How To Stop Beard Curls Under Chin

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As your beard grows, you are likely to experience other obstacles that can be frustrating. For instance, beard curls that form under the chin are very common and they can affect the quality of your beard. However, the good news is that you can leave the curl if it does not bother you, or you can take certain steps to address it. This article outlines the things that you should know about beard curls under the chin.

Just Leave It

If the beard curls under the chin are not an issue to you, then you can just leave it as it is. A beard curl might not be something so terrible that you should get rid of it at all costs. If you do not feel offended by the curly hair, you can embrace it. In some cases, the curl will look natural and it can appear as another form of style. Well maintained curls can give you an attractive appearance but you must keep them clean from dandruff.

Beard Curls Under Chin - Just leave it

As the facial hair grows longer, it will straighten as a result of additional weight. This method is effortless and probably the easiest fix. Grooming a healthier beard requires patience and commitment. As such, you should not rush to deal with curls that might disappear naturally. However, this solution might not appeal to the interests of other beard groomers. If you feel comfortable with curls, just keep them in good shape.

How to Stop Beard Curls Under Chin

Start Brushing Early

You should train your beard so that it grows in the desired direction. For instance, you can achieve this by starting to brush early so that you can maintain it straight. The moment you start working on your beard with a boar bristle brush, you will realize that it will grow flatter and straighter. Only a few unruly hairs will stick out when you consistently tame your facial hair to grow in the desired direction.

Blow-dry and Comb Beard under Chin

The other strategy that you can consider is to blow dry your beard while combing it at the same time. You need a beard comb with wide teeth and anti-static properties that you can use. You will realize that a comb is a better option compared to a brush since it detangles curly beard and you can also use it for styling purposes. You should comb your beard downwards and use a rotating motion when you reach the area with curly hair. The advantage of blowing your hair is that the heat softens it so that you can

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Use Beard Oil

There are many benefits of adding beard oil to your grooming routine. The oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin underneath together with the beard to ensure that it is easy to manage. When your bear is soft, you can easily style it the way you want. You need to apply beard oil after showering then use a comb to straighten it. You can also use a brush to spread the oil across your facial hair so that it can remain moisturized.  

Beard oil is one of the most important products that you should have in your grooming kit. This special oil prevents your beard from drying which is one of the major causes of curls. You can also apply beard oil in the evening to keep your facial hair soft over a long period.

Use Styling Products

The significance of styling products cannot be underestimated if you are concerned about eliminating curls on your facial hair. After applying beard oil, you can also add styling products so that you can style your hair the way you want. The main benefit of using styling products is that they give you a lasting hold on your beard. This means that you can enjoy a straight beard all day long without bothering about curls anymore.

Different products like beard balm and beard butter consist of a gentler hold and less overbearing. On the other hand, you can consider beard wax with a stronger hold if your curl is stubborn. Some curls are resistant to beard balms especially if you have coarser hair that is difficult to manage. However, the problem with beard wax is that it feels heavier than other balms. The other important issue is that beard wax is not a reliable product that you can depend on over a long period. You should use this product once in a while or after you have tried other methods with little success.

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Stop Playing with your Curly Beard

If you are frustrated by your curly beard, you can stop playing with it. Some people cannot resist the urge of twisting their beards since it is satisfying. However, the result is that you will end up having an exaggerated beard curl that appears on your chin. The pulling and touching of the beard under the jawline will in fact make the curl grow stronger. Try to do something that can distract you from touching your beard if you want to solve the problem.

Clean Up Your Edges and Sideburns

Most guys are not aware of this tip, but it is very important since it helps them to get rid of the unruly curls on their beards. The edges and the sideburns are usually the most common areas where you will find curls. You should know that different parts of your facial hair grow at different rates and you will realize that the sideburns grow faster. You need to right trimmer that you can use to trim your facial hair like a professional. The other tool that you should use is a comb.


The issue of beard curls under the chin is very common among different people especially those with coarse hair. Curly hair can affect the appearance of your facial hair but the good news is that there are different methods that you can use to address the problem. If the curls do not bother you, you can leave them. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and you can leave comments below.