The Lumberjack Beard Style: What It Is And How To Grow It

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The lumberjack beard is not a specific style. It’s the mix of facial hairs that develops when you shave your face and let it grow out without shaving again for at least 2-3 weeks. The result looks like a scruffy, unkempt beard with lots of hair but no definite shape or pattern to speak of.

The “fake lumberjack beard” is a style that has been growing in popularity. It is a bushy full beard with long hair and a mustache. The fake lumberjack beard can be grown by anyone, but it takes time to grow the length of hair needed for this style.

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In the hipster culture, lumberjack beards have become highly trendy. This post is for you if you can grow a huge, bushy beard and want to attempt the lumberjack style.

But hold off on purchasing the flannel shirt and suspenders for the time being. We’re just going to discuss about beard styles in this post. So keep reading because we’ve got some helpful hints for you.

What is the purpose of the lumberjack beard?

The lumberjack beard started off as a full beard worn by loggers in the Pacific Northwest.

Even in inclement weather, their signature enormous beards kept them warm. However, this look has gained popularity among hipsters and bearded guys all over the world. Lumbersexuals is a phrase that has been coined to characterize them.

What is a lumbersexual, exactly?

Lumbersexual refers to males who have the appearance of actual lumberjacks, including the beard, but have never handled an axe in their lives.

The lumbersexual beard style is quite similar to the mountain man beard style, but it emphasizes contemporary, metropolitan elements.

But we’re not going to speak about the clothing; this is a grooming site, so let’s concentrate on the lumberjack beard style!

The lumberjack beard is a thick full beard with a thick mustache that is worn long and scruffy to mimic the original lumberjacks’ wild man of the woods.

The best face shape for a Lumberjack beard is a square face.

The lumberjack beard, like the full beard, looks well on everyone. This is due to the fact that it does not greatly improve one aspect of the face; nonetheless, depending on your face shape, there are some advice on how to style it appropriately.

Trimming the sides of the beard and making it more pointed is an excellent alternative if you have a round face. Your face will seem longer and less round as a result of this. If you have an oblong face, on the other hand, you should make it shorter and more oval by leaving the sides a little wild.

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Examples of Best Lumberjack Beard Styles

The lumberjack beard, like other beard styles, has various varieties, but they all have one thing in common: volume.

This beard style emphasizes a large, thick beard that is well-kept without seeming too clean.

We’ve selected some images of the most popular lumberjack beard styles for you to get some ideas!

1. The untamed Lumberjack beard


It’s all about letting it flourish with the wild lumberjack.

You don’t need to do anything with it other than let it grow wild and long.

The important thing is to avoid going for a tidy appearance since then your beard will simply seem like any other medium-sized beard. Keep in mind that the larger the better!

2. The Lumberjack’s Long Beard


This is a more contemporary version of the wild lumberjack.

The beard is generally long and shaggy, yet well-kept at the same time. This implies you should apply beard oil or other items on a daily basis to keep your mane looking healthy and long.

You may need to trim the sides of your lengthy beard, but the bottom and around your chin should be left alone.

3. The Lumberjack with a Point


The long ducktail beard style is basically a pointed lumberjack beard.

Read our guide to the ducktail beard style and discover how to grow one if you want to obtain the sharp lumberjack look.

4. The Lumberjack’s Short Beard


The short lumberjack is a shorter version of the original design.

While there is no such thing as a short lumberjack beard, this beard style is for individuals who desire a beard but don’t want it to be too long.

The short beard of a lumberjack generally ends just below the chin. The mustache is left longer and wilder than the sideburns, which are clipped.

5. Beard Style for White Lumbersexuals


The white lumberjack beard is distinct from the other types in that it has nothing to do with the form, length, or wildness of the beard hair (but it must be long!).

The term “white lumberjack beard” refers to a beard with white hair, either due to age or because it has been dyed white.

It’s really a pretty appealing beard style for elderly gentlemen. Of course, younger men can pull off the appearance as well, but it won’t have the same impact!

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6. The Lumberjack Beard Style with Salt and Pepper


The salt and pepper beard, like the white lumberjack beard, is a fairly distinctive beard style.

It refers to a full beard with a mixture of white and grey hair, which may vary from well-groomed to absolutely wild and untidy.

The salt and pepper beard is a popular men’s style right now because it demonstrates that you’re an adult who has seen life, has some grey hair, and yet wears his full beard.

In fact, we have an article on how to salt and pepper your beard that you can read here.

What is the best way to develop a lumberjack beard?

Growing a lumberjack beard is difficult not because it need a lot of upkeep, but because it necessitates time and patience.

In truth, it takes almost six months to grow a lumberjack beard, but if you can do it, it will look fantastic!

The first three months will be the most difficult since your appearance will be drastically different from what you are used to. As your beard gets longer, you’ll notice a lot of itching. However, if you can get through this stage, your beard will thicken and become more voluminous.

To alleviate the itching, apply beard oil to your skin, which will soften and soothe it. Beard shampoo should also be used to maintain the hair clean and well-conditioned.

You should also begin using a beard comb to train the hair around your face and neck.

You’ll notice that your beard develops in a very precise manner after around three months. Hair will grow down from your cheeks and merge in the middle of your chin. During this period, you should continue to care for your beard and apply beard oil on a daily basis.

You should eat a nutritious diet and exercise frequently if you want to maintain your hair follicles healthy and see faster facial hair development. To understand more, see our article on how to stimulate facial hair growth.

Finally, you’ll have a lovely long lumberjack beard after around six months of growing your beard (depending on your beard growth pace).

How do you style a lumberjack beard?

It’s simple to grow a lumberjack beard.

The neckline and cheek line must first be shaped. Trimming the neckline first and then the cheek line is the best method to achieve this. Count two fingers above Adam’s apple to locate the proper place for the neckline. That is the ideal location for your neckline to offer equilibrium to your face.

From your sideburns to your mustache, follow your natural angle to trim the cheek line. It’s a simple procedure since all you have to do is follow the natural line.

Now that you’ve sculpted your lumberjack beard, it should look fantastic! Last but not least, grab a pair of scissors and remove any stray hairs. Apply beard balm to your lumberjack beard to complete the appearance.



We have shared all the secrets on What is the best way to develop a lumberjack beard?.

It’s up to you to take the next step!

Be patient, complete all of the instructions above, and don’t forget to let us know how you’re doing!

Make sure to take care of your beard by following a healthy regimen and using the appropriate beard shampoo, conditioner, and beard oil.

Best of luck! Let us know if you have any queries regarding the post in the comments area below!

The “tied beard styles” is a style of beard that is tied into a knot. It can be done with a number of different types of yarn, string, or thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I grow a beard like a lumberjack?

A: To grow a beard like a lumberjack, you have to take care of the facial hair and not let it get too long. You should also use vegetable oil on your face every night before going to bed.

How long does it take to grow a lumberjack beard?

A: It takes approximately 3 months to grow a lumberjack beard, depending on how much hair you have.

Whats a lumberjack look like?

A: A lumberjack is someone who chops trees down for a living. They do this by using an axe to cut through the trunk of the tree, then chopping off limbs and logs with another ax before finally powering their way through the branches like so much sawdust.
However, what they look like depends on how old most people are when they decide that its time to make a career change from being an accountant or something else boring and lucrative!

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