Can I Use Beard Dye On My Head?

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Different men dye the hair on their scalp mainly to reduce the signs of aging. When age catches up with you, you will begin to notice some gray patches emerging in your hair and this might not bode well with other people. On the other hand, some people can just color their hair to improve their appearance. For these reasons, some people will choose to dye their hair so that they can change their appearance. However, the question you should ask is: “Can I use beard dye on my head?” Read on to get answers to this pertinent question so that you do not make terrible mistakes.

Can I use Beard Dye On My Head

Yes, you can use beard dye on your heard but with caution. The main thing that you should consider is that hair dyes and beard dyes contain similar ingredients which means that they can serve the same purpose. For instance, they contain the same colorants, oxidizing agents as well as anti-inflammatory agents to reduce the irritating effects of the chemicals on the skin.

Beard Dye On My Head

Difference Between Beard Dye and Hair Dye

The only difference between these dyes is that beard dye comes with applicator brushes whereas, hair dye does not. When applying beard dye, an applicator is very important but you can apply head dye using your gloves.

The application process of beard and hair dye is almost the same and there are certain steps that you should follow. It is important to choose the right dye in the first place that suits the desired color of your hair or beard. You need to mix the dye first and perform a sample test on a patch of your skin to see if the dye gives you the desired results. Wearing your gloves and having a towel close by to clean the mess, carefully apply the dye to your hair. It is important to read the instructions so that you understand well how to apply the dye.

After applying the dye, you should wait for the required period for it to take effect. If you are applying beard dye to your hair, then you may need to wait a bit longer before you rinse your hair. You should prioritize prep work to get the best results. If you have no hair dye, you can consider using beard dye since it can also save the same purpose given that they have similar ingredients. However, you need to be cautious and make sure that you get satisfactory results.




I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and you can leave your comments below. As you have observed, there are many reasons that compel men to dye their hair such as the need to improve their appearance.

Since beard dye and hair dye contain very similar ingredients, this means that they can be used interchangeably. Back to our question, “Can I use beard dye on my head?” As long as the beard dye matches the color of the hair that you want, then you can apply it. However, you need to use beard dye on your hair with caution given that the beard is coarse compared to the hair.


What is the best hair dye for beards? 

You can use hair dye on your beards since these two components are not very different. Both hair and beard dyes share similar things like ingredients and how they can be used. The dyes also consist of a variety of natural and chemical compounds. The facial skin is sensitive and beard hair is coarser and thicker than scalp hair, so you must apply hair dye with caution. Always apply a patch test at least 48 hours before applying the dye to your beard. 

The best hair dye that you can use on your beard is Cremo. This no mix no mess hair and beard color is light brown and it can restore natural color for up to 6 weeks. The lightweight formula is ready-to-use and you can store it away for repeat use. You just shake and press the button and apply the foam onto your beard. Use a comb to spread it since no gloves are required. 

How long does my beard need to be to dye it?

Essentially, the dye is specifically designed to cover the graying of your hair since there is no formula that can prevent or reverse it.  Therefore, the length of your beard might not be a big issue if you want to cover the gray patches. You can even dye stubble, but the challenge you will face relates to staining your skin. It is easier to die long beards though.  

How Long After Dyeing My Hair Can I Dye it Again?

The frequency of dyeing your hair depends on how fast it grows. On average, you may need to re-dye your hair after about four to six weeks of applying the same dye. If your hair grows fast, then you may need to apply the dye regularly to maintain your sharp appearance. You will realize that graying of hair begins from the base. This will make it apparent to other people that you dye your hair. 

Men’s Hair Dye Dos and Don’ts 

The first thing that you should do before applying hair dye is to read the instructions carefully. The chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia found in the hair dyes can be irritating to the scalp and they can also cause burns if left for too long. You must not leave the dye for a long time on your hair. You must protect your face and skin surrounding the hair when you apply the dye. Wear gloves when applying dye and avoid staining your clothes. Additionally, you must have realistic expectations since anything can go wrong when you dye your hair.  

Should I wash my beard before dying it?

You can wash your hair before dyeing it to remove dirt and other debris that can affect the quality of the dye. Your hair should also be free of greasy or other oily substances that can prevent the dye from sticking to your hair. Make sure you dry your hair with a towel before applying the dye. The other important thing is that you must avoid washing your hair with shampoo or soap after dying it since these components can wash away the color.