How To Know If I Can Grow A Beard

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Most men want to grow a beard, and the reason behind it is the mindset that growing beard makes the men look like a real man. They believe that having a beard will give them the confidence required, thereby helping them to pull the aggressive stunt effectively when they have to. How to know if I can grow a beard?  The truth of the matter is that men aren’t made the same. While hormones control beard growth, but it lacks much influence compare to genetics. 

Every man has Testerones, but that doesn’t guarantee if you will grow a beard. It is no doubt that nature has a complicated reason to adorn your face with that bearded look. However, the idea goes back to your family traits. If there are traces of men in your family with long beards, at that point it implies you are likely to know if you will grow a beard. 

But, if long thick beard does not run in your family genetics, then there are possibilities that you won’t grow a beard. In any case, although this article is spotting how to know if you will produce a beard, it will tell you the best way to grow a beard regardless of whether both genetics and hormones have a different prediction. 

How to Know If I Can Grow a Beard, Here Are the Signs

Growing a beard has become the most desirable goal among Individuals who wish to raise a beard to look like other men. Nonetheless, not every person knows if they will grow a beard. Have you chosen to grow a beard and you find yourself in a dilemma if you might even grow any beard?  In that case, follow these steps on how to know if you will produce a beard and at the same time take action.  

Genetic Tendencies 

If you haven’t attempted or endeavored in the past to grow a beard and all of a sudden you wish to know if you will produce a beard. You will be confronted with numerous obstacles, but it is most likely that you may not grow one in any case.  To avoid taking yourself through un-vital predicament, mostly take a look at your genealogical line-up. Find out if been hairy or growing a beard runs in the family. If there are no traces, at that point it’s feasible you may not produce a beard.  

How to Know If I Can Grow a Beard, Here Are the Signs

Are You Hairy by Nature? Know If You Can Grow a Beard

Regardless of whether you might not have grown hair previously but you have it on different spots, similar to your head, how quickly does your hair grow back after trimming or cutting? Do you have full or slim hair? Does it tend to grow long? If you have answers to these inquiries, then, there is a strong possibility that you will develop a beard. 

 During your stage of puberty, how much hair did you sprout? 

There are numerous who were hairless during their adolescence. The hair could barely grow. While their mate is growing beards from all hair points, theirs remains smooth like an eggshell. Combination of this discovery with a family down line of hairless people, it is inevitable that You are hairless or might not be a bearded man.  

How to Know If I Can Grow a Beard, Good Solution 

During your hair growth stage, you should utilize beard growth enhancers like facial hair grower. It’s a supplement for beard growth that boosts your hair growth hormones as well as genetics or facial hair growth, thereby making you a bearded man. 

There are numerous approaches on how to know if you will grow a beard. One of such is taking a look at your family beard down lines. In this way, you will have your answers. What’s more, if you do find out you are not the hairy nature, supplements will assist you with growing that vital hair quick.  

Proceed To Beard Growing

Genetics tendencies go a long way to determine how fast your beards will grow as well as its length. 

Here are three beard growth cycles that influence every man — anagens, catagen, and telogen. 


Anagen is the development stage in which hair grows roughly 1-inch every month. The anagen stage lasts typically three to five years. 


Catagen signals the end of the growth stage. The blood supply to hair follicles eases back and in the long run stops while the hair moves toward becoming trimmed off from cells that produce new hair. The catagen cycle can keep going for as long as three weeks. 


Telogen is when the hair follicles are dead and eventually fall off. The extent to which each cycle lasts isn’t the same for everybody. Men with a shorter anagen stage will experience more difficulty growing a beard. Moreover, testosterone plays a significant role in beard growth, Men with the more high level of testosterone have a superior possibility of producing a thick, full beard – but may lose scalp hair at a fast rate than other men.


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Pros and Cons to Know if  You Want to Grow A Beard 


  • It portrays a sexy lookYou can argue with me everywhere throughout the day most individuals love growing a beard these days.
  • It can add an extra layer of attractivenessIs it true that you like the gym? Do you wish to build your body as well? In that case, having a beard can take your masculinity to the next level.
  • It can be healthyBeard gives good advantages. It has been discovered that a beard can protect you from UV rays by up to 95 percent.


  • Itchiness – The absolute thing with beard-growing is itching. Many individuals who grow a beard, in the end, tidy it up because of this circumstance.
  • MaintenancePerhaps the hardest piece of growing a beard. It can require some commitment and responsibility from your side to adhere to your objectives. As your hair grows, you should consider utilizing different necessary items like oils, brushes, salves, and so forth to make it thicker and gentler.
  • It can be GrossThis isn’t true by any means of the imagination. Everything relies upon how you treat your beards. Like your head hair, it additionally should be adapted and shampooing if you neglect to do it – you realize what will occur.

Pros and Cons to Know if  You Want to Grow A Beard 


We are limited to genetic qualities. No enchantment pill or Growth Serum will grow a new beard if your genes are not inclined to a growing beard. Men’s beard regularly forms well into there thirties, so be fearless it might in any case easily fall into place after some time.