What Does Aftershave Do? and How to Apply It

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After shaving your beard with a razor, you can experience skin irritation, burning sensation as well as razor bumps which cause discomfort. While other people are not susceptible to razor bumps, aftershave is an important component that you should include in your shaving regimen. But what does aftershave do? To get answers to this question, read on.

Aftershave Hydrates Skin

When you shave your beard, your skin becomes vulnerable to different vices like dryness and itchiness that can cause discomfort. However, aftershave is designed to hydrate your skin so that it does not become dry. If you live in an area with a cold or dry climate, shaving can cause dryness of the skin which can be irritating.

You can overcome the challenge of dryness of the skin by applying aftershave. It forms a protective layer over your skin and it also nourishes it. Your skin should be moisturized always to prevent irritation which can cause pain. Dryness of the skin can also affect the growth of new hair which in turn can also pose some challenges to your grooming routine.

Prevents Skin Infections

Your skin can develop some form of infection after shaving your beard with a razor blade. However, the most important function of aftershave is to kill any bacteria on the surface of the skin. When you shave your beard, you open the pores thereby creating a breeding ground for different types of bacteria. Such bacteria can cause acne and other undesirable elements that affect the health of your skin.

Nicks are possible when shaving and they can also become breeding grounds for bacteria. As such, aftershave consisting of ingredients like witch hazel provides your skin with the antiseptic that helps protect it against bacteria. Hazel has no drying effects on the skin and it is a natural plant that does not cause any stinging or burning sensations.

Aftershave Calms and Soothes Skin

The other important function of aftershave is that it calms the skin. The act of shaving entails that your skin is likely to experience irritation and inflammation somehow though it may not be severe. Therefore, aftershave that contains aloe has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe and calm the itching and burning sensation of the skin.

Other types of aftershave also help cool the skin after it has been shaved. As you have noted, shaving exposes new cells on your skin and these are sensitive. As such, aftershave helps relieve immediate pain, irritation, and redness of the skin that you may experience after shaving your beard. The burning sensation can last longer if your skin is sensitive and this which you should apply aftershave with soothing and calming effects.

Aftershave Can Protect Against Razor Burn

Razor burns can be caused by using the wrong products when shaving your beard. For example, if you use a dull blade, you are likely to experience razor burns which cause great discomfort and irritation of the skin. In most cases, people with coarse hair are prone to razor burns since it is difficult to shave.

Aftershave against razor burn

Therefore, to minimize the effects of razor burns on your skin, you can apply aftershave that is free of alcohol. Products that contain alcohol can cause skin irritation instead of reducing the challenge of razor burns. Balms are also good for your skin if it is dry and sensitive since they are absorbed to prevent the burning sensation that you will feel on your skin after shaving it. A nourishing balm helps to restore moisture levels in the skin. It also shields the skin from

What does Aftershave Do to Different Types of Skin?

Like any other beard and skincare product, you should know your type of skin before you buy aftershave. Ingredients matter when you buy beard products since some can cause terrible discomfort while others can be perfectly soothing. For instance, alcohol-based aftershaves often give you a burning sensation. If your skin is sensitive, such type of aftershave can give you undesirable effects.

Likewise, it is widely believed that products consisting of all-natural ingredients are ideal for different types of skins. These ingredients have no side effects and they consist of nourishing and moisturizing properties that are good for sensitive skin. You can also try aftershaves with cooling and soothing effects that suit your skin.

The other advantage of using aftershave consisting of natural ingredients is that it cleanses your skin. For example, tea tree is a natural antiseptic that can flush the pores to prevent skin infections. Essentially, the skin should stay free of bacteria after shaving so that it can stay in good health.

How to Apply Aftershave

Just like the way you apply beard oil, you also do the same with aftershave. When you finish shaving, get a small amount of aftershave in your palms. Mix the contents together using your palms and rub across your fleshly shaved face evenly. You can apply the aftershave immediately after shaving but you can also do it before bedtime.

There are no strict rules to follow when applying aftershave. You just need to make sure that you apply it on shaved skin. You can also apply it days after shaving as long as you feel that your skin might still be sensitive. However, you should always know that small is better. Do not over apply the aftershave since it can clog the pores which can affect the growth of new hair.

Check these aftershave lotions:

Shea Moisture Men’s Aftershave: the tea tree oil and shea butter tightens and cleans out pores to help keep skin smooth. 
Bevel Restoring Balm for After shaving: alcohol-free, with tea tree oil, vitamin E, witch hazel and aloe vera


Back to our main question, “what does aftershave do?” When shaving, you use a sharp razor blade that gets into contact with your skin thereby removing dead cells. In the process, fresh skin cells are revealed as you shave and these can be easily irritated since they will be sensitive. Freshly shaved skin can also be irritated by foreign factors like cold weather. To prevent this, you can apply aftershave which is designed to soothe sensitive skin after shaving it. There are different types of aftershaves so you should do your homework and choose a product that best suits your skin.