What Causes Receding Hairline Early 20s

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Dealing with the issue of balding your head when you are in your 20s can be frustrating. Baldness is usually associated with aging but it is normal to experience situations in your early years. Indeed, it sucks to deal with such an issue, but the truth is that you are not alone. Thinning of hair on your head can begin after puberty and it happens to many people. Here are some of the elements that contribute to receding hairline in the early 20s.

What Causes Balding At Young Age?

Most males in their early 20s can begin experiencing a receding hairline from the front of their heads. As the hair recedes, it forms an M shape where the sides of the front part of your head lose hair more quickly than the center. There are different factors that cause balding and the most common ones include the following.

What Causes Balding At Young Age


There are different forms of hair loss also known as alopecia that usually affect young people still in their 20s. Androgenic alopecia refers to a genetic condition that affects men and women. Men can begin suffering from this condition in their early 20s or teens and it is called male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss consists of a receding hairline and it ultimately leads to the disappearance of hair on the head from the frontal scalp. On the other hand, alopecia areata can start early and it can cause hair loss in young adults and children in some instances. This condition can cause total baldness, but most people with this condition will have their hair return after a few years.

Balding Is Largely Genetic

If you take time to study your family tree once you experience receding hairline in your 20s, you will realize some traits of hair loss among men. The issue of balding can be attributed to genetics where you are likely to follow in the footsteps of your forefathers. It is no secret that some men do not want to share their personal details, but ask your grandfather how old he was when he experienced balding. You will be surprised to learn that they started experiencing hair loss in their early 20s just like you.

Hair Loss Is Linked To Higher Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that controls male sexuality and other aspects like hair growth. If your hair loss is hereditary, it means that you inherit the hair follicles that consist of higher sensitivity to DHT. This means that your DHT hormone comprises one type of testosterone. Therefore, it can be said that an imbalance in male hormones can contribute to the balding of the hair.

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Poor Diet

A poor diet can cause hair loss among young people. For instance, low iron levels and deficiencies in other nutrients are some of the reasons that contribute to hair loss or changes to the growth patterns of hair. If you are still in your early 20s, you should make sure that you eat healthy foods that can promote hair growth. It is essential to exercise regularly to prevent hair loss. Exercise also helps to reduce the stress that can also contribute to hair loss. Stress is generally not good for your overall health since it impacts different organs of the body. When your mind is stressed, it cannot properly regulate the functions of the body which can result in other issues like hair loss.

Premature Hair Loss Solutions

There are several hair loss options that you can consider to reverse the impacts of hair loss when you are still young. Over-the-counter solutions like Rogaine and Minoxidil can reverse the effects of hair loss in some areas where hairs still exist. However, no miracle can happen if your head is completely bald. If there is no follicle, then you should not expect magic regrowth of hair. Alternatively, you can also consider different hairstyles to mitigate the impacts of baldness if you do not feel comfortable with it.

Hair Loss In Young Men Conclusion

Balding of the head is completely natural though it can be unsettling if it starts in your early 20s or late teens. There are different factors that contribute to baldness such as genetics and an imbalance in the production of DHT. This is a hormone that regulates male sexuality issues like hair growth. If you are only experiencing thinning of hair, you can try over-the-counter solutions to help you regrow your hair. We hope you have enjoyed our post about the factors that lead to receding hairline in the early 20s. You can leave your comments below.