How To Line Up Beard

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Having a beard comes naturally for most men. The real work is maintaining it. Proper beard grooming requires first practice, then dedication to the act. But do you wonder how to line up beard?

Shaping or Trimming facial hair is a task that has to be carried out regularly by bearded men. It can be done in the barbershop, or you do it yourself. The trickiest part is usually lining up the beard correctly. You can’t say you have a well-groomed beard without a sharp-looking beard line.

In this article, we focus on the best way to line up the beard yourself. Mistakes are unavoidable when you start and could affect the way your beard looks and grows. However, it is an art that should be mastered to save time and money.

Tips on How To Line Up Beard

Regardless of the type of beard you don, it is essential to learn how to line up your beard. Lining up your beard involves the three marginal beard lines – the cheek line, the neckline, and the place between your sideburns and earlobes.

How To Line Up Beard Does your Face Shape Matter

Getting it right helps to show your best features. You should tailor your beard line to your face shape.

How To Line Up Beard: Does your Face Shape Matter?

First, to answer the question above, of course, it matters. Most men consider their face shape before choosing a beard style. The same applies to the beard line. Men have to tailor their beard line to their face shape.

If you have a round face, a beard with length gives the illusion of a long face while the opposite would apply for men with oblong faces. Face shape especially matters when it comes to finding your neckline. The neckline of your beard would vary depending on your beard style. A neckline that’s too high or too low could be a disaster.

Finding your Neckline

Finding your neckline is usually the most challenging part for many guys trying to line up their beard. Instead of learning from your mistakes, why not just get it right the first time? Follow these easy steps to find your neckline:

  • Place two fingers above your Adam’s apple. The top of the finger is around where the bottom of the neckline should be.
  • Another way is to tilt your head downward. A crease would form where your jaw meets your neck. Put a finger on the crease and straighten your head. Now that’s your neckline.


How To Line Up Beard: Tools required

Now that you can find your neckline, it’s on to lining up the beard. You obviously can’t shape your beard with your hand. Some basic tools are required to bring out that elegant shape. Investing in quality products and tools gives you the best chance of lining up your beard perfectly.

Some of the tools you would need include:

  • Beard Comb/Brush
  • Scissors
  • Beard Trimmers/Clippers/Razors
  • Shave gel

You can use either a beard trimmer, clipper or razors (safety or straight) to line up your beard. Choose the one that makes the job easier for you.

Steps to Lining up your Beard

These guidelines would help you achieve the best beard line possible:

1. Wash your beard: First and foremost and usually the most underrated is to wash your beard. As a bearded man, you already wash your beard, 2-3 times per week. When the time comes to trim, you should do wash your beard too. 

How To Line Up Beard: Tools required

Use shampoo and conditioners designed for the beard to get rid of excess oils and dirt. Doing this would even help your trimmer, so it doesn’t get clogged by dirt. A clean, soft beard helps to achieve clean beard lines. Ensure your beard is completely dry before you start to trim it. Avoid blow dryers if you have sensitive skin.

2. Comb through your beard: Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your beard. Make sure to comb in the direction of growth; this would make achieving beard lines easier. Combing in a different direction from growth could give you uneven edges when you trim it.

3. Draw your lines: With the aid of a barber pencil or eyeliner (optional), define your cheek lines. This line would follow the natural line of your cheeks from the beginning of your sideburns near your ear to the edge of the mustache. You can skip the pencil or eyeliner when you get used to trimming your beard.

4. Trim your cheeks: Following the lines drawn, carefully trim the hair on the cheeks. Shave downwards, with the grain of your hair, starting from the sideburns to the edge of your mustache. Round off the edge where your beard meets your mustache. For best results, do not use a guard for your trimmer.

Steps to Lining up your Beard

5. Shave your neckline: This tends to be the trickiest part, especially for men new to it. We’ve already talked about finding your neckline above. Just like the cheek lines, you could use a barber pencil or eyeliner to draw out the shape of your neckline. From the midpoint of your neckline, use the pencil to draw horizontal lines outwardly. Start by shaving downwards to remove hair below the neckline. Then shave to the outer edges of your neckline where it meets the sideburns.

6. Trim stray hair: The last step is to trim stray hair. Comb through your hair as you do this to make sure unwanted hair is removed. You could use scissors to achieve this.

7. Apply Beard Oil or Beard Balm: After you’ve completed the process and achieved the desired result, apply your oil or balm.

You might wonder, ‘why do I need to learn to line up my beard when I have a barber that could do it?’ You’re right. It really is up to you to either leave it in the hands of professionals or to do it yourself.

How To Line Up Beard: Does your Face Shape Matter?

However, men start experiencing facial hair growth as soon as the hair is cut. So in about 2-3 days, you could have rough edges on your beard. Some men don’t find it feasible to go to the barbershop every three days, hence the need to learn the art of beard line up. You always want to look your best at all times.

Lining up your beard gets easier over time. We hope this piece has given you an idea of the best way to line up your beard. Don’t forget to drop any questions you have in the comment section.

Till next time!