How To Keep A Bald Head Smooth Without Shaving

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When you have a bald head, shaving can give you a perfect finish if you do it correctly. However, the problem with shaving a bald head is that it can cause issues like redness, irritation, and soreness if you have sensitive skin. The other issue is that shaving a bald head is usually time-consuming since you need maximum concentration to get the job done. As a result, some men seek other alternatives to shaving despite the perfect finish that it leads to. Read on to learn how to keep a bald head smooth without shaving.

Keeping a Bald Head Smooth without Shaving

Many people rely on a razor to get a clean shave on their heads. However, shaving with a razor can cause skin irritation, if your skin is sensitive. Likewise, you can try some of the methods highlighted below if you do not want to rely on using a razor to achieve a clean shave.


Waxing a bald head is one of the popular methods of keeping a bald head smooth without shaving. Before you wax your hair, you should make sure that your hair is at the right length or else you may need to trim it down. The other important thing that you should remember is that there are different types of wax available namely hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax needs warming up first since you cannot use it at room temperature. You can use a wax warmer and apply the wax on your scalp and you do not need strips. The hard wax forms the strips that allow you to pull it off together with the stubble when it dries.

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On the other hand, you can also try soft wax but it requires strips. You need to warm the soft wax with a warmer before applying a thin film to your bald head. You will then need separate strips to remove the wax from the head. The major benefit of waxing is that it helps you to remove the hair from its roots, unlike shaving where you cut the hair at skin level. Your bald head will look and feel smoother after waxing. However, waxing can be uncomfortable especially during the first days.

Hair Removal Creams

The other great way of achieving a bald head without shaving is to use hair removal creams. All you need to do is to apply the hair removal cream on your hair and leave it to sit there for a specific period. This allows the alkaline chemicals to break the protein components in the hair. The chemicals will dissolve the bases of hair under the skin such that you can easily wipe off the strands together with the cream. The major benefit of using hair remover is that it is convenient. You just apply the cream, leave it for a few minutes, and then wash it off with hair strands. The cream does not cause bumps or irritation like shaving.

Hair removal creams are more comfortable to use on your scalp than razors. You may need to repeat the process after a couple of weeks. However, hair removal cream might not give you a smooth finish like the one you can get when you shave. Some of the creams have a bad smell that can be unpleasant.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair Clipper

You can also use a hair clipper to trim all the hair down to the level of the skin. A hair clipper is a versatile tool that you can use to maintain a bald head.

A clipper is quick and it is also pain-free since you would not be cutting your hair too close to the skin. As a result, you will not feel any irritation on your skin.  However, you may not get a perfect finishing on your head as you do with shaving. Even without a guard on your clipper, you may not be able to achieve a smooth bald hairstyle.

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Sugaring is an all-natural method of removing hair that is not well known but gaining popularity. It works in a similar fashion to waxing but it consists of a sticky substance that is applied to hair. The substance grips onto the hair and it pulls the hairs from their roots. You can apply sugar paste at room temperature and you do not need to warm it. The paste forms strip as it hardens and you will just pull them off.

Sugaring does not cause too much irritation since it sticks more to the hair than the scalp. When you are done, you simply wash the residue from your head. For an effective homemade option for a bald smooth head, you can try sugaring.

Get a Smooth Bald Head

A bald and smooth hairstyle is smart but the problem is that shaving might not be appropriate if you have sensitive skin. However, there are other methods that you can use to achieve and maintain a bald style without shaving. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about how to keep a bald head smooth without shaving. You can leave your comments below.