Where To Shave Neckline Stubble?

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Hair that grows on the neck can be frustrating since it gives you an awkward look especially if it meets with chest hair. However, you can trim a perfect beard neckline to come up with an awesome style that greatly improves your look. Shaving neckline stubble can seem to be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can easily do it. Read on to learn where to shave neckline stubble.

What is a Neckline?

Your stubble beard neckline is the area that demarcates your beard and your neck. In other words, this is a border that marks where your beard ends and where your neck begins.  It is important to know how to trim the neckline stubble if you want to achieve the best results from your grooming efforts. A neckline shave gives you a professional look and it defines the contours on your face.

What Is A Neckline

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Where is the Neckline?

First and foremost, before you shave neckline stubble, it is crucial to understand where the neckline should be. One thing that you should know is that there is no clear landmark that defines the exact position of the neckline. Necklines significantly differ from one person to the other as a result of factors like the shape of the face. To identify the neckline, look into the mirror and visualize the line that travels from a point below your earlobe and runs under the jaw, and then goes up on the other earlobe. You need to create a “U-shape” that is symmetrical and the bottom part of this shape needs to be about two finger widths on top of your Adam’s apple. Normally, this is around 1.5 inches above Adam’s apple.

Where to Shave Neckline Stubble?

Set the Length of the Trimmer

You need to set your trimmer shorter than your beard by about two levels. You should maintain the same setting so that you can use it uniformly across the entire beard neckline. You would want to keep the neckline hairs short, so set your trimmer to the right size. When shaping the neckline, make sure that all the trimmed hair is uniform and you do not leave patches.

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Where to Shave Neckline Stubble?

You should start by trimming the entire beard to the desired length before you shave the neckline stubble. It does not make any sense to begin by shaving your neckline before trimming the other beard which can make it difficult to identify the line. Using a handheld mirror, you then move on to shave the neckline so that you can have a clear picture. At this point decide whether you like tapered or faded neckline so that there is no sharp transition from your hair to skin. You should try fading first depending on your needs. You can remove it if it is not your best fit.

Move to a Close Shave

You should remove all the residual stubble underneath the neckline with a shaver of your choice. A trimmer just cuts hair closer to the skin but it cannot remove all the remaining hairs. Therefore, having is ideal since it helps to remove all the residues below the neckline. When using a manual shaver, lubricate the skin using shaving gel to prevent skin irritation. Shave with the grain first and avoid re-stroking so that you do not cause razor bumps.

Trim Stray Hairs

You must give your shave a smart finish where you trim all stray hairs that can make you look awkward. Sprouting hairs between Adam’s apple and your chest may not look attractive so you need to remove them when you have shaped your neckline stubble. As you can see, your stubble should be shorter but the area under the neck needs to be clean-shaven. When you finish, you should moisturize the area.

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Neck Stubble- Final Words

Shaving a neckline stubble helps to separate your beard on the neck from hairs on the chest. The first thing that you must do is to determine the neckline before you start trimming. You need to look into the mirror and lift your head upwards to see the line that travels from a position underneath your earlobe and down the then goes up to the other earlobe.

When you do this, you can visualize your neckline which should guide you when shaving. After determining the neckline, you can start trimming the stubble. You need to choose the right tools if you want to produce a beautiful style. We hope you have enjoyed this tutorial about where to shave neckline stubble. You can leave your comments below.