Things You Should Know About Asian Facial Hair

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Wondering why Asian facial hair significantly differs from Caucasian or black bear? Many people from different cultures grow beards as a sign of masculinity, power, wisdom, and respect. They also use beards to improve appearance among other factors. However, it is rare for Asian men to wear thicker and fuller beards like other guys from other races. Such a scenario is attributed to genetics but some researchers have debunked this widely held myth. Thus, to learn more things about Asian beard, continue reading.

Factors That Contribute To Asian Facial Hair

It is rare to notice Asian men wearing a full beard like their Caucasian counterparts and the answer lies in genetics. Your ancestry determines your ability to grow a beard or not. According to different studies, if you do not grow a beard completely, there is no miracle that can change the situation. Other factors that affect beard growth are family history and race. These three traits affect every man not only Asians.

Whilst more emphasis is put on genetics with regard to the growth of facial hair, testosterone and DHT are the major factors that determine the growth of beards. The main issue with Asian men is that they have lower levels of 5 alpha-reductase enzyme. The substance helps convert testosterone into the androgenic form which is known for stimulating DHT, a powerful hormone that boosts beard growth.

Climatic Conditions and Race

Climatic conditions can also influence the beard growth patterns among Asian men. The sparse beard patterns among the men from Asia can be attributed to the climate which does not favor hair growth. The majority of the Asian continent is characterized by tropical climatic conditions whereas biting weather conditions are also found in other places like the Himalayas.

According to scientific research, Asian men can still grow beards if they move to western regions. Cross racial marriages, for example, helped some Asian men by descent to grow facial hair. There are also other tricks that can help the Asians to grow beards that are outlined below.

Tricks To Grow Asian Facial Hair

While East Asian genetics consist of weaker beard growth compared to black or Caucasian average genetics, the Asian guys can use different methods to grow their facial hair. It is essential to establish if you can grow beards in the first place. If your genetics do not permit the growth of a beard, then the following tricks may not work.

Asian man with sparse facial hair

Be Patient

One thing about an Asian beard that you should know is that it cannot grow overnight. If you are a beginner in beard grooming, then you should take your time to allow the hair to grow before you start to style it. Some people can grow a beard during their teen years while others can experience the first growth of facial hair in their thirties.

Right Grooming Products for an Asian Beard

There are different grooming products that are designed to promote the growth of the beard. These products contain vitamins as well as minerals that help promote hair growth. For Asian men who have weak facial hair growth, Minoxidil can be an effective remedy to the problem. However, it should be noted that Minoxidil is designed to stimulate the growth of weak beards not to cause new growth of hair from a beardless skin.

Good Diet

Some people often seek complicated remedies to promote the growth of their beards. However, they conveniently forget that a good diet is an effective remedy. It is important to include fruits, vitamins, and proteins which can improve your health to stimulate beard growth. You should also include a lot of fluids in your diet to improve the flow of blood which is good for beard growth.

Keep the Hair Clean

Try to keep your skin and hair clean to avoid the accumulation of debris that can affect the growth of hair. If you have sparse hair, it is important to use a beard comb or brush to stimulate the hair follicles that may be dormant to promote the growth of facial hair. The tropical climatic conditions, as well as the dusty conditions, can spoil hair growth.

Asian Facial Hair - washing facial hair

Curry Leaf Powder

In Asian countries, curry leaves are readily available and they are used for spicing a variety of food items. You can use these curry leaves to stimulate beard growth by making a paste out of them using cold water. You then apply the paste on your scalp and face then leave it to dry. After about an hour, wash off the paste with mild water.

When you apply the paste directly on the face, you will be helping the hair follicles get better replenishment of nutrients. The nutrients found in curry leaves are vital for excellent hair growth. There are also other pastes that you can try which also help to give you positive results with regard to hair growth. For instance, the diluted mixture of the egg’s white combined with Neem tree leaves can also provide nourishment to the hair follicles. The nutrients help promote the growth of the beard.

The other important thing is that the minerals and vitamins found in the curry leaves help protect the hair against microbial attack. Such a condition leads to patchy hair that can prevent you from getting a full beard. The hair follicles should get nutrients that can help stimulate the growth of the beard. These organic remedies are effective since they have no side effects. They are better than other artificial remedies that can affect the skin.

Try Other Herbs

There are also other herbs like nose berry as well as Aloe Vera among others that you can try to intensify the growth of your facial hair. Thick hair naturally grows and it does not require a lot of effort. Hair supplements are specifically meant to stimulate the growth of hair that already exists.

Natural Hair Growth Enhancers- Asian Facial Hair


Asian men often experience weak hair growth due to lower levels of 5 alpha-reductase enzyme. The hormone plays a role in converting testosterone into an androgenic form. This, in turn, stimulates DHT which promotes hair growth. Genetics also contributes to the beard growth patterns of Asians. There are specific measures that can help stimulate beard growth among the Asians experiencing such challenges.