What Does Chest Hair Say About A Man?

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Wondering what chest hair says about different men? There are several theories about men with hairy chests and some of them are scientifically proven. However, others are just myths but they also cannot be disputed. The good this is that both sides of the story i0ndicate that there is nothing wrong with having hair on the chest. It is normal to have hairs on your chest and there is no reason of getting worried about that. Read on to understand what does chest hair says about a man.

Symbol of Masculinity

Chest hair is often revered as a symbol of masculinity in different communities. This stereotype exists in different races particularly the Western society where haired men are regarded with high esteem. Some people believe that removing chest hair would be a violation of the long-held myth that portrays men with thick chest hair as strong and commanding power and authority.

Symbol of Masculinity

However, contrary to the widely held belief that the chest symbolizes masculinity, other people have completely different ideas. Some say that people who spot thick hair on the chest would be masking something underneath. For example, guys who lack muscle tone would prefer to maintain their thick hairs to cover their chests. This is probably the reason why fitness models and bodybuilders are so boastful about their chests after all.

Does Women Like Chest Hair?

Men with Hairy Chest Make Good Partners – According to different studies, many females believe that men with haired chests are sexy and they make good partners. Some ladies believe that the hair of a guy’s chest is sensational when you get into contact with it. Other people also believe that men with hair on their chests are very romantic and they are good at satisfying their partners. In other words, women view men with a lot of hair on their chests as unique and they are not easy to get.  Hairy equates to high testosterone and this is a hormone that drives men’s sexuality.

However, there are also a fraction of women who do not cherish this kind of hair on the chest. For instance, other studies indicate that older women are increasingly getting interested in hairy men than the younger ones. The ladies who are still fertile are not very much attracted to thick hair on the chest compared to the postmenopausal women.  Therefore, the women’s perceptions about hair on the chest are shaped by different factors and these are not universal.

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Chest Hair Symbolizes Intelligence

Chest hair men are regarded as smart and intelligent. According to science, very hairy men have a high IQ compared to other ordinary people.  In one survey, it was found that the majority of medical students have hairy chests compared to about 10 percent of the entire population. Getting a place in any medical school is not an easy feat since the program is a preserve of the highly intelligent. Studying medicine has nothing to do with material wealth but, your sharp brainpower. Other studies also indicate that males with hairs on the chest usually occupy places that require excellent reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Chest Hair Might Be Genetic

Have you ever wondered why some people have hairy chests while others have spotless chests? The answer may lie in genetics where your paternal lineage consists of people with genes that enhance the growth of chest hair. If you find yourself with thick hair on the chest, there is no need to feel insecure. It is part of genetics and there are different people who aspire to have that hair on their chests. The other important aspect is that uneven growth of hair on your chest is also normal, so there is no need to panic.

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Some Guys with Chest Hair are not Bothered

It takes time to remove chest hair and this is one of the common reasons why some men are not bothered by trimming it. Many guys believe that removing chest hair is not a top priority in life since it does not impact anything.  If you have a busy schedule, there is no reason why you should bother yourself with removing chest hair.

The hair on the chest is often associated with many things and some of them have been scientifically proven. For instance, guys who spot thick hairs on their chests are intelligent as revealed by different studies. Some people believe that chest hair symbolizes masculinity whereas other women believe that chest haired guys are hot and romantic. Whatever the theory about hair on your chest, it is perfectly normal. To understand the notion of what does chest hair say about a man depends on your background. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post. You can leave your comments below.