How To Trim Mustache With An Electric Shaver

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Are you wondering how you can maintain your mustache in good shape to improve your appearance? There are different types of beard styles and mustache is one of the popular ones. Many people groom facial hair for a purpose and mustache style symbolizes status and a stylish lifestyle. However, if you want to maintain your mustache in good shape, you must trim it with an electric shaver. One thing that you should know is that mustache grooming is a complex process given that with any slight mistake, the beard is gone. A mustache is just a small patch of beard between your upper lip and nose. Therefore, you need to be careful when you trim it. Read on to learn how to trim a moustache with an electric shaver.

What Do You Need to Trim Your Mustache?

There are specific tools that you will need to get the job of trimming your mustache done. You do not need a lot of things to trim your mustache since you only need the following:

  • An electric shaver
  • A pair of small scissors
  • A fine-toothed comb

An electric shaver is the most important thing that you should have and make sure you get the best type. You will need a comb to straighten your beard so that you can also identify all stray hairs that should be removed. You must remember that your hand should be steady when trimming your mustache otherwise you spoil everything.

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How to Trim Moustache with an Electric Shaver

There are different steps that you should take to trim your mustache. The following tutorial outlines the measures that you can take.

Wash and Comb Your Mustache

The first thing that you should do is to wash your facial hair and condition it. After that, you must dry it to have an effective trim. Washing helps to soften the hair since mustache beard is usually coarse and a bit difficult to trim. After drying your hair, you must comb it down to go over your lips. You must make sure that all the hairs are lined up and do the same for the sides of the mustache. All the hair should be facing a downward direction before you begin trimming them.

Line with Your Lips

The next step is to flip your hair towards your nose using your comb. This will help place the hair on top of the comb. In other words, doing this helps you to lift the hair for easier trimming. You then take your trimmer and adjust it to the desired length and trim excess mustache away. Trimming the longer hair on the upper lip, however, does not give you defining lines below the mustache.

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Detailed Lip Line

After cutting all the excess mustache away, you then move on to trim a detailed lip line. Place the trimmer on the skin on top of your upper lip and clear all the hair along the way. This gives your mustache a clean appearance and also defines the bottom edge of the mustache. Shaping your lip line also helps prevent the mustache from straying into your mouth when eating. Excess hair on top of your upper lip line can be frustrating, so you must be careful when you trim your beard.

Natural Growth Trim – How to Trim Mustache with Electric Shaver

It is important to start trimming the corners of your mustache to give it a well-groomed look. You need to trim at an angle from the outside to come up with an appropriate shape. You can use small scissors to cut down the overgrown strands around your mustache. Above your mustache, it is recommendable to follow the natural line where you should shave anything on top of that boundary. The goal is to remove all the hair between your nose and the area marking the start of mustache growth. a T-shape trimmer is perfect for removing unwanted hairs above the mustache. Simply press the trimmer on the line above the mustache then shave upwards and you will remain with the best style that greatly improves your appearance.

Apply Beard Care Products

When you are satisfied with your new style, the last thing that you can do is to apply different beard products. For instance, beard oil moisturizes your hair while at the same time hydrating the skin underneath which is good for the hair follicles. On the other hand, beard balm gives your hair a strong hold all day. All the same, you must always remember to shave the surrounding areas to maintain your new style in good shape. You must also trim all stray hairs using a pair of scissors.

Apply Beard Care Products

Tips and Tricks on How to Trim Mustache with an Electric Shaver

You must first wet your facial hair then dry it. This helps to soften your hair but you should never trim it when it is wet. The problem is that when your beard is wet, it may have a different length which can mess up things when the hair finally dries. After drying your hair, you must comb it so that you straighten it to get the right length.

After trimming your mustache, you must keep the style in good shape. You should not forget to wash and brush your beard regularly while at the same time conditioning it. A conditioner helps to keep your facial hair looking and feeling comfortable.

The other thing that you should take into consideration is that you must maintain the unbearded areas clean-shaven. This will give you a more pronounced and clear appearance. Additionally, you must also trim all stray hairs around your mustache to keep your style outstanding.

Tips and Tricks - How to trim mustache with an electric shaver


We hope you have enjoyed reading this tutorial about how to trim a mustache with an electric shaver. Grooming a mustache helps improve your appearance but the process is quite complex. If you want to achieve your goal of trimming your mustache, then you must have the right tools to use.  If it is your first time to trim this kind of beard, it can appear difficult but you need to do it slowly to avoid mistakes. All you need to do is to make your hand steady while cutting the stash. If you have any tips or comments about trimming a mustache using an electric trimmer, you can leave them below.