Can You Use Shaving Cream With Electric Shavers?

Last Updated on April 27, 2021 by Cristina

Since time immemorial, safety razor blades have been used for shaving the beard. With new technological development, now there is a new type of electric shaver. An electric shaver is battery operated and it is also rechargeable. It is used for trimming or shaving your hair, but it may not give you a close shave like a traditional razor. The good thing is that an electric razor does not cause cuts or nicks. However, the question is: Can you use shaving cream with electric shavers?

Can You Use Shaving Cream With Electric Shavers?

The answer to this particular question can be split into two parts. If you use a dry electric shaver, you do not need any shaving cream or gel. You should remember that you can only use this shaver for dry shaving and never in a shower with running water. However, if you have an electric razor that is designed for wet shaving, then you will need shaving cream to get a close shave.

If you have a wet electric shaver, you must choose high-quality cream that does not contain chemicals that can damage your skin. When you use shaving cream, you do not need too much lather since it can affect the electric shaver. Make sure the lather is thin and you have enough water to avoid clogging the shaver. A good cream should soothe your skin and hydrate it at the same time. The shaving cream should leave your skin smooth and free of irritation aftershave.

Tips To Use An Electric Shaver

To achieve a close shave using an electric shaver, there are certain measures that you should take. You should take the following steps when using an electric shaver.


You must prepare your first before you start shaving your hair. You should wash your face to remove dead skin, oils, and dirt that can affect the electric shaver. You can also use exfoliating or cleansing gel to ensure that your skin is free of debris. When your face is clean, you can apply the shaving gel if you are using an electric shaver. When you begin shaving, make sure that you are quick to get a clean shave. If the shaver gets hot, you may not achieve the desired results. Make sure that the job is done in just a few minutes.

Choose A Quality Electric Shaver

To achieve the best results, you must use a high-quality electric shaver that has a powerful motor. Cheap shavers may not give you a wonderful shave, so try to do some research and get a device from reputable companies. You can also utilize customer reviews to make an informed decision. An electric shaver with three heads is appropriate for shaving since it is designed to give you a close and comfortable shave. A shaver with one or two heads may not give you handsome results.

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 Wet & Dry

Additionally, you should also make sure that the electric razor is fully charged if it is cordless. The other thing is that if you have a thick beard, you should use higher speed when shaving. If it runs out of battery and has less power, it will tug and pull your hair.

Apply Aftershave

You should always apply aftershave when you finish shaving your hair. The primary purpose of aftershave is to hydrate and soothe your skin to prevent irritation. A shaver scrapes your skin and leaves it sensitive. Aftershave products consist of gels, toners, balms, and lotions. You should pick the best product that suits your needs. You must check the ingredients of the product before buying to avoid gels that contain alcohol and other chemicals that cause skin irritation.

Clean The Electric Shaver After Use

To ensure that your shaver runs smoothly during every shaving session, you must properly clean it after use. You should not skip this step since it also helps to extend the lifespan of your gadget. You must follow the instructions in the user manual. You can clean your shaver with washing liquid and water.

Clean The Electric Shaver After Use


An electric shaver is primarily designed for dry shaving, so there is no need of using shaving cream. However, if you use a wet electric razor, you may need to use shaving cream to achieve better results. In other words, you can use shaving cream depending on the type of shaver you are using. We hope you have got the answers to the following question; “Can you use shaving cream with electric shavers?” You can leave your comments below.