Understand Men’s Keratin Treatment Cost

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Are you wondering how you can address the problem of frizz, curls, or damaged hair? Keratin treatment for men can go a long way in helping you overcome this challenge. With keratin, you can address the problem of damaged and unruly hair. This post highlights the reasons why keratin is effective for guys who are struggling with frizzy hair. The article also outlines men’s keratin treatment costs.

Understanding Frizzy Hair

To get the right treatment for frizzy hair, you must first understand what it is. Frizzy hair is a result of space that exists between your hair cuticles involving the microscopic fish scales that are found on the outer surface o hair shafts.  Porosity is the proper term that is used to refer to the space that exists between your cuticles. The cuticles can open wider or shut tighter depending on the conditions like the porosity of your hair.

Understanding Frizzy Hair

Other guys have low porosity and experience little or no frizz while other people often experience unpleasant frizzy conditions.  Frizzy or curly hair at a time makes you look unkempt, and it is difficult to manage at times. Therefore, a keratin treatment can go a long way in helping you address this particular challenge that can affect your appearance.

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How Much Does Men’s Keratin Treatment Cost

A keratin treatment costs anywhere between $200-$350 in the USA, and this mainly depends on the amount of hair that you have on your head. Some people may view this as expensive, but the results are great. In other words, the results of a keratin treatment can make a big difference if you have challenges with curly hair.

If you usually spend a lot of time daily trying to tame your curly hair and reduce frizz, then keratin can be your best treatment in the long run. When you opt for this solution, you can save time since it is designed to make life easier for people with the challenge of curly hair. Apart from the cost which is a bit high, a keratin treatment is very effective and it offers a lot of benefits to your hair. It does not include toxic chemicals that can harm your hair. Most hair products consist of chemicals that can penetrate the skin and cause side effects in the long run.

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Is Keratin Treatment Permanent?

Apart from knowing the cost of keratin treatment, you also need to know that keratin treatments are not permanent. The other element is that the treatment does not straighten your hair as widely believed by many people. Keratin does not work the same way as a chemical treatment. It only gives hair a more relaxed look.

The main challenge with chemical straightening of hair is that it physically breaks the structural properties and bonds of your hair. This will permanently disable the curl pattern and often leaves your hair susceptible to breakages. Before you take the treatment, you must think twice since it is irreversible.

Keratin on the other hand provides a light coat to the structural bonds on your hair giving it a smooth and relaxed look. With this treatment, you will not completely lose your curl, but it just becomes frizz-free and looser. This treatment makes your hair manageable and can last between two and four months. The duration of your keratin treatment also depends on how well you look after it. The treatment is designed to reduce porosity and close the cuticles for an extended period. The other thing that you should know is that keratin treatment for men is not different from women.

The benefits are long-lasting although they are not permanent. You do not need to iron your hair daily to make it straight or shiny. All you need to do is to brush or comb your hair and it will retain its beautiful appearance. The volume and shape of your hair are not affected. More importantly, a keratin treatment is ideal for all types of hair. You should use the right products for post keratin treatment care of your hair.

Conclusion About Men’s Keratin Treatment Cost

If you have a problem with frizz or curly hair, a keratin treatment can be your best solution to address it. The treatment costs about $200 to 350 when you are in the USA. If you live outside the US, you need to check online where you can get the solution in your respective country. You also need to check other services offered by the professional. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about men’s keratin treatment costs. You can leave your comments below.