What Happens If You Stop Using Minoxidil On Beard?

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What happens if you stop using minoxidil on beard? There are different products that you can use to grow your beard but some of them can cause side effects in the long term. Minoxidil is one popular product for beard growth but there are certain effects that you can expect after you stop using it.  

If you want to learn what happens if you stop using minoxidil on beard, then this article can give you insight about things you should know about this product. It also gives you general information about Minoxidil and beard growth.  

How Minoxidil/Rogaine Can Help You Grow a beard?

Also known as Rogaine, Minoxidil can significantly help you grow your beard in mainly two ways. The product helps to stimulate and increase the speed of facial hair growth while at the same time making your existing beard thicker.

You apply Minoxidil on the patches on your face where you want to increase the growth of the beard. The product will boost the circulation of hair follicles and also increase prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) which stimulates the growth of hair through different mechanisms. 

Minoxidil also helps to convert hair follicles that are dormant into the active anagen growth phase and also helps to enhance the generation of new blood vessels. Through enhanced circulation, many people have successfully used Minoxidil to curb hair loss.  

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What Happens If You Stop Using Minoxidil on Beard? Side Effects of Minoxidil

The FDA has since made Minoxidil available over the counter and does not require a medical prescription since it is considered safe. However, this does not necessarily mean that Minoxidil is not completely free of any side effects.  The product has different types of side effects of which some are common such as skin irritation and dry skin while others are less common. 

A percentage of users of Minoxidil that is extremely small experience side effects that can cause them to stop its use but the majority of users are content with the results. The risks of experiencing side effects when you use Minoxidil are very slim as long as you apply it in the right quantity. Otherwise, the risk that you can experience pertains to dry skin. 

Still, wondering whether Minoxidil can cause side effects when you use it to enhance beard growth? The correct answer is that extensive studies have been conducted about Rogaine and it was found to be safe for use.   

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What Happens to Facial Hair If You Stop Applying Minoxidil/Rogaine

So, is a minoxidil beard permanent? When you quit using minoxidil on your beard, then the rate of new growth can seize slowly. The other change is that the shaft diameter of the hair can also be slightly reduced. However, all the new facial hair that you gain through the use of Minoxidil will remain on your face for a long period spanning years even after discontinuing its use. 

Once the androgen receptors and hair follicles have been activated properly, their hormonal functions would not recede since they keep the gains of the beard alive. Even without using Minoxidil, your hair follicles remain active and you can continue enjoying a full beard.

Though there are claims in particular circles that once you stop using Minoxidil, the beard will fall off but the truth is that the facial hair growth is likely to be permanent.  The only hairs that are likely to fall off are the vellus or baby hairs. Therefore, you need to wait until vellus hairs turn into terminal beard hairs that you will keep as the benefits of Minoxidil.

You must know that different people react differently to minoxidil so there is no accurate time that you can expect to notice changes to your beard. You can notice positive changes even after two years so you should just remember that there is no exact period when you can expect full results. 

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The Essence of Minoxidil On Your Beard

The full gains of men who use Minoxidil include thick and terminal hairs. The aim is to turn the baby hairs into fully grown adult hairs and this is why the journey of growing a beard using Minoxidil can be longer. It is also imperative to apply the minoxidil where you want it to improve the growth of your beard so that you can get effective results, do not give up using it at an early stage so you can enjoy a permanent minoxidil beard.

The other thing that you should be careful about is to make sure that the Minoxidil that you buy does not consist of extra ingredients such as saw palmetto or azelaic acid. These ingredients are likely to work on your scalp but not on facial hair which can cause some undesirable effects. 

If you want to try Rogaine, you can get it from every drug store or online retailers like Amazon or eBay. There is no need for a medical prescription from your doctor to obtain this vital product that can enhance the growth of your beard.  


When Can You Quit Using Minoxidil?

Apart from the widespread benefits that you can gain from using Minoxidil, there are certain instances where you can stop using it. For instance, if the experience of using the product is unpleasant and you seem to experience mild side effects, then you can stop using the product. 

Essentially, many people opt to use Rogaine to gain full benefits such as thick beard but if you experience the opposite, then there is no reason for continuing with the product. If you experience serious side effects, then you should quickly stop using the product. 

In some instances, it may be a good idea to stop using the product if you do not see any significant results after about six to eight months of constant use of Minoxidil. However, the results can be unique to each individual. 

The Essence of Using Minoxidil On Your Beard

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Minoxidil is a very effective product that is designed to enhance beard growth. Like other products, it cannot be said that Rogaine is completely free of certain effects. Some comprehensive studies though indicate that side effects caused by this product are rare. 

Some people also wonder about what will happen if they stop using Minoxidil. If you stop using Rogaine after you have gained a full beard, then you will not lose it. You can only lose “baby hairs” that have not yet fully developed into thick and terminal hairs.   


Is a Minoxidil Beard Permanent?

Minoxidil is primarily used to promote beard growth. Like any other beard product, nothing is permanent meaning that if you apply it to your facial hair, it will last a lifetime. Indeed, Minoxidil can work for an extended period on your beard as long as you constantly apply it but the truth is that it is not permanent.
Once you stop using the product, you will not enjoy the same growth patterns on your beard. The other issue about Minoxidil is that it causes side effects though it is believed to be safe to use. Therefore, you should use this particular product with extra care to avoid unwanted side effects.

Can I use minoxidil 10 for Beard?

Depending on different factors such as skin type or beard type, you can use Minoxidil 10 on your facial hair as long as it does not cause issues like skin irritation.
One thing about minoxidil that you should always know is that it reacts differently to different people. To some individuals, this product can produce positive results within a short period. However, something that works well for other people may not be your good fit. It can take even years before you notice positive changes on your beard. Therefore, you need to know the type of your skin and beard first before applying this product.

How To Apply Liquid Minoxidil?

You can apply liquid Minoxidil topically to the skin and it helps to widen the hair follicles. The product also helps prolong the anagen stage in the growth of your hair. Before applying the product, you must first cleanse your face using a pH balanced cleanser. This helps to prevent irritation since Minoxidil consists of alcohol.
Apply about one millimeter of the product to your facial hair and leave for about 4 hours for effective absorption. You should then rinse your face with water. After that, you can moisturize your beard with your favorite cream. You can apply the product twice per day.

Can I Shave While Using Minoxidil for Beard Growth?

There is absolutely no problem with shaving your facial hair while using Minoxidil for beard growth. You can shave as many times as you want or seldom as you want and Minoxidil will not affect the growth of your beard. The good thing about shaving is that it does not damage hair follicles that promote the growth of the beard. However, it is recommended that you should use a sharp razor when shaving so that you can avoid undesired elements like irritation and razor burns or bumps.

Can You Leave Minoxidil On Overnight?

Minoxidil requires approximately four hours on your beard so that it can be effectively absorbed. However, there is nothing wrong if you decide to leave minoxidil overnight since this can also help your facial hair to fully absorb the contents. It is up to you to decide what you want to do but as a golden rule, you should not forget that the product should sit on your beard for at least four hours.