How To Shave Happy Trail

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Grooming is part of men’s daily routine especially those who love beards. However, men generally have hairy bodies and have hair on their chests, stomachs, and happy trails. If you want to remove your bottom hair, there are different steps that you should take. Here are some useful tips that you can follow if you want to learn how to shave a happy trail.

What Is A Happy Trail Trimming?

The happy trail refers to the vertical and narrow band of hair that runs from the pubic hair to the belly button. It is natural for men to have this type of hair. However, the hair can suddenly crop from nowhere and it might be caused by hormonal issues. All the same, happy trails can symbolize fashion, style, and sexiness that help to turn on women. This can be possible if your happy trail is adequately groomed and you can achieve this by shaving it. You need to understand how to shave a happy trail that is also known as the treasure trail.

What Is A Happy Trail Trimming

How To Trim Happy Trail

The basic drill for shaving hair is to lather, shave, and rinse. However, you also need to consider other elements like choosing the appropriate razor that suits your skin type. When shaving a happy trail, you must try lathering since shaving creams are designed for tougher skin. You should go with the grain when you are shaving which is usually in a downward motion to prevent ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

Preparation For Shaving

When shaving on any part of your body, it is vital to prepare the skin first to avoid issues like irritation, cuts, and nicks. Exfoliation is a critical step that you should never undermine when you shave your hair. It is a good idea to exfoliate your hair at least a day before you shave your trail. This helps you to rid your skin of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells often found at the base of the hair. This will also reduce friction when you shave that can irritate your skin. The lather is good for your skin since it plays a pivotal role in unclogging pores. A body brush can also help you exfoliate the skin by removing the invisible gunk.

Styling Your Happy Trail

Not all happy trails go naturally since others can just crop as a result of hormonal issues. Some hairs appear as random patches or tufts on your body. However, there is no uniform or universal style that you can choose for your happy trail. As the name suggests, a trail is a thin line of hair that connects your belly button and pubic hair. You can aim for the soft lines or hard lines and your hair become shorter as you move down the trail on different sides. Therefore, you must make the final decision about the style you want before you get your trimmer.

Shave The Happy Trail

When you have a clear road map, it is time that you need to grab your trimmer and perform the actual shaving. Try to match your outline by cutting long hairs first using the long guard. Aim to trim with the grain and this will help you to reduce the chances of errors if you trim your hair stage by stage. You will move to shorter guards as you progress which is good for maintaining your desired style.

After trimming your hair to the desired level and style, the next step is to shave a perfect happy trail. Shaving helps to clean the areas that you want to maintain smooth. You need a safety razor and gel to shave your trail. You must shave with the grain and do it slowly but surely.

Shower After Grooming

Some people may choose to combine shaving the happy trail and showering at the same time, but this may not give you perfect results. Shaving wet hair is challenging, so you may need to exfoliate, and soften it before you shave it. Take a shower after grooming to minimize irritation while at the same time restoring the skin. You should complement your shower with different maintenance products to keep your skin healthy.

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Conclusion About How To Shave Your Happy Trail

A happy trail refers to the narrow band of hair that runs from the belly button to the pubic hair. It is natural for men to have this type of hair but in some cases, it can just grow from nowhere. Like any other hair, you can style it to improve your appearance. Women are mostly attracted by beautifully shaped happy trails. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about how to shave your happy trail. You can leave your comments below.