Steps To Take When Shaving Over A Tattoo

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When you get a new tattoo, you want it to be visible to the world on different social media platforms. If the tattoo is located in a place that is hairy or you shave usually, then you need to let it heal first. Your ink can be infected if you do not take the necessary measures to protect it. Read on to learn the steps to take when shaving over a tattoo.

When To Start Shaving Over A Tattoo?

First and foremost, you must know that you should not shave new tattoos since this can damage the art. It can be painful to shave over a fresh tattoo spot which can lead to infections. You need to make sure that there are no bumps, scabbing, or raised areas around the tattoo when you shave. Tattoos usually go through various stages of healing depending on the size. Therefore, you cannot shave after getting inked.

It is imperative to wait until the tattoo is fully healed before you shave the area. It can take between two and three weeks for the ink to heal properly. During this period, you need to protect the area. Once the skin returns to normal, you can shave over the tattoo as usual. The entire skin becomes uniform once the ink settles meaning that shaving will be okay. There should be no bumps, scabs, and the tattooed area should be the same as the other skin. If you feel any irregularities on your skin around the ink, give it more time to heal. It is important to be patient.

When To Start Shaving Over A Tattoo

Choose The Appropriate Razor When Shaving Over Tattoo

When your tattoo has properly healed, you can start shaving the area around it. It is vital to choose the best type of razor that will not irritate your skin. If you choose a safety razor, you need to take into account elements like sharpness. Getting a sharper razor is advantageous in that helps to prevent shaving cuts and nicks that can spoil your tattoo.

Some tattoos can remain raised for a few months even after they have healed completely. If the tattoo does not show any signs of scabs or open sores, you can remove unwanted hair around it using an electric razor. This type of shaver is effective in that it does not irritate the skin.

Steps to Shave Over A Tattoo

There are different steps that you should take when shaving the area around the tattoo. The following tips can be helpful if you want to achieve the best results.

Can You Shave Over A Tattoo In Shower?

Shaving in the shower is good since the heat from the water makes your hairs soft which leads to a smoother and comfortable shave. You also need to have a cup of hot and steaming water to get a better shave. After a few strokes, dip cleanse the razor in hot water to heat it so that you get a better cut. Hot water removes excess creams on the razor blade. Shaving in the shower makes the entire process less messy. You will not waste a lot of time cleaning the place where you shaved your hair.

Be Careful With Your Bones

When shaving around bony areas, you need to be very careful to avoid nicks or cuts. Areas like knees, elbows, and shins can be tricky to shave. Therefore, you should do it slowly in all other areas that are flat to avoid nicks that can affect the appearance of your tattoo.

Choose The Right Shaving Direction

Choosing the appropriate direction to shave your hair is another aspect that can be tricky. While many people prefer to shave with the grain or downwards, some individuals can find other styles comfortable. You need to find a way that can make the entire process smooth and this is a matter of personal preference. Something that suits you may not be a perfect fit for other people.

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Many people sport tattoos for several reasons like portraying masculinity, especially among guys. After getting your new tattoo, it is natural that you want it to be visible to as many people as possible. However, your tattoo can be covered by body hair which can affect its visibility. The good news is that you can shave the hair to leave your tattoo in the open. When shaving over a tattoo, there are different steps that you should take. You should leave it to heal first and choose the ideal razor that will not irritate. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post. You can leave your comments below.