Does Shaving Make A Beard Grow Faster? Know the truth

Last Updated on April 16, 2020 by charlie

Growing up having a beard was one of the distinctive features of a man and I was keen to grow one and be able to pull them. As a man, having a beard makes you distinctive, stand out and conveys the impression of ultimate masculinity. I want to ask, does shaving make beard grow faster?

I think we’ve all at one point in our adult and teenage lives believed that frequent shaving makes our beard grow faster. I used to shave any tiny growth on my cheek then with the false hope that they’d reemerge in multiples. The aim of the rant of mine is to clarify facts, myths on beard growth, and finally, put a rest to the question does shaving every day help you grow a beard?.

Does Shaving Make Beard Grow Faster: A Myth?

The myth that shaving every day helps grow a beard is not totally far fetched or off-mark, it’s just attributing the development of the body to shaving.

As a man grows the body enters the anagen phase which is a growing phase and you begin to experience a rise in testosterone levels and body hair growth which in turn makes you shave more frequently.

Does Shaving Make Beard Grow Faster: A Myth?

Does Shaving Make Beard Grow Faster: What Happens When You Shave?

Shaving frequently in a bid to help your beard grow faster can have some side effects. Common among is Razor burn and skin irritation. Skin Irritation can be caused by shaving too closely at times and also frequent use of shaving gels and creams can lead to skin sensitivity by breaking down the protective layer of the skin.

Does Shaving Make Beard Grow Faster: What Happens When You Shave?

What you can actually do to promote facial hair growth?

So if perchance you’ve been under the myth of shaving every day to boost beard growth, I am going to give you a few pointers on how you can actually ensure beard growth (for real this time).

Eat Right

The growth of your hair is inextricably tied to your health and condition of your body. Eating foods like meat, fish, eggs nuts etc. , contribute to a rise in facial hair growth.

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Having proper exercise reduces stress and helps increase blood flow which may, in turn, help hair growth rate. Proper sleep also helps beard growth.

What you can actually do to promote facial hair growth?

Proper Shaving Gear

The type of razor and shaving gear you use affects the rate at which your facial hair grows. Some razors cut the hair follicle deeper and therefore make facial hair grow longer before it becomes visible to the eye.


Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that impede hair growth on the skin. Removing dead skin cells with mild soap and warm water helps facial hair growth.

Does Shaving Make Beard Grow Faster: Tips to Practice Proper Skin Care

As I mentioned earlier removing dead skin cells helps your beard grow. There are also other tiny hacks you can use for proper skincare.

Moisturizing your beard and skin and keeping it clean is an ideal practice that helps your beard grow fuller and also faster.

Keep your body properly hydrated by drinking lots of water. Inadequate water in the body reduces the amount of blood that flows to the face

Growing a beard requires a conscious and disciplined effort that reflects in the aura the beard brings.

→A proper diet with lots of protein,

→ exercise, sleep and water are fundamental to beard growth,

→ but also equally important is keeping your skin clean and using proper shaving razors.

It was fun sharing my thoughts on beards and everyday shaving with you. Kindly drop your questions in the comments section.