How To Trim Your Mustache

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Wondering how to trim your mustache? A mustache is a unique beard style that can only be worn by people who can grow hair above their upper lip. To improve the appearance of your whiskers, it should be groomed just like what you do with the rest of your facial hair. Grooming handsome stubble can be tricky since it requires constant trimming to keep it attractive. All the same, the seemingly daunting task of trimming your mustache is not very difficult if you know how to do it. By simply following a few steps, you can trim your upper beard like a pro. You can continue reading to learn how to trim your mustache.

Let It Grow

One important aspect of a mustache that you should know is that it grows at a slow pace compared to the rest of your facial hair. Therefore, the golden rule is that you should grow the mustache first before you think of trimming it. You should let it grow until it becomes thick and you can leave it to meet with the side beards on your cheeks. The growth rate of facial hair varies among different individuals. Lifestyle choices like regular exercise, a good diet as well as intake of large quantities of water can enhance the growth of your facial hair.

Trim Your Mustache - Let it Grow

Soften your Hair and Dry It

When you have grown your mustache and it is ready for trimming, make sure you have all the tools required. For instance, you need mustache scissors, beard comb, electric trimmer, and a mirror. When everything is ready, you begin by softening your hair then dry it. The hair on top of your upper lip is usually coarse so you must soften it. This helps the clippers or scissors to glide easily through the hair without putting a lot of effort. You should also make sure that your facial hair is free of debris before trimming it.

Comb your Mustache

Before you trim your mustache, you must comb it first. Combing helps untangle the hair so it becomes easier to trim it. You must comb your hair downwards towards the upper lip to straighten it so that you can identify stray hairs. This also helps you to estimate the right size of hair that you want. On top of that, you must remember that the quality of the comb is very important.

How to Trim a Mustache

You can use mustache scissors or an electric trimmer to trim your bristles but there is a simple format that you should follow.

  • Trim to shape your mustache. Start from the bottom then move to the outer edges.
  • Start trimming from the middle then work towards the outer edges. Repeat this process on both sides.
  • Trim the hair to get the desired length. You should constantly comb the hair so that you can clip all the stray hairs. You can use a removable comb on your trimmer to achieve a uniform size of your hair. However, you can trim your mustache the way you desire as long as you are able to achieve the style you desire.

Finishing Off

You can finish off the trimming process by double-checking is there is no hair that you could have missed. You should comb the mustache to check if it is just right. When you are satisfied with your new look, you can apply mustache wax which holds your hairs together.

Frequency of Mustache Trimming

There is no strict timetable to follow with regard to trimming your mustache. You need to trim your mustache according to its growth rate of your hair. Essentially, the aim of trimming a mustache is to maintain it in good shape while at the same time removing stray hairs. You can consider clipping your mustache at least twice a week depending on how fast your hair grows. If your hair grows at a slow rate, then you can trim the mustache at least once every week.

Tips and Tricks

It is crucial to choose the best mustache scissors or electric trimmer that is easy to use. Alternatively, you can also consider using a razor blade to cut trim your mustache but this method can be tricky. You need to apply a little amount of shaving cream and trim unruly hairs. This method is ideal if you want to maintain neat stubble.

Products that You Can Consider for Mustache Care

There are different types of mustache care products available on the market. Your ultimate choice of care products depends on what you want so you should do your homework. All the same, you can consider the following products that can help you groom your whiskers.

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

The product is made with all-natural and organic ingredients and it is ideal for any type of skin. It contains zero chemicals, preservatives as well as fragrances. The balm helps soften coarse hair and it also helps stop itch while at the same time eliminating beardruff. The beard balm also conditions your skin and it promotes the growth of beard.

Viking Revolution

This beard and mustache wax for men boasts of 100% all-natural ingredients and it offers strong and lasting hold of hair. The product is non-sticky and it can last throughout the whole day. The wax is designed to train and tame stray hairs and it is also excellent for styling. The product also smells great and it gives you a comfortable feeling all day.

Just For Men

The product is designed to reduce graying of your hair and it is easy to use. You simply wash your facial hair and it makes it soft. It is also designed to penetrate a coarse beard and it leaves it looking great. It is ideal for all types of facial hair.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this tutorial about how to trim mustache. It is essential to properly groom your whiskers so that you can trim them the way you desire. There are different products for mustache care that you can consider that can make grooming easier. What’s your take on this simple tutorial? We appreciate your comments and you can share the articles with your peers.