Should You Comb Beard Down Or Up?

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Are wondering which is best to comb your beard down or up? Combing beard is part of the grooming routine and there are many benefits that can be obtained from this exercise. Here are some benefits of combing your beard:

  • Remove dead hairs
  • Train your beard to grow in the right direction
  • Helps clean your beard
  • Helps to style your beard
  • Distributes beard oil, balm, and others
  • Makes your beard look fuller

Many people groom beards to improve their appearance which means they should also take good care of the hair. Combing is one of the key elements that help improve your look. This article highlights different reasons why you should comb your beard up and down during a grooming session.

How to Comb Beard? Down or Up?

As you are aware, if you want to keep a long beard, then you should comb it to fulfill the above mentioned above. When you comb your facial hair, you should it in the opposite direction then finally comb it in the right direction. Naturally, your beard should be combed downwards to achieve the desired effects of grooming.

Comb Your Beard Up

You should comb your beard in the opposite direction at first to spread the beard care products across the board. This is also good for beard styling and combing your facial hair up makes it look fuller and complete. Beard styling is an easy routine that only requires about 15 minutes of your commitment during your grooming routine. If your hair is tangled, you need to comb it up first to untangle it.

Combing the hair up also helps you to remove debris and other unwanted particles. This will help you to enjoy styling with relative ease. The other important aspect about combing your hair up is that it helps to prevent split ends. A comb makes your beard straight so that it does not break easily.

Brush Your Beard Down

You should comb your hair back down to avoid looking weird. It is unheard of to see a person wearing a beard that has an upward direction. Combing your beard down gives you three major benefits. The first one is that you will get an impressive look when your beard is well-groomed and styled. Essentially, that is the aim of beard grooming to help you get this masculinity feeling.

Brush Your Beard Down

The second advantage of combing your beard down is that you train it so that it can get used to the desired direction. The importance of taming or training your beard is that it will easier for you to style it. Just like you do when shaving, you should train your beard to follow a specific direction so that it will be easier for you to maintain it. You will realize that your beard will naturally follow the desired direction if you consistently comb it.

The final benefit of combing your hair down is that it helps remove dead hair. The comb will also get rid of other undesired particles in your beard. This is good for the healthy beard of your facial and the skin underneath since it can get good breathing space. When you pull out dead hairs, this will promote the growth of new fresh hair that can give you a fuller appearance. It also becomes easier for you to style your beard. When your beard is well-groomed, you can also easily manage it. Make sure you comb your hair at least three times a day.

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Do You Need a Beard Comb?

Indeed you need a beard comb since it is specifically designed for facial hair. This type of comb differs from other conventional combs in that it has larger gaps to avoid breaking the hair. It is recommended that you choose a beard comb that will not pull your hair thereby cause pain. Additionally, a beard comb is also polished to remove dead hair while straightening healthy beards. There are different types of beard combs available on the market, so you should just choose one item to keep in your grooming kit.

Beard Brush, Wooden Beard Comb & Mustache Trimming Scissors


Combing your beard is critical since it helps you to improve your overall appearance. However, the direction you comb your hair has a great impact on the way you look. You should consider the texture of your hair before you comb it. It is vital to understand that beard combing direction should follow an upward direction at first to untangle it and remove dead hairs. You need to comb it down so that you can style it the way you want.