. It is also a good idea to learn from a professional before you start grooming your goatee style. We hope you have enjoyed reading our post about how to grow a pointed goatee. You can leave your comments below.