Why Beard Doesn’t Connect To Moustache

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Are you wondering why your beard doesn’t connect to mustache? There are several factors that affect the growth of a beard that you should know. This problem is mainly attributed to genes but the good news that it can be improved or fixed as long as you have the potential to grow facial hair. Read on to learn some of the factors that can affect the growth of your mustache and the steps that you can take.

Reasons Why Beard Doesn’t Connect to Moustache

When it comes to beard growth, the truth is that we are all different. Some guys grow a thicker and fuller beard while they are still young while others struggle to achieve the same.


Genetics plays a crucial role in determining the growth of facial hair. If other members of your family have patchy facial hair, chances are high that you may also end up looking like them. Unfortunately, nothing much can be done to resolve the challenge of genetics concerning hair growth.

Beard Doesn't Connect To Moustache - Genetics

Health and Lifestyle

Your health and lifestyle can significantly impact the growth of your mustache. For instance, a poor diet together with other activities like excessive alcohol drinking and smoking can impact beard growth. Lack of sufficient intake of liquids can also affect the growth patterns of your beard.


At times it is only a matter of age that you experience uneven growth of your mustache. If you are in your 20s, there is no reason to worry about the growth of your mustache since you still have time to experience full growth later. The bald areas may fill later as you age.

How to Make Your Beard Connect

There are different measures that you can take to make your beard connect with your mustache. As you have noted, other causes aren’t natural which means that you can address them by taking the right measures.

Improve your Diet and Lifestyle

It is critical to improving your diet to encourage the growth of your facial hair. For instance, you need to include fresh greens, proteins, and fruits in your diet. You should also drink lots of water to increase the flow of blood in your body. Facial hair thrives on nutrients that are distributed to the hair follicles by your blood.

Stimulate Dormant Follicles

A patchy beard can also be caused by dormant hair follicles. This means that you have the potential to grow a mustache but the follicles are inactive. Therefore, you need to use different tools like a brush, a comb, or a roller on weaker areas to stimulate the hair follicles. On top of that, you also need to exfoliate the skin underneath to rid dead cells and debris that can clog the pores. Poor hair growth can also be a result of poor circulation of blood and oxygen.

Be Patient

As you are now aware, beard growth can be affected by elements like young age. Therefore, let the mustache grow first before you start trimming or styling it. Give your hair some weeks to grow and see if there is any growth taking place in the patchy areas. Baldness can be caused by the uneven distribution of testosterone in different areas which may take time to witness the full growth of hair.

Try Different Beard Styles

Instead of worrying about why your mustache does not connect with your beard, you can try other styles. Just choose a style that suits your current situation regarding the pattern of your facial hair growth. You can maintain a goatee or a nice mustache style that does not connect with your facial hair. If your aim of grooming a beard is to improve your appearance, then any style can do.

Take a Biotin Supplement

Biotin supplements can increase the growth rate of your hair. You need to take vitamin and mineral supplements to enhance the growth of your hair. Minoxidil supplements can also promote the growth of a beard. Additionally, you should also make sure that you use other beard and skincare products that can enhance the growth of hair. Healthy skin is good for beard growth.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about why a beard doesn’t connect to the mustache. While there are different factors that can contribute to this situation, you must know that mustache grows at a slow pace. You need to give it some time to grow before you start trimming or shaving it. It is important to consider other factors like improving your health, changing your lifestyle, or using some supplements to address the problem. You can leave your comments below.