Do Beard Vitamins Actually Work?

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Many men around the world aim for a fuller, healthier, softer and more flattering beard, so vitamins and minerals become an essential part of the hair growth. The fact is there is a lot to learn, yet a balanced diet can boost the process and even prevent dermatological diseases and, in particular, hair loss. But, do beard vitamins work?

It comes to no surprise that men with beards look fantastic, so they would go to great lengths to try out different supplements to make their beards even more attractive. But, do beard vitamins actually work?

Do Beard Vitamins Work: Why Beard Grows

Beard growth all boils down to genetics—and a few other factors that define it in men.

Men start to grow facial hair in the later years of adolescence and puberty. Beards are produced from dihydrotestosterone, a chemical synthesized from testosterone; it is the hormone responsible for male development and characteristics.

Generally speaking, males have the same level of testosterone, but some are more responsive to this hormone so they grow thicker beards than others. In essence, beard growth really has nothing to do with testosterone levels or masculinity but has everything to do with genetics.

Vitamins you consume from your diet as well as your lifestyle also affect beard growth. Outlined below are some vitamins that support the growth of facial hair.

Do Beard Vitamins Work: Most Common Vitamins

Vitamin C

Vitamin C functions as a powerful antioxidant and helps the body in boosting immunity and suppressing common ailments. It also aids in getting rid of free radicals that harm hair follicles, thus helping you get fuller and thicker hair.

Do Beard Vitamins Work: Most Common Vitamins

Vitamin E

An important vitamin for blood circulation, this ensures that our hair follicles get all the necessary nutrients they need, making it vitally important in fostering healthy hair.

Though be careful in consuming too much Vitamin E as it can result in an increase in blood pressure.


Biotin or Vitamin B7 is critical in promoting beard growth. It improves the structure of keratin which is basically a protein that encourages healthier hair, nails, and skin. Make sure you include Biotin in your daily diet to help yield thicker beards!

Are Beard Vitamins Worth the Money?

There are many supplements out there that advertise the speedy and thick growth of facial hair, though feedback and reviews are mixed and a clear conclusion may be unreliable at best.

Beard growth isn’t also dependent on the supplements you take but has a lot to do with your diet, the number of hours you sleep daily, and the lifestyle you lead. So no, you’re actually better off eating a balanced diet full of nutrients and getting enough sleep and exercise.

Interestingly enough, upon checking what’s actually inside those beard growth supplements, you will find that most of those ingredients can be found in common daily multivitamins supplements—at half the cost than their beard growth counterparts!


Beard growth supplements in the market are expensive and pretty much contain the same stuff you will find in daily multivitamins. Be wary of marketing ploys and make sure you check what’s really in the supplements you plan to intake.

There are cheaper and healthier means of achieving a full and thriving beard. Getting enough sleep and exercise coupled with a good diet full of vitamins is enough in ensuring that you get the nutrients you need to promote beard growth.

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