Will Rogaine Help Beard Growth? Benefits And Side Effects

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Does Rogaine for Beards Growth do the trick? Many people aspire to have a well-groomed and healthy beard and this can be achieved through using appropriate supplements. For instance, Rogaine is one product that you can consider to improve the growth of your beard. Rogaine is also called Minoxidil and many people use it for beard growth.

There are many things to consider before buying the product: Will rogaine help beard growth and rogaine side effects. Beard supplements can have side effects and you should know some of these before purchasing a particular product.  

About Rogaine for Beards Growth

Rogaine comes as a dietary supplement specifically designed to enhance the growth of a beard. It also comes in the form of beard oil that you apply directly to your facial hair. Rogaine seems to be effective in terms of growing beards among different men and you should use it regularly. 

Unfortunately, the moment you stop using Rogaine, then your beard can revert to its previous poor status. This remedy for beard growth can be costly and you need to make an informed decision if you are ready to use the product.  

The product also promotes healthy skin and it comes in the form of capsules. However, the product may not work well for you in some instances though it is FDA approved around the USA. The existence of side effects caused by the product cannot be ruled out. Therefore, this article gives you some common side effects, less common, and rare side effects of Rogaine which can be serious. 

Common Rogaine Side Effects

The common side effects of Rogaine are not serious and they are temporary in most cases. These include the following: 

Faster Heartbeat

Some people experience a faster heartbeat and this problem is usually not very serious. It is temporary and it can disappear in about two weeks from the day you begin using this product. You can decrease the dosage if the problem does not disappear but it will not be serious.

Dryness and Itching of the Skin 

In some instances, you may experience dryness or shedding of the skin likely caused by high alcohol content in the product. The problem is not very serious and you can rectify it by applying beard oils and moisturizers after washing your beard. The product can also affect your skincare practice since you should leave it for four hours for effective absorption before you apply other skincare creams.

Will Rogaine Help Beard Growth? Benefits and Side Effects

Slight Chest Pain 

The problem is minor and in some instances, you may also experience slight headaches. These minor effects will naturally disappear as your body gradually gets used to the product.  

More Body Hair 

Though it will be a sign that Rogaine is working, you may experience the growth of body hair which may be unwanted. You can just ignore it or use wax to remove the excessive body hair. You can shave off the hair with a razor if you do not need it.  

Uncommon Side Effects of Rogaine for Beard Growth

The following side effects are less common but they may occur so you need to be watchful when you use rogaine to improve the growth of your beard. 


Some people are biologically prone to acne and their skins can react differently to rogaine. The product can cause drying of the skin which can lead to the development of acne.

Will Rogaine Help Beard Growth? Benefits and Side Effects

 However, you can avoid this problem by maintaining a good diet to keep your skin healthy. You can also use acne products and apply moisturizers on your skin. Avoid applying rogaine on pimples since this can cause inflammation.

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Continuous Heart Palpitation

In some cases, you may experience continuous heart palpitations and you should take appropriate action when that happens. You can try to limit the intake of the supplement if you experience these side effects. 


In some instances, you may experience fatigue but it is less common. You will experience a feeling of sluggishness or tiredness. Though uncommon, this side effect is not good for your health so you need to cut down on the application of the product. 

In a similar fashion, you can also experience slight dizziness as a result of the continuous use of this particular substance. The condition is usually temporary and you can also solve it by reducing your dosage of the product. 

Wrinkling and Dark Spots Around Your Eyes

The continuous use of Rogaine can cause wrinkling as well as dark spots around your eyes. This can be caused by a reaction between collagen and rogaine. Collagen is a protein and it is responsible for maintaining healthy skin. To avoid these undesirable side effects, you can lower the use of the product.  

Will Rogaine Help Beard Growth? Benefits and Side Effects

Rare Side Effects of Rogaine for Beard Growth

As the name suggests, these side effects are rare but they can occur. Once you experience these serious side effects, you better immediately stop using Rogaine and you should consult a doctor. Some of these side effects include the following:

  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea 
  • A rapid gain of weight
  • Swelling of feet, face or hands
  • Poor vision
  • Terrible rashes
  • Serious chest pains
  • Severe dizziness increased cardiovascular effects

Though uncommon, you need to constantly check the symptoms of these side effects. They can create real trouble for you but you do not need to stress so much about them since they are rare. 


If you want to make a difference in grooming your beard, Rogaine beard supplement work wonders for you. The product is designed to enhance the growth of your beard and it can also improve the health of your skin. The product is also FDA approved meaning that it has been tested for safety.

However, rogaine for beard may not work for you and it can cause some side effects. The moment you notice the above side-effects, it is wise to stop using the product and consult your doctor. All the same, the generality of users of this product are happy about the results. I hope this article has helped you. Happy beard grooming!