Using Beard Oil And Balm Together

Last Updated on May 29, 2020 by Cristina

Beard oil and balm are vital hair grooming products that help to improve the quality and health of your beard.  Thus, the main question is about using beard oil and balm together, do you need beard oil and balm? However, beard oil is the major product that you should add to your daily routine to groom your stub or full beard. These two products have different properties but they can also work hand in hand.  

Indeed the answer is yes but there are certain things that you should know if you decide to use these two products together. Therefore, this article gives you details about how you can effectively use beard oil and balm for purposes of grooming your facial hair.  

Significance of Balm and Oil 

Beard balm consists of properties that include Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Mango Butter as well as Argan Oil. It also comprises beeswax which acts as a hardening agent that controls the hardness of the beard balm. 

More beeswax makes the balm hard while less of the substance makes it soft. Beard balm helps to hold together a stubborn beard for easy styling and this type of product comprises more beeswax. Soft balms tend to melt easily in your hands and they are specifically used for conditioning of your beard. 

Significance of Balm and Oil 

On the other hand, beard oil is used as a skin moisturizer and it is also great for beard growth and strength. It can be used for about 1 to 3 times a day and the oil absorbs into the skin thereby hydrating it as well as the beard. Beard oil is also crucial in that it helps to prevent flaking and itchiness of the skin. It can also play a pivotal role in deodorizing your beard 

While beard oil and beard balm are designed to serve different purposes, they can aid each other and used together. It leaves your beard with a good smell such that you do not need to buy additional gels for the same purpose. 

Using Oil and Balm Together: When to use Both?

Each product can work effectively but at some point, you may need to apply both of the products on your beard. For instance, when you have a short beard during the early stages of growing your beard, you are bound to experience a considerable itchy beard. This is when beard oil comes in handy to soothe your skin and beard. 

As time moves on, your beard will grow longer and stray hairs are common at this stage. This is when you can apply beard balm together with some beard oil to hold your hair together. At this stage, beard oil and balm can work well together. 

You can also use beard balm and beard oil together during the winter period. Conditioning using balm is essential in winter to improve the strength of your beard. A combination of beard oil and balm can work better to prevent drying of your beard as a result of cold temperatures.

How to Use Oil and Balm together?

When it comes to using beard oil and balm together, like a thump rule, you must apply beard oil first after showering. Make sure you dry your beard with a towel after showering and apply a few drops of oil that suit the type and length of your beard. There are no strict rules pertaining to the quantity of beard oil that you can apply since you can decide on the right quantity that suits your facial hair. 

To apply beard oil, you need to pour a few drops into your palms and gently massage the oil across your beard. You must make sure that the oil reaches all the follicles and the skin underneath for excellent hydration. You can use a beard brush to spread the oil evenly across your beard as well as the skin underneath. 

A beard brush also helps to exfoliate the skin underneath your beard to stimulate the healthy growth of your hair. Exfoliating the skin underneath your beard helps to remove dead cells and build-up which can affect the growth of your hair. It also helps to improve the health of your skin and circulation of air which promotes the growth of hair

After applying beard oil, you can then apply balm to your beard. Rub the balm using your two fingers in a circular motion until the product becomes supple and you begin to feel warm. Beard balm is usually hard depending on the amount of beeswax it contains. You cannot easily apply it like beard oil. 

When the beard balm is ready, you then apply it to your facial hair styling it into any shape that you desire. You can use a beard comb to achieve the desired shape that you want. Essentially, beard balm plays a major role in styling your hair into the shape that you desire. Balm holds your beard together such that it can give you any style that you desire at any given period. 

Frequency of Using Balm and Oil together

The frequency of using beard balm and oil together depends on your lifestyle. Other people might not recommend using these two products together but there is no problem with that. It is essential that you use beard oil at least once every day since this is an indispensable product for beard grooming. 

As noted, beard oil helps to keep your facial hair healthy and vibrant while at the same time preventing soreness and itchiness. On the other hand, you can apply beard balm on top of oil for styling and shaping purposes of your beard. This product mainly helps to improve the appearance of your beard for better presentation. 


I hope you have gained something with regard to the issue of whether beard oil and balm can be used together. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with using both products together since they are good for grooming your beard. However, you should always know that beard oil is an essential component that you should never miss to apply to your beard every day. Questions and comments are always welcome!