Reasons Mustache Doesn’t Connect In Middle

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Grooming a thicker and fuller beard complemented by a mustache is an excellent way of improving your appearance. However, some people often experience the challenge of gaps in the mustache that can end up compromising your appearance. This post explains the reasons why mustache doesn’t connect in the middle and measures you can take to address the problem.

Why Mustache Doesn’t Grow In Middle

The mustache gap in middle usually occurs in the area called the philtrum or cupid’s bow. The mustache gap can be more apparent if you have a big philtrum. Hair does not usually grow in anatomical folds, so if your philtrum is small, you are less likely to notice the gap in the mustache. Age can also contribute to the gap that may exist between your mustache hairs. Some people tend to experience full beard growth when they are past 30 years. You need to be patient to realize the full potential of your hair.

Other elements like lifestyle and diet can also impact the quality of your beard. Genetics also play a role in determining the type, thickness, length, and color of facial that you can grow. If you are worried about the gap that exists in your mustache, there are different steps that you can take to conceal it.

Why Mustache Doesn't Grow In Middle

Comb Your Mustache

One of the easiest tricks that you can consider is to use a mustache comb to manipulate the hair. Comb your mustache hair towards the center where there is a gap. If you apply mustache wax, you can conceal the mustache gap. Few people can notice the gap in the mustache if you carefully comb and style your mustache. You need to take some time to train your hair so that it becomes used to grow in a certain direction. This will make it easier for you to maintain your facial hair.

Dye Your Mustache

Another effective strategy that you can consider if you have a mustache split in the middle is to dye your hair. The issue is that hair in the middle of the upper lip is usually lighter in color and less thick. Compared to the rest of the mustache, the hairs that often grow in the philtrum are thin, and they come in a light color. Therefore, you can try to dye the blonde hair dark to make it appear as if the mustache is connected.

There are different types of commercial products that you can use to dye your facial hair. Before you buy facial hair dye, you need to consider elements like ingredients and the type of your skin. If your skin is sensitive, you must avoid hair dyes that contain artificial ingredients and other colorants that can affect the skin. You must first conduct a patch test to see if your skin does not react to the dye. Make sure you carefully cover the entire area with a gap to make everything uniform.

Maintain A Good Diet

Mustache split in the middle can also be caused by elements like poor diet and lifestyles. Habits like excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking affect hair growth. Therefore, you need to improve your overall health and diet. You must include proteins, Vitamins, B6, C, E, and whole foods in your diet to enjoy the healthy growth of hair. You should consult your physician or dietician before making major strides in changing your diet.

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Let It Grow

One thing that you must always know is that beard grooming is a process that requires commitment. You cannot expect fuller and thicker hair overnight. You must keep growing your mustache for about three to four months. There will come a time when the gaps in your mustache may gradually cover. If mustache doesn’t connect in middle, you must not panic.

Beard Care Products

There are different beard care products that you can also apply to promote the growth of your hair. Minoxidil treatment is FDA approved, and it can significantly promote the growth of facial hair. You can apply the topical solution on the affected hair where there are gaps. You can also consider supplements that come in the form of oral capsules. Other beard products like beard oil are primarily concerned with nourishing the hair follicles. You can also apply the oil to hydrate the skin to make the beard soft and manageable. You need to exfoliate the skin underneath the hair to ensure that the hair is free of unwanted particles that can affect growth.  Comb the hair after applying the beard care products to distribute them evenly.


Micro-needling is another effective method that you can consider stimulate your hair follicles. In some cases, the gaps in the mustache can be a result of dormant follicles. A beard roller consists of sharp needles that will pierce the skin to promote the free movement of nutrients and oxygen. Micro-needling also helps to eliminate elements like dead skin cells and other unwanted debris.

Try Another Style

If the gap in the mustache persists, it is never too late to try another beard style. If other tricks fail to yield positive results, you have a good reason to experiment with something new since several beard styles can give you exceptional results. If the gap in the mustache is caused by genetics, you may need to contend with the situation. There is nothing that you can do to alter the genetic composition of your body and facial hair.


Facial hair serves many purposes, and guys grow beards to make personality statements, complement facial structure, or hide scars. Instead of concealing all the gaps, your facial hair particularly a mustache may have gaps in the middle. If you have a mustache split in the middle, you can try to comb the mustache and style. When you apply mustache wax and style your hair, you can conceal the unsightly gaps. You can also consider dyeing your hair or maintain a good diet to promote hair growth. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about why the mustache doesn’t connect in the middle. You can leave your comments below.