Will Baby Oil Help A Beard?

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Beard oil plays a crucial role in grooming hair. For instance, it nourishes and moisturizes both the beard and skin underneath for healthy growth of facial hair. Beard oil also helps to improve the maintenance of hair while at the same time keeping it clean. But, will baby oil for beard helps it grow?

However, some people often consider other alternatives like baby oil to substitute beard oil and some are effective while others are not that good. Therefore, the question is: “Will oil help a beard?” If you are interested in getting answers to this question, read on.

You Can Use Baby Oil on Beard

Indeed, you can use baby oil for beard and there are certain benefits that you can achieve from using it. However, the most important thing that you should know is that there are mainly three categories of oil and they can be good substitutes for premade beard oil.

Johnson’s baby oil is the most common and it is petroleum or mineral-based. The other type of oil contains jojoba or sunflower oil as their major ingredients and this type is free from lanolin or mineral oils. Other types of baby oil have both plant and mineral oil inside the bottle. 

Therefore, the type of baby oil for the beard that you use determines its effectiveness. For instance, plant-based oil is recommended compared to petroleum or mineral-based oil. Petroleum oil consists of other components that might not be good for your beard and skin as you shall see below.  

The following are some of the factors that can help you to choose the right oil that you can use on your beard. 

Pros of Baby Oil

Mineral oils are greasy and they can clog the pores and this is a major factor that you should consider before choosing baby oil that you can apply on your beard. Clogged pores can lead to poor growth of your beard.  They also prevent the oil from penetrating deep into the skin as well as beard fibers. 

Petroleum oil can also not oxidize since it is completely free of impurities and allergens. On the other hand, coconut or jojoba based oils can penetrate the beard hair fibers and deep into the skin without clogging your pores. For such reason, you can use oil as a close substitute for beard oil. 

Baby Oil Helps Improve Appearance

On top of that, baby oil with natural ingredients just makes your beard look good. The essence of growing a beard is to improve your appearance and you can achieve this by using the right product. Baby oil can help to keep your beard soft without clogging the pores. When you apply the right oil on your beard, it will look great and oil for beard can help you achieve this.  

Other greasy products can clog the pores and this affects the growth of the hair. To achieve full growth of your beard, the pores should be open to enhance the free circulation of air which is vital. Clogged pores can also cause irritation on your skin since it is deprived of air and the free circulation of blood. 

Baby Oil Helps Improve Appearance

Baby Oil is Cheaper

The other reason why you can consider oil is that it is relatively cheaper. On average, beard oil costs about $20 per 1 oz whereas a larger bottle of high-quality lanolin-free baby oil or mineral oil costs about $7. If you can get the same results from using baby oil just like beard oil, then you can consider it to save money.

In some instances, if you feel that your budget is weak to buy quality beard oil, then you can consider buying baby oil. You can use baby oil over a long period and can still enjoy the same benefits that you can get from using beard oil.  

Baby Oil has Good Scent

On top of other pros of oil, it can be observed that this product has a very good scent which helps you feel comfortable and confident when you are in public. The sweet scent from baby oil can make people turn their heads and this is what men look for in growing a beard. 

Health beards help to improve the status of men in society. This can also be complemented by a good smell that comes from your beard. Thus, when you use oil with a good scent, you might not need to buy additional products to improve the scent of your hair. 

Cons of Mineral Oil

Mineral oil can also be problematic if you inhale it hence the need to consider baby oils with natural ingredients. Baby oil, with natural ingredients like coconut and jojoba oil, is good for use on your beard. If you use petroleum oil on your beard, it is high time you consider baby oil consisting of natural ingredients. 

Just like other beard products, natural ingredients are ideal for different types of skin.  Whether your skin is sensitive or not, oils with natural ingredients are ideal since they do not cause any side effects. The products with natural ingredients have a soothing effect on your skin unlike other products with chemicals that can cause skin irritation. 

Baby Oil has Good Scent

The moment you apply oil with natural ingredients on your skin, it offers you instant relief from an itchy beard. The oil applies moisture to the skin while at the same time softening spiky beard. When your beard is dry, it may not reach its fullest potential.   


There is nothing wrong with applying baby oil on your beard as long as it is made of natural ingredients like jojoba and coconut oil. However, you should always bear in mind that oil might not yield better results than beard oil that is specifically designed for conditioning your hair. 

You must first try to get the right beard oil that you can later complement with baby oil. You should also avoid petroleum baby oil since it might not be good in the long run. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them below.