How To Straighten Curly Beard? The 3 Most Simple Ways to Do It

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It can be quite a challenge trying to straighten curly beards. Many wondered about how to straighten beard? I get emails almost daily from guys that are seeking to know how to straighten curly beards. I’m particularly interested in this topic because I was there at one point in my life; hence, I have prepared a detailed step by step tutorial on how to straighten curly beards.

How to Straighten Beard? What You Will Need to Follow

Apart from the products that I’ll be mentioning in this tutorial, here are a few things you will need to get through with your beard straightening process.

That cleared, let me introduce you to my most preferred methods for straightening curly beards:

The 3 Most Simple Ways on How to Straighten Beard

1. Straightening With Beard Straightener

I’ll be discussing this method first because of its level of efficacy. It is one method I’ve tested with a lot of clients, and I can tell that it works perfectly.

If you have a stubborn beard that resists all your efforts at straightening it, then it is time to turn up the heat. Although a lot of beard care specialists may claim that the use of hot blow-dryer can make a brittle mess out of soft hair, which in all honesty is true, you can’t take away the place of heat in the whole beard grooming process.

With the help of a good hair straightening iron, you will be able to control your beards quickly and efficiently. However, you would need to pick up a minimize iron, since regular ones often appear too big for this occasion. Without further delay, let me delve into how you can use a beard straightener to straighten your beard.

The process is pretty simple and straightforward, and shouldn’t take you to much time. Bear in mind though that this result is only temporary and would only last up to the next shower period.

  • While in the shower, it’s important to have a blow dryer at hand, since it comes in handy for drying the beards.
  • The reason for using a blow dryer is that letting it dry naturally will make it prone to curl even more. I will advise that you towel dry your beard first, then go on to use a beard dryer while combing it along its length.

Recommended Products on How to Straighten Beard

One brand of beard straightener that I’ve often recommended for people with this problem the Aberlite Beard Straightener, first for its level of effectiveness, then for all the positive reviews that it is getting from hundreds of satisfied users online.

The company behind the production of this model is one that is popular for producing quality beard grooming products. Of course, the reviews from users of this product mostly agree with its reliability and how well it does the job. Typically, it gets just hot enough to work on strengthening the hair as quickly as possible and comes in size good enough for beard straightening.

If you are using a beard straightening iron, always remember to generously apply beard oil or beard butter after every usage to keep the beard soft and safe from damage.

2. Straighten Beard With Blow Dryer

This is another very simple method to adopt in straightening your beard and just like it is with the use of a beard straightening iron, there are quite a number of debates on whether the use of this method can damage your beard. Well, to be honest, it technically can, but only when you apply too much heat for more time than you should and fail to replenish the moisture that gets eliminated from blow-drying.

Having gotten that out of the way, let me emphasize here that blow-drying is still the best method to adopt for straightening of beard and I particularly prefer this method; hence I’m most likely going to recommend it to you if you approach me to help you. At first, you may not be very familiar with how a blow dryer works, but that shouldn’t get you nervy, since, it is a common problem with most starters. To help you, I’ll try to uncover everything that I think you should know about this method.

  •  Before starting, it would be important to wash your beard and generously apply beard oil on it. You can check online for recommendations on the best beard oil to purchase since you will not be able to do without it in your quest for proper beard straightening. Washing your beard would not only clean and relax it, but would also set it in the right texture for the whole process, while the beard oil will serve to add moisture to your skin while coating the beard hairs to protect them from the harshness of the blow dryer heat.
  • Get a beard comb or a bamboo brush and begin by combing up (against the direction of the beard growth) and out. Use the blow dryer right after combing to work around your beard, from your cheek down to your neck.  This process should help separate the hairs.
  • After working your way around as well as possible, comb the beard from top-down. This process would get the hair down more tightly against your cheeks, plus straighten your beard hair.

Recommended Products

As usual, when recommending this method to people, I often recommend Revlon 1875W Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer because it is effective and trusted by a lot of beard growth experts.

Many beard growth experts know about the manufacturers of this product because they are famous for producing quality products. This product blends efficacy with a relatively average price and is the perfect product to be owned by anybody in need straightened beard.

At this point, I have to caution you that this method, if misused causes damage on the beard. However, it is worth trying if you desire a perfectly stick straight beard.

3. Use of Beard Products

This list will not be complete without a brief mention of the use of beard products. Of course, beard products are popular for their hair growth benefits, but only a few people know of its impact on the laydown of heard hairs. This method is often easily recommended for beard straightening because of its health benefits.

  • Usage is also pretty easy. First, wet your beard with hot water, before washing the beard with a natural beard wash. Wash the heard thoroughly, and dry with a towel.
  • Next, apply beard oil generously and let it penetrate to the skin under the beard.

Recommended Products on How to Straighten Beard

Recommended Products

One beard product I prefer to use for beard straightening is Beard Butter.

For those that know, Beard Butter is a deep conditioner that helps to relax the hair, while giving it a light hold that straightens the beard a little. The initial application doesn’t completely straighten the beard, but after brushing your beard out, there will be a massive difference on the look of your beard and of course, its smell.


There you have them, exciting methods that you can use to straighten your curly beards. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I’ve carefully handpicked each method in this beard straightening tutorial because they’ve personally helped me in the last.

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