5 Best Beard Styles For Weak Chin

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Ever wonder what beard style you can choose if you have a weak chin? Some men usually feel that having a strong jawline is more attractive than a narrow and receding chin. If your face does not have a prominent chin, you can make strategic use of your facial hair to disguise your weak chin. For instance, having hair on your chin can help to elongate it so that it becomes more visible. Here are the five best beard styles for a weak chin.

Disguising Your Weak Chin with these 5 Best Beard Styles for Weak Chin

1.  Full Beard

Growing a thicker and fuller beard is probably one of the easiest ways to take control of the shape of your face. With a full beard, you can shape it to make your chin appear longer and this helps you to disguise the receding chin. Even short stubble can help to reduce the effects of a weak chin. However, you should be careful to avoid light stubble since it can worsen the appearance of your chin. The advantage of having a full beard is that it is easy to style and you can consider several styles available.

Full Beard against Weak Chin

2. The Circle Beard

If you have a weak face, you can consider a circle goatee style for men with round faces and it is also known as a full goatee. A full goatee is by far the most common type of goatee style that is preferred by several people. This style consists of facial hair on the chin that connects with a mustache to form a circle around the mouth. If you have a small and sleek style, it is easy to maintain and you should make sure that there is not any hair on your cheeks.

The rules of goatee grooming state that your cheeks should be free of hair. With a circle beard, you can disguise the appearance of your weak chin so that it does not draw too much attention. The subtle effects of the style significantly help to elongate the chin and your face without making it too apparent. The style is versatile since you can use it casually or formally.

3. The Extended Goatee

The extended goatee as the name suggests extends along the jawline and the sideburns should be cut very short. However, it differs from a chinstrap that extends along the entire jawline. The style makes the chin look fuller and also elongates it. By tailing back the bottom edges, you make your jaw look broader. The good thing about this style is that it is not hard to trim and maintain the beard.  You should remember to brush your beard to make it presentable while at the same time preventing elements like dandruff.

Extended Goatee against Weak Chin

4. Sideburns and Chinstrap

You can balance your receding chin with short sideburns while long sideburns can play a role in emphasizing the shortness of your face. Additionally, you can also maintain a beard that follows a jawline which is also known as a chinstrap.  A chinstrap beard can go a long way in creating a balanced shape of your face. Essentially, a chinstrap helps to elongate your face, especially if you have a receding chin.

5.  The Long Goatee

The length of your facial hair on the chin determines the style. However, there is no strict criterion that is used to measure the length of your beard. By adding length to the chin, you make it look more prominent and longer. If you want, you can even braid your goatee to improve your appearance. Braiding your goatee also makes your face appear longer such that your weak chin will not draw the attention of other people.

How to Maintain Your Beard

Choosing the right beard style for a weak chin is not an end since there are different measures that you should take to maintain it. You should trim your beard regularly and make sure you brush it with a boar bristle brush. Brushing your beard helps to detangle it, spread beard oil, and stimulates the hair follicles to promote growth. You should also nourish your beard and keep it hydrated. It is easy to maintain soft facial hair since you can style it the way you want.

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Weak Chin Beard

Some men do not feel comfortable with a face that does not have a strong jawline. However, the good news is that you can utilize your facial hair to disguise your weak chin. We hope you have enjoyed reading this list of the beard styles for a weak chin that you can consider. You can leave your comments below or share the article with others.