Can You Trim Beard Wet Or Dry

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As a beard enthusiast, you should know how to trim your beard since you cannot always visit a barber for something that you can also do. Trimming your facial hair prevents dryness, split ends, flyaways, and it improves your appearance. Beard trimming requires practice because if you mess, you may be forced to shave the entire hair. However, the issue is; “Can you trim beard wet or dry?” This post outlines the measures that you can take when trimming your beard.

Can You Trim Beard Wet Or Dry?

The straight answer to this question is No! You should not trim your beard when it is wet because it tends to appear longer than when it is dry. The problem is that when you trim your beard wet, it will shrink when it dries and your facial hair will be uneven. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your beard is properly dry before you think of trimming it.

Trim Beard Wet Or Dry

Tips To Trim Your Beard

Before you trim your beard, there are certain rules that you should follow to achieve the desired results. You need to set aside time to trim your beard and never do it in a hurry. The following tips can help you trim your beard like a professional.

Choose The Right Trimming Tool

The first and most important thing that you should do is to get the right tools that you can use for trimming. You can either use a pair of scissors or an electric to trim your beard. Whatever you choose is a matter of personal preference. You also need a beard brush that helps to highlight any differences in length. A beard comb is for styling and distributing nourishing oils. You can also use it to straighten the hairs before you begin trimming.

Wash Your Beard

You should wash your facial hair to remove dirt and other unwanted elements before you start trimming your facial hair. You can use a beard wash which helps to soften your to make it easy to trim. Lather your beard and rinse, but never attempt to cut wet hair. Pat, it dry with a towel first.

Brush Or Comb Your Beard Out

Brush or comb your beard while it is still damp to eliminate tangles as well as taming the flyaways. For short hair, a beard comb is ideal but you may need a brush if it is long. Avoid brushing or combing too hard since you can pull the beard. Brushing or combing also helps to straighten your facial hair so that you can have a clear view of the desired length.

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Trim The Flyaways

Trimming is probably the main event once you are satisfied that your hair is clean and you have combed it. Start with flyaways which are hairs that stick out from the rest of the beard. If you brush your hair well, these errant hairs will stick out. You can use your scissors or an electric trimmer to cut these hairs bit by bit. You can continue to trim your beard to the desired length. You should take it slowly because any slight mistake can mess up everything.

A Proper Neckline

When trimming your beard, you must not make the mistake of forgetting the neckline. If you trim too high, you can ruin your beards. You should remember that your neckline is different from a jawline. If you trim your beard along the jawline, it will make your face appear too small. Therefore, you must trim along the neckline where the neck meets the head.

Style Your Beard

When you are done with trimming, the next step is to style your beard. Styling helps to give your facial hair the appearance that you desire. You can use different beard products like beard oil, butter, balm, or wax. Use a comb to spread the beard products evenly across the body. Use a mirror to check if all hairs have the same size.

Style Your Beard

Conclusion – Can You Trim Beard Wet Or Dry?

When you are grooming a beard, you would want it to look good. One way of doing this is to trim your facial hair so that it can maintain a uniform level. Trimming your beard helps prevent elements like flyaways, split ends, dryness, and it improves your overall appearance. Before you trim your facial hair you must get the right tools such as a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer. We hope you have got the answer to this question; “Can you trim your beard wet or dry?” You can leave your comments below.