Most Common Reasons Why Can’t I Grow a Beard?

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I am mature enough but unlike other men of my age, I am wondering why I don’t have a beard. Every time I closely look into the mirror, I always ask myself this question: “Why can’t I grow a beard?” While the majority of men boast of similar levels of testosterone that determine their masculinity, there are some few who lack these aspects.

As such, this post outlines the reasons why you cannot have facial hair growth. It also explains some of the measures that you can take to address this particular issue. Indeed, lack of beard might not be your fault as some people might want to believe.

Possible Reasons Why I Can’t Grow a Beard

Lack of beard can be attributed to a variety of factors such as age, genetics, hormones, and stress as well as health conditions among others.

1. How genetics and hormones can contribute to beardlessness?

Biologically, a normal man has the same range of testosterone levels, a hormone that regulates the sexual characteristics of men. Masculinity and the ability to grow facial hair are some of the characteristics that define men. However, there is a link between testosterone and genes with regard to the aspect of some men failing to grow a beard.

The lack of beard among other men is mainly a result of how their genes actually react to their testosterone levels which is a genetic process and maybe here is the answer to the questions why can’t you grow a beard. Hair and facial hair grow when dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a molecule derived from testosterone combines with your skin receptors.

Testosterone does not determine hair growth but how the skin receptors will respond to it, also hair follicles needs testosterone to work properly. Your genes determine the sensitivity of the receptors which can be hereditary in nature. However, it does not always follow that an offspring to a beardless man will also not grow facial hair though chances are very high. Genetic mutations can be unpredictable sometimes.

genetics and hormones in beardlessness

2. Poor Health

If your diet is poor and it lacks vitamins, then you may not be able to grow beard hair. Stress is another health condition that can contribute to a lack of growth of beards among men. The amount of testosterone produced by the body can be significantly lowered by high-stress levels. Stress can, therefore, affect the growth of facial hair or its loss.

If your body does not get sufficient sleep, then its effectiveness is also reduced. Sleep deprivation can impact the growth of your beard in the same way a lack of exercise can do. If your body lacks exercise, then its optimum functionality is affected.

3. Age

The growth of your beard can be determined by your age. Some men will not be able to have a full beard growing until they are around 30 years old. Try to give it some time and you might be surprised to realize that you can grow a full beard at a later stage in your life.

4. Alopecia

Alopecia is a condition that causes hair loss and it is called alopecia barbae if it affects beard. The condition can be a result of a mistake where the immune system can attack hair follicles where hair growth takes place. However, the damage is not permanent but it is important to diagnose if you have alopecia before taking any supplements.

What can I Do if I Can’t Grow a Beard?

There are different remedies that you can try if you cannot have facial hair growth. The interesting part about some of the measures that you can take to address the problem is that they are natural and cost-effective. You may not need to spend a dime on the issue but simply need to change your behavior.

Pay Attention to Diet and Good Health

Lack of iron can affect the growth of the beard. You can easily treat this condition by ensuring that your diet includes a sufficient amount of iron. Your diet should also have vitamins since they are necessary to enhance the growth of the beard. A healthier and balanced diet is right for your body since it can help to promote facial hair growth.

Improve Sleep Quality

It is also recommended that you should try to improve your sleeping patterns and try to eliminate excessive stress. As noted, stress can slow down the growth of beard as well as the production of testosterone in your body. Stress is usually a result of a combination of factors with sleep deprivation featuring as the major contributor.

To address the problem of stress, you just need to adjust your sleeping patterns. To get quality rest at night, you should also try other things like exercise during the day. Exercising helps improve the proper function of all the organs of the body while at the same time improving your health.

If you exercise regularly, your body will be ready to drift into deep slumber during bedtime which helps to solve the challenge of poor beard growth. Exercising also helps to improve your hormones which can, in turn, correct the challenges of poor beard growth.  

Proper Skin Care 

It is crucial to always take good care of your skin. For instance, you should make sure that your skin is always moisturized to prevent it from drying. When the skin is extremely dry, it can affect the growth of your beard. You can either use beard wash or beard oil to improve your skin health.

To address the problem of alopecia, you can use supplements prescribed for beard growth. You should make sure that the supplements that are prescribed by the dermatologist are for facial hair growth.  

Why Can’t I Grow a Beard: Proper Skin Care

Other things you can do:

Final Words

Some men often find themselves in the predicament of not having any beard besides their mature age. If you are one of them, you must know that lack of beard can be a result of a combination of factors like genetics, age poor health, and diet, stress as well as poor sleeping patterns among others.

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