The Importance Of Brushing Beard To Make It Grow

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Many guys grow thick beards as a symbol of power, intelligence, authority, or status in society. Other guys can just spot beards to improve their appearance. However, patchy beards can be frustrating if you are determined to grow fuller and thicker facial hair. You can consider the option of brushing your facial hair to stimulate the hair follicles to promote the growth of a beard. Read on to learn the importance of brushing a beard to make it grow.

How Does Brushing your Beard Make it Grow

Nutrients and oxygen are basic components required by your beard to grow and blood helps distribute them. Therefore, when you brush your beard, stimulate blood flow so that it can freely move to the hair follicles to supply to nourish them. Dormant follicles as a result of insufficient nutrients can affect the growth of hair. If you want to stimulate these follicles, you need to brush your beard so that blood can freely move underneath the skin.

How Does Brushing your Beard Make it Grow

Why Brushing Beard to Make it Grow

There are many hair products available on the market and they are touted to promote beard growth. However, you need to know that marketers are in business and they want to sell their products. Some of these products are not as effective as what the manufacturers promise. Brushing your facial hair is another strategy that you can try if you want to stimulate hair growth. there are various theories that support the notion that brushing your beard can promote its growth.

Brushing Improves Blood Flow

A beard needs nutrients and oxygen to grow and these are distributed through the blood. Blood and oxygen are crucial components that promote the normal functioning of all organs of the body together with hair. Therefore, brushing your beard helps stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and underlying skin to nourish them. Just like a massage, brushing helps to stimulate the underlying skin so that the hair follicles can get sufficient blood that plays a role in promoting hair growth.

Patchy hair can be caused by dormant hair follicles that cannot sustain hair growth as a result of the inadequate nutrients they receive. When all hair follicles get sufficient oxygen and nutrients, the chances of growing a thicker and fuller beard are increased. These are the major ingredients required in promoting the growth of hair. There are also other components that may stimulate hair growth but the free movement of blood is vital for the normal functioning of the body.

Brushing Beard Exfoliates the Skin

It is true that you can make your beard grow by brushing it. For instance, using a beard boar brush helps to exfoliate the underlying skin and get rid of dead skin cells and flakes. Debris and other dirt particles underneath your hair can block the pores on the skin which is not good for hair growth. When the pores are clogged, you may also experience stunted growth of the beard since it cannot move freely. The layer of debris may also clog up the bases of hair and also block the way of follicles intending to produce hair.

While exfoliating your skin is good for eliminating dead cells, you must also be careful to avoid overdoing it. Exfoliation can make your skin dry, sore, and you may experience irritation. Therefore, it is important to moisturize your face before you brush your beard to prevent irritation. It is vital that you take great care of your skin in the same way you care for your beard.

It Helps Release Natural Oils from your Skin

Brushing your beard can help promote the release of sebum oil from the body which stimulates hair growth. Sebum oil also helps to protect the skin which is good for the hair. Therefore, brushing your facial hair re-distributes this oil from the beard bases to the top to make the hair look attractive. This natural oil helps to moisturize facial hair so that it looks attractive.

Furthermore, moisturized hair does not easily break like a dry beard which can affect growth. brushing your beard helps to distribute oil to all the places where it is supposed to be. The release of sebum oil can also stimulate the growth of a beard apart from moisturizing it to look beautiful.

When you brush your hair, you help keep it and the underlying skin moisturized and hydrated. The good thing about moisturized hair is that it is easy to maintain since the hair does not easily break. You can also keep your hair straight when you brush so that it can grow smoothly. When your skin and hair are moisturized, you can also achieve quality growth of your hair. These conditions are good for beard grooming

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Tame your Beard

A beard brush can help you tame your beard so that it can grow in the direction that you want.  The shafts of your hair can take any direction if they are not controlled. The other thing is that an untamed beard can lead to dandruff and flaking which all affect the growth of your hair. Therefore, you must gently brush your hair to detangle it so that you can easily maintain it. When you style your hair, you use products like balms which help moisturize and give your hair a good hold.  All these conditions are ideal for promoting beard growth especially when you brush it.

Other Benefits of Brushing your Beard

Sporting a neater, fuller, and healthier beard requires great commitment. Brushing your facial hair can also help you achieve other beard grooming goals. Here are other advantages that you can obtain from brushing your beard briefly explained below.

Give Direction to the Growth of your Bear

Brushing your beard regularly makes it grow in the desired direction to enhance your appearance. The shafts tend to grow in different directions if left untamed which leads to shabbiness. If you want to prevent your beard from sticking out, you should brush it regularly. All the same, you must avoid exerting too much pressure when you brush your beard.

Evenly Distributes Oils

Brushing your beard helps to promote even distribution of oils, waxes, and balms that are included in the grooming regimen. A brush also helps you to style your facial hair in a fantastic way and it gives it a nice shine. Styling your hair helps to make your hair easy to manage which can promote growth.

Evenly Distributes Oils

Brushing Helps Reduce Breakages and Split-ends

When you brush your beard, you evenly distribute sebum oil which helps to moisturize and protect your hair so that it does not break or split at the end. However, you should also be careful to prevent over-brushing your facial since this can lead to problems like breakages or split ends.

Things to Avoid

There are certain things that you should avoid if you want to grow a healthier and fuller beard. While it is tempting to buy a cheaper, synthetic nylon brush that you get on the market, it is recommendable to avoid using this type of product. Synthetic brushes prevent the even distribution of oils throughout the beard. They can also cause split-ends and damage to hair since they are harsher.

You must also avoid using other hair and skin care products with harsh chemicals if you know that you will brush your hair later. These products cause skin irritation and it can be worsened by brushing your hair. When buying beard and skincare products, it is a good idea to consider solutions with natural ingredients. All-natural ingredients suit different types of skin such that you can freely brush your beard.


Brushing your beard is a vital component of the grooming routine that you should not ignore. It makes your facial hair appear fuller, neater, and healthier. More importantly, beard brushing can also promote or stimulate beard growth by exfoliating the skin, improving blood flow, and releasing natural oils from the scalp. Make sure that after showering you use your boar bristle beard brush to straighten your hair, spread oil or stimulate your hair follicles. We hope you have enjoyed this post and you can leave your comments below.