Top 10 Different Beard Styles You Must Try

Last Updated on June 30, 2020 by Cristina

If you like to keep your beard, then you must maintain it in good shape to improve your appearance. To achieve this, you need to pick a beard style that best fits you. There are various beard styles and the following are some of the to 10 different beard styles for men you must try.

#1 The Full Beard 

Every man strives to achieve a full beard at some point in life since it symbolizes the epitome of masculinity. The unkempt beard is a fashionable style that however requires little attention and care. You need to wash your facial hair and nourish it with the right products like beard oil to achieve full growth and to avoid skin irritation. 

When your beard reaches this stage, it may require good care. The style fits every personality and shape of face so you can also try it. The image below shows an example of full beard style.    

The Full Beard

#2 The Horseshoe Mustache

This is another trendy beard style that you can try. You need a beard that connects with your mustache so that you can perfectly shape the horseshoe style as shown below.  The style involves two long bars of the mustache hair that point downwards and run to the chin. You need special razors and trimmers to shape the style but once you master the skill, it is simple to do.

The Horseshoe Mustache

#3 The Full Goatee

The full goatee beard style shown below involves a patch of beard on the chin. The style is classic and it can fit different faces and personalities. 

Other Goatee styles come without a mustache and they can also go along with long hair on your head. While goatee styles are easy to maintain, you must make sure that your chin and face suit the particular type you choose. 

The Full Goatee

#4 Clean Shave

A clean shave is another style shown below that you can try and it is effortless. You can do it as your daily morning routine after showering. With a special razor or trimmer, all you need to do is to shave your entire beard and leave your facial skin spotless clean. 

You must moisturize your skin after shaving to avoid drying. This style can fit any face and it can go along with a bald head. You can also apply the style even when you have long hair. 

Clean Shave

#5 The Corporate Beard 

The corporate beard style is rugged but neat and it fits gentleman within the corporate sector as shown below. The style also fits well with neatly tailored dressing like a blazer and a matching shirt. The other important aspect is that this particular style requires constant working on your beard where you trim it regularly. Make sure that the beard is no longer than an inch. You can maintain the cheeks shaped and use beard oil to improve your facial appearance. It is also crucial to contour your face shape. 

The Corporate Beard

#6 Stubble Beard Style

If you feel that you cannot go for full beard or clean shave styles, stubble beard is a good alternative for you. As shown in the image below, the style is cool and it makes you presentable. The other benefit of this style is that it can help you to hide patchy growth that can deprive you the opportunity to grow a full beard. The style is also good for the teenagers yet to achieve full growth of their beard.

You need to use beard oil as well as moisturizer to keep your beard and skin healthy. The shortness of your beard does not eliminate the drying effect on your facial skin.  

Stubble Beard Style

#7 Short and Boxed Beard Style for Asian Man

While Asian men rarely grow full beard like their Caucasian counterparts, they can also enjoy short facial hair that defines their masculinity. The short and boxed style is perfect for Asian men without full hair growth. If you maintain your beard shorter and neater, it makes you more presentable and it perfectly goes along well with a mustache. The beard style is easy to maintain and you can consider applying beard oil to maintain it in good health as well as your skin.  

Short and Boxed Beard Style for Asian Man

#8 Circle Beard Style

The style is precisely for short men and it includes a combination of round goatee and mustache. It is also referred to as standard beard and it is ideal for guys who want to look presentable without shaving all their facial hair. You need to trim your beard in such a way that it forms a perfect circle. You can visit a barber to trim the beard for you in case you have not yet mastered the technique. 

Circle Beard Style

#9 The Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke style is a combination of detached mustache and a goatee. The notable aspect about this style is that both the chin beard and mustache are pointy which makes it unique. The style is trendy and it can be worn by any person with long chin beard and mustache. The main feature that defines this style is the separation of beard on the chin and the mustache as shown below. The style is also easy to maintain. 

The Van Dyke Beard

#10 Mutton Chops Beard

The style consists of well-groomed mustache that connects well with long sideburns (mutton chops) on the chicks. Alternatively, you can leave the mutton chops alone and shave the mustache and the beard on the chin and it gives you a new look. The style is fun and unique since it can make you outstanding among a group of other men. Likewise, you need to maintain the sideburns in good shape through applying appropriate beard products.  

Mutton Chops Beard


There are numerous types of beard styles for men some are more suitable for certain types of faces. While the above are some of the examples of the top ten beard styles for men, you can try several others that can fit your face. Some styles are simple while others are difficult to shape such that you may need to visit a professional barber.