How To Groom A Goatee- Tips & Tricks

Growing and grooming a goatee beard style takes a lot of commitment but the good news is that with the right knowledge and tools, you can groom one. A goatee beard style is also called circle beard and it draws inspiration from goatish looks that it provides. This beard style is trendy but it best suits people with a mustache that connects with chin beards. If you believe that a good is perfect for you, then there are certain steps that you should know to groom and maintain it at the desired length. Read on to learn how to groom a goatee.

Easy Steps How to Groom a Goatee

Grooming a beard goatee follows a normal daily routine that you apply to your facial hair. Likewise, you need to apply the right products to promote the growth of your beard. However, your main focus on grooming a beard goatee should be on trimming so that you get the right shape. To shape your goatee, you need to follow a few steps outlined below.

Step 1: Trim Down

It is essential that you choose the right trimmer that you can use to cut the beard when it is ready for shaping. You need to keep the hair shorter on your neck and cheeks until you come up with a clear outline of your goatee.

Step 2: Define your Goatee Outline

When your hair is shorter, remove the comb on the trimmer and create an outline of the goatee around the chin. The final shape of your goatee should be determined by the shape of your face. Clip all the hair remaining on your neck and cheeks areas and make sure that they are smooth and clean-shaven.

Step 3: Trim under your Lip

Trim the area under your lip so that you can come up with a round or triangle shape. Alternatively, you can remove the entire patch of hair under your lip.

Step 4: Clean Up

Lather up the rest of your face and clean up all areas of any hair. It is crucial to use shave gel to avoid irritation in the areas that you want to clean shave. Regularly trim your goatee to maintain it at the desired length and keep other areas clean-shaven.

Clean Up - Grooming a Goatee

Tips and Tricks

Before you trim your goatee, leave your beard to grow until it reaches the desired length that you can trim it. Attach a 1-10 mm comb to your trimmer when you begin trimming it so that you maintain an even length. You can go down in stages and shape around your cheeks and neck. When your goatee is neatly shaped, you can clean shave the rest of your face and get rid of any stray hairs.


I hope you enjoyed reading this informative tutorial about how to groom a goatee. This is a perfect style that can improve your appearance if it is properly groomed and maintained. It is crucial to use the right tools and you should always get rid of stray hairs to keep your beard style in good shape. You can share the article and also leave your comment below about this article.