Do Beard Growth Serums Work?

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Beard Growth Serum – If we’re being honest, most beardless guys would love to grow a beard easily but sadly they can’t. Either because they’re not genetically predisposed to have a beard or they just haven’t found the right product to stimulate beard growth. 

If the latter applies to you, there are solutions that are quite affordable and you don’t have to go all gung-ho like Wayne Rooney to get a hair implant or in this case a beard implant.

You’ve probably heard (or not) about beard growth serums from one of your beard gang friends and how this miracle product gave him his dense and rugged-looking beard.

You probably have questions like: ‘what is beard growth serum?’, ’How does it work?’, ‘Would my patchy beard grow thicker?’, ‘No male in my family has a beard but will I grow one if I use it?’, Most importantly, do beard growth serums work? All your questions would be answered here. Read on! 

What is Beard Growth Serum & How Does It Work?

A beard growth serum is a beard product that is designed to enhance your facial hair thickness, strength, and density. It contains many nutrients and some users say it is similar to beard growth supplements but instead of eating it, you rub it on your beard to absorb the nutrients.

What is Beard Growth Serum & How Does It Work

Beard growth serum contains vitamins which improve blood circulation thereby rejuvenating the hair follicles and boosting beard growth. The result is a beard that is long, thick, and most importantly healthy.

The active ingredient in most beard growth serums is Minoxidil which helps in blood circulation. The serum also helps in unclogging your pores to ensure continuous beard growth. 

Factors that Affect Beard Growth

Let’s be honest, not everyone can have a beard no matter what they use. There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just due to certain factors which you might not understand enough. These factors include:

  •         Genetics: This is the most important factor for beard growth and there’s not much that can be done about it. If most male in your family struggled to have a beard, you probably will too. It’s not a guarantee however, you could be lucky and with the help of some beard products, grow a rugged beard.
  •         Diet: What you put your body is important to your health and growth and the same applies for beard growth. A balanced diet with vitamins and minerals would help beard growth.
  •         Age: You wish you didn’t have to grow old, yeah? Its life, we all have to grow old and for some lose our hair. The older you get the more difficult it becomes to rock a thick beard.
  •         Exercise: Just like diet, a proper exercise regimen means you’ll lose weight and stay healthy therefore helping in growing beard. Weight loss helps in beard growth.

What is Beard Growth Serum & How Does It Work?

Tips to Help When Choosing a Beard Growth Serum

When you type in ‘beard growth product/serum’ on Google, a thousand products come up. Finding one that actually works can be a bit of a dilemma. Here are a few tips to help you in choosing the right serum for your beard growth:

  •         Ingredients: This is a rule for whatever product (especially unfamiliar ones) you buy. Always check the ingredients used to make a product because something allergic to you could be in it. Study the list of ingredients used to make a beard product. A lot of men prefer natural ingredients (advisable) and would avoid anything hormonal.
  •         Effectiveness: A good beard product should heal damaged/dormant hair follicles to boost growth and make your beard healthier.
  •         Nutrients: Quality serums should be rich in vitamin and made wholly from organic products. Vitamins B, D, E including biotin, magnesium, zinc, etc. should be contained.
  •         Price: If you have thousands of dollars to burn, you could decide to do a hair/beard transplant and you would be good. However, if you’re like me on a budget, you definitely should ensure the beard growth serum you purchase is not only quality but affordable.

Do They Work?

Yes, they do work but it’s not quite straightforward.

As mentioned earlier, beard serums stimulate hair follicles to aid beard growth. This would mean there are enough facial hair follicles that would allow this to happen. Therefore people with patchy and thin beards could use the serum and see a boost in growth in a few weeks/months.

Factors that Affect Beard Growth

To find one that works for you, trial and error of different products is the way to go because there are a lot of ineffective beard products out there. Some recommended beard growth serums include:

Minoxidil is the primary ingredient for most beard serums because it helps regrowth of hair. It, however, has some side effects. It could cause itchiness and redness of the skin and might lead to weight gain.

Genetics does play a big role when it comes to growing a beard or not. Most men have hair follicles on their face and beard growth can be aided by using the serum which means they can grow a dense beard.

Some men do not have enough of these follicles for beard growth, therefore, no beard product would help you grow more hair follicles that means no beard. This is simply due to your genes. It’s no one’s fault really so if you’ve tried different beard products and still cannot grow a beard, it simply means your genes would not allow it.

Tips to Help When Choosing a Beard Growth Serum

PS: Beard transplant is a thing. If you have a couple of thousand dollars to burn, you could go for it. 

In conclusion, growing a beard is easy and straight forward for some men if done properly. For others, it is a long and painful process that requires discipline and patience. Nothing is ever a guarantee even with a product that says ‘growth’ on its label.

If after trying different products you still cannot grow a beard, it doesn’t mean all growth serums are fake (there are fake products out there), it could mean you don’t have the genes for it and you might have to accept it. No worries! Rock your bald chin like that, the beard family still loves you.


  •         Beard growth serums are effective for stimulating hair follicles to boost beard growth
  •         Minoxidil is the primary ingredient in most beard boost serums
  •         Genetics is a determining factor in beard growth.

That’s all from this end. Pop up in our comment section for any questions you might have. Adios!


What is the best beard growth serum? 

Different types of beard serums are designed to enhance the growth of facial hair. Like any other beard product, the results usually depend on different factors such as skin type and hair texture. However, Beard Grow XL is viewed as the best serum for beard growth. This serum is renowned for promoting the growth of faster and thicker facial hair. The serum consists of 100% vegan and vegetarian formula of which there is no other product like that. The product is completely non-hormonal and suitable for any type of skin since it consists of all-natural ingredients. The formula is highly effective, and it produces results within a short period.

Is vitamin C serum good for beard growth? 

Vitamin C serum is appropriate for beard growth since it contributed to the creation of a protein that is known as collagen. This component is crucial, and it is part of the hair structure. Vitamin C also plays a vital role in helping the body absorb iron, and this is a mineral that is essential for hair growth. Vitamin C also helps in promoting the production of testosterone, a male hormone that is responsible for improving beard growth. 

Does caffeine help beard growth? 

Studies indicate the caffeine significantly contributes to the growth of your facial hair. Coffee contains caffeine which increases the production of testosterone, a hormone that stimulates beard growth. Caffeine is also said to travel to the hair follicles, and it makes them active to promote the growth of your beard. Applying coffee to your hair is another effective way that helps accelerate the growth of hair while at the same time inhibiting the negative impacts of DHT on your hair. Coffee can also go a long way in improving your skin health which is good for your facial hair. You can apply coffee directly to your hair or skin to accelerate growth since it stimulates the hair follicles.   

How long does it take for Beard serum to work?

Beard growth serum mainly comes in two different approaches that include medication that helps to increase the flow of blood to the hair follicles. This method is ideal for men experiencing hair loss or thinning of a beard. The other alternative is to apply the serum to add moisture to the hair follicles. The effectiveness of beard serum depends on other factors like genetics. Beard serum can start to work between three and six months. Therefore, when you apply beard serum, you should not expect overnight results.    

How do you activate beard follicles?

If you have dormant hair follicles, you can try beard growth supplements like Vitamin C, biotin, vitamin A, and vitamin D. There are also topical creams that you can apply to your skin to stimulate the hair follicles. Coffee is another beverage that you can take to help activate your beard follicles. One thing you should know about coffee is that it contains caffeine which is responsible for activating your hair follicles. A healthy diet and quality lifestyle can also activate your hair follicles to promote the growth of hair.