How To Dye Your Beard White- Simple Steps

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Dying your beard white can significantly change your appearance and many people do it mainly for two reasons. If you are concerned about gray patches appearing on your facial hair, you can consider dying whole of it white. Additionally, wearing a white beard during the Christmas holiday is something fun if you want to play the role of Santa or Father Christmas. However, dyeing your beard white if it is all-natural black can be a complicated process. All the same, you can achieve awesome results if you follow certain steps. As such, read on to learn how to dye your beard white.

Steps How To Dye Your Beard White

Bleach Your Beard

If you have a black beard and you want to dye it white, then it is crucial to bleach it first. However, bleaching takes a couple of days to enable the hair to recover before you dye it. Additionally, you should know that beards are coarser than scalp hair and the other thing is that facial skin is sensitive than the skin on our scalp. Therefore, you should choose the right product for bleaching your facial hair and follow the instructions for each product.

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Choose The Right White Beard Dye

Before you dye your beard white, it is essential to choose the right dye. You can choose between permanent or temporary dye but if you bleach your beard, it will be good to go for permanent dye. A temporary spray or dye is safe than box dyes but you may not achieve the desired white color. All the same temporary dyes are not invasive and you can use them whenever you want and they are easy to remove.

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Choose The Right Beard Hair Dye

Dye Your Beard White

There are different steps that you can take to dye your beard white. All the same, you should carefully follow the instructions on the particular dye that you want to use be it permanent or temporary. Before you dye your beard, you should wear gloves and apply petroleum jelly to the skin around the beard to prevent it from burns that can be caused by the bleach. The bleach can also leave unsightly marks on your skin.

Mix the bleach to form a smooth paste and follow the exact instructions of the product. You can test the paste on a small patch to see how the dye will look like. When satisfied, apply the bleach on your beard and leave it to set as instructed. Rinse the beard with water then apply the toner. After that, you can rinse your beard again then apply some beard oil.


Dyeing your beard can significantly improve your appearance and you can do it if you want to play the role of Santa during the Christmas holiday. There are different products that you can use to dye your beard white. Here is how to dye your beard white in short:

  • Bleach your beard
  • Choose the right dye
  • there are just a few s
  • Apply Vaseline on the side of your beard before dying it
  • Wear gloves and apply the dye
  • Rinse your facial hair

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