Itchy Beard Solution

Last Updated on June 11, 2020 by Cristina

Nobody wants itchy beards—they can make you so uncomfortable. You may experience it at any time, regardless of the stage of growth. So what is the best itchy beard solution?

The itchy feeling may be mild to severe—and can be easy to resolve. It may distract you severally. This is one of the things you have to contend with when you decide to grow a beard.

Itchy Beard Solution: What Causes Beard Itch?

For you to treat beard itch, you must understand the causes.

There two reasons why your beard itch—and it has a lot to do with the growth phase. 

The growth phase here means that your beard just started growing or it is fully grown.

New Beards and Itchiness

New beards are known to be prone to itching. It is usual for your skin to feel being hair-free because you’ve been shaving all your life. With regular shaving, you get a sharp edge to each cut hair.  

Provided you shave regularly, you’d be fine. However, the problem may set in when you stop shaving, and the beards start growing.

Grown/ Full Beards and Itchiness

Another reason for beard itchiness occurs after your beard has grown. If you have a poorly conditioned hair which runs against dry skin, a persistent itch may be stirring you in the face.

Dead skin coupled with dry skin leads to rough and coarse beards—even irritating beards—which may get worse over time.

You can keep your beards healthy! And that will stop the itchiness and also keep your beards in great sharp.

Itchy Beard Solution: Remedies for Beard Itch

Perhaps you just started to grow beards—or you may even have full-grown beards. In either case, itchiness can be an issue. But it can be nipped in the bud after all.

Wash & Keep Your Beard Clean

The first step for itchy beard solution is to keep it clean.

Having an itch-free beard is simple—keeps it clean. Because we lose dead cells every day, your beards trap them, and it is prevented from falling away. With trapped dead skin, expect your skin to get itchy and irritated.

As if that is not enough, your beard will attract dirt and other types of debris. For this reason, wash your beards regularly and keep it clean.

Itchy Beard Solution: Remedies for Beard Itch

You must understand that beard hair is androgenic. That means it is affected by your testosterone level. You can’t clean your androgenic hair effectively as you do with the hair on your head. 

You can use a beard wash. A good beard wash should be 100% natural—without any chemical.

You’ll also get a good result if you clean your beard with water. Ensure that you brush your beard as thoroughly as possible to eliminate any dead skin cells. You can then rinse using warm water.

Itchy Beard Solution: Condition Your Beard 

A beard condition is similar to your hair conditioner. The only difference is that your beard conditioner has ingredients for facial hair—and that is different from your hair. 

There are different types of beard conditioners; the popular ones are balms/butter, as well as in-shower conditioners. You need to know the one that works for you. 

Pick a conditioner that has Argan or Jojoba as the primary ingredients—Argan is an extract from the Argan tree, while Jojoba is a liquid wax similar to natural oils for your skill. 

Get Your Beards Moisturized

The beard oil hydrates the skin that lies underneath your beard—and this essential. You must know that the skin underneath your beard is prone to dandruff, irritation, and dryness—those are enough troubles on their own.

Your body produces extras oil when it goes too dry, and it may lead to itching and breakouts

With the application of beard oil, your beard will remain hydrated and itch-free. Only a few drops will do. You might need to do some trial and error to get the quantity right.

Get Your Beards Moisturized

Trim Your Beard

When you trim your beards regularly, it keeps it looking itch-free and neat. At the time you grow your beard, you can avoid trimming for 8-12 weeks. It will allow your beard time to become thick and also fill up patchy spots. 

Beard is perfect for detail work. Your mustache may grow faster than the hair on your cheeks. Using a scissor helps to create a uniform look.

Comb & Brush Your Beard

Brushes and combs are partners. They help your beard looking great and train it to grow in a single direction—they even promote excellent health and reduce itching. Brushing your hair feels like a massage.  

You’d want to go for a brush that comes with a comfortable wooden handle. Another thing you might expect in your brush is that it is made from boar’s hair. The boar bristle is unique such that it carries sebum from skin and transfers to hair shaft end. 

The follicle creates sebum, which is natural oil. As you spread the sebum across the entire hair strand, the dry hair goes through a repair process and adds shine. Using the boar bristle brings out these benefits—you won’t get that with plastic or vinyl bristles.

Ensure that you brush your beard before every wash—and after too. When you brush before washing, it takes away the dirt and other debris. Your beard will look great afterward.

Apply the beard oil first before brushing; it will aid the even spreading of the oil throughout the beard.

Brushing your beard in the direction you want it to grow will help a great deal.

An itchy beard is very common, especially when a person grows a beard for the first time.

Do the needful by keeping the beard clean and allowing the hair to grows before you consider shaving it to keep itching to a minimum.

If itchiness is a result of infection or any other issue, put that into perspective and seek treatment—that can prevent damage to hair follicles and the skin.